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- annagaspi placenta facial treatment mask

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-18
  -  annagaspi placenta facial treatment mask
Victoria Moore's Daily Mail update: 03:07, November 18, 2009
The football players will do something very strange during the game ceremony and night in town.
But the recent revelation from Arsenal striker Robin van Persie is even the most creditable performance of fans.
The Dutch player with a broken ankle ligament flew to belge yesterday to meet a Serbian housewife who will rub his leg with liquid from the placenta of the horse.
Mariana Kovacevich has apparently treated Van Persie's two former Dutch teammates, one of whom recovered from the injury within a week, and the doctor assured him that he would be absent for at least one month.
Football players are not the only ones who believe in the power of the placenta.
Chef Hugh Finn on Channel 4
Fry, bake, cook the placenta of the new mother, and serve to celebrate the birth of the younger daughter.
So what is all the fuss?
Nutritionist Suzanne Lawson says the placenta is not just a buffer shell for babies.
It is rich in protein, iron and many other important nutrients.
This may explain why many animals eat the placenta after delivery, a practice known as placenta self-food.
Humans from many cultures have also tried this method for centuries, but is it necessary?
That's what Lawson thinks.
High iron content is useful for women who have experienced traumatic birth and lost a lot of blood.
Zinc is also important, in part because a woman transfers a large amount of zinc to her baby before birth to enhance her immune system.
If you don't like to eat it, the latest Hollywood beauty craze is for "placenta face", though it's just getting your face painted with a normal cosmetic cream, one of which is quite specialDoes it work?
Well, if Van Persie shows up after a date with a Serbian housewife, the ankle looks younger and feels better, maybe it's time to overcome our creaking and embrace the use of the placenta.
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