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arbonne fc5 - how to find people that will buy arbonne fc5 - image skin care product line

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-22
arbonne fc5 - how to find people that will buy arbonne fc5  -  image skin care product line
Arbonne FC5 skincare collection is Arbonne's latest-
Aging Skin Care series
Almost all Arbonne products are classified as top-tier, high-
Good results but not cheap end products.
In the current economic environment, many consultants find it difficult to find ways to sell more Arbonne and keep their organization intact.
Arbonne recommends that you develop your business with their "party program" where you can Wholesale and re-purchase products
Sold at retail prices at family gatherings.
The challenging aspect of developing a business like this is that many consultants end up getting a bunch of products that they can't really sell just because they don't know the first thing to sell any product or service.
Most consultants are tired of selling to friends and family --
So the question is "how do you find more people to buy your Arbonne product?
This process is not difficult.
An easy way to do this is targeted advertising.
Now, before we go further, you might say, "Arbonne won't let me advertise for their company, nor will I use the Internet to promote them.
It's true, but it's actually a good thing.
You don't want to advertise Arbonne products or use the Internet to promote them --
You want to promote you with these tools.
Let's say you want to target-
Elderly women aged between 35
50. who bought some kind of counter?
Aging Products for the last 6 months (so you know they fight
With a family income of $50,000/year (so you know they can afford your product ), more than 650 credit rating (so you know they can buy your product with a credit card) and ask for information about starting a family life --
Based on the business (so you know they will want your chance as well ).
Let's say you found a list of 1,000 leads of this type and you paid $0. 10 per lead.
This is equivalent to $100.
Then, let's say you sent them a postcard that says, "New Reverse
Aging technology is like plastic surgery in a bottle.
Looks a few years younger without any harsh treatment
Free Consultation call \".
The postcard actually costs $0. 50 each -
This amounts to $500, a total of $600.
Then, let's say the response rate of this postcard is only 7%.
There are 70 people who want to talk to you about this new technology.
Then, let's say you only registered half of your downline, and these people bought two Arbonne FC5 kits for an average of $200
This is 35 new consultants from your company, worth $7000. Now -
How many people want to get their product for free and even want to get paid for it with their product?
It could be all of them.
So you registered them as business builders.
All of this is not advertising for Arbonne, using the website, or anything that would have "Arbonne police" come to you.
Keep in mind that this is just an example of an activity used at a time.
It is not difficult to build a thriving organization.
You just need to know what people want and give it to them.
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