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| - animal by products in skin care

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-30
|  -  animal by products in skin care
Leather is a tough material made of animal skin and used in different ways.
It is most commonly used in making clothes, shoes, belts, sofas, handbags, seats and other products.
It began in primitive times when people hunted wild animals for food.
They took out the skin and skin on the animal's body and made them into clothes, shoes and simple tents.
Most people now buy leather products for high quality and durability.
Place the leather on a wide wooden, plastic or padded hanger, gently pull the wrinkles with your hands, and straighten the wrinkles.
Hang crumpled leather in the bathroom when you take a shower.
This is another way to steam wrinkles.
Then take out the clothes and put them on a flat surface.
Polish it with your hand to make it smooth.
Use an iron to remove wrinkles from leather if needed.
Place the leather on the ironing board or flat.
Use clean, heavy brown paper or 100% cotton cloth, such as a towel, between the leather garment and the iron to protect the garment from overheating and gloss.
Avoid using anything that will bleed between the iron and the leather.
Set the iron under the low to medium heat setting.
Gently press the crumpled part with a light and quick hand.
Do not use steam when ironing crumpled leather.
If the wrinkles are not that serious, please use a hair dryer.
Set the hair dryer to the highest setting.
Keep the dryer at 8 to 10 inch from the leather.
Move back and forth to avoid burning leather.
When it becomes soft, smooth it with your hands.
Do this until the wrinkles disappear.
Cover the leather with breathable cloth such as cotton sheets to prevent dust.
Do not store it in a plastic bag or cover, otherwise it will cause the leather to dry too much.
Keep leather clothing cool, dry and good
A ventilated place, with enough space, or wrinkles when crowded.
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