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an organic face mask for a ‘serious glow’ - facial enzyme mask

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-19
an organic face mask for a ‘serious glow’  -  facial enzyme mask
For T, Abbye Churchill, editor of gardening magazine Wilder twice a year, met with manufacturers whose main resources are nature.
It has almost become the creed of the overall beauty practitioner: just put what you will put in your body on your body --
This is the heart of Mei Lindstrom's skin of the same name --care line.
Lindstrom, who grew up in the forest in northern Minnesota, divided her time into kitchen work in a family restaurant and mixing brewing beer from plants and clay in a nearby forest.
"I will spend the whole day trashing wild plants into fruit meat, covering myself, and everyone who humors me in magic medicine," Lindstrom recalls . ".
In essence, she has been making a nutritional mixture since she was 13 years old.
Lindstrom focuses on natural, organic, bio-dynamic and sustainable ingredients such as Blue tamsi, Golden calend flowers, cocoa and spices for her skin --
Care products like chefs make any dish
Pay attention to balance and attract the senses.
"Like food, organic cultivation and wild ingredients usually have a higher level of nutrition and lack of chemical residues that can stimulate the skin or can lead to a long period of time
"The body is hurt," she explained . ".
She calls her product "snack", which makes it easy to understand why.
Think about the sultry scent of cocoa, honey and exotic spices in her pudding --
Cleanser like honey mud;
A feeling of a cool blue ointment called a blue cocoon that melts into a warm liquid facial oil at your fingertips;
Or body oil flashing like liquid gold (the Good Stuff).
In her studio in Los Angeles, Lindstrom handmade each "treatment" to convert raw plants, clay, salt and oil into her products.
Her formula is unique in texture and form.
"I have a personal rule about making.
I just refuse to introduce a new product to my collection unless it really exceeds the product that already exists on the market.
I don't have foam cleanser. Why?
Because there are countless lovely people out there.
"If you see me posting something new, you can know that it is special and critical to your ceremony," Lindstrom explains . ".
When she prepared a batch of honey mud cleaners, Lindstrom had T walk into her studio;
Below, she shared her nutrition recipes
As she said, you can make rich enzyme masks at home for "serious light.
"6 photo slides show 1 tablespoon of raw honey 1 tablespoon of protein powder 1 teaspoon of true Ceylon cinnamon 1 drop of lavender essential oil 1.
Mix all the ingredients above in a small mixing bowl and add a few drops of water if needed to produce the desired consistency. 2.
Use a mask brush to evenly apply the mixture to the face. 3.
When the mask penetrates for 10 to 30 minutes, the active ingredient is allowed to start working. 4.
Rinse thoroughly with warm water. 5.
Massage the moist skin with facial oil to bring luster and deep moisture to the skin.
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