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Almost everyone seems to have tried juice cleaning, but is the days of poverty worth the effort and the price?
The Song of the early morning of cicadas once heralds the arrival of summer.
Now you know, when you hear a bottle of colorful juice in the office falling on the table, it's almost bikini weather.
If you haven't tried juice cleaning yet, they usually roll out in one, three or five days with six numbered jars sipped in turn each day.
The fast liquid starts with lemonade, followed by fruit and vegetable juices, and then usually ends with sweet nut milk which is comforting.
The process almost always involves complaining about the extraction of caffeine, the desire for sugar, hunger, and a bigger groan if the cupcakes appear at the conference table.
Clean and complain like bread and butter (
Not that you can have any of them).
Humor is incompatible with hunger.
As Mae West once said: "It's hard to be fun when you have to be clean.
"If I hear one more person complaining about three people --
"A Day of juice cleaning," a friend recently turned his eyes over her employee's obsession with detox.
It seems that everyone has an interesting secret.
Recently, I met a young photographer at a local vegetable and fruit shop carrying a basket full of lemons, maple syrup, peppers and sea salt.
"Don't do that," I warned, after he admitted he would try the infamous 10-
Day Master Cleanse became notorious in Hollywood for the first time in the 1940 s. (
The less, the better, frankly, but it basically shuts down your metabolism. )
In any case, he did the same and thought it was the best way to clean up the proverbial slate after the weekend spree.
But to be fair, he's not the only one to ride a detox carretox-detox-again roller-coaster.
The ceremony of detoxification, cleaning and purification is not new.
In fact, almost every culture has performed for thousands of years.
The ancient Hawaiian people had complex rituals, including seaweed wrapping, massage and internal cleaning with bitter water.
Indians will build original stone sweat lodge or sauna to drain toxins before the ceremony.
They will also conduct visual explorations, spend four days alone in nature, fast and seek clarity in the spirit.
According to the Bible, Jesus fasted for 40 days, inspiring the tradition of Christian lent, while Islam had Ramadan.
Jews fast on Yom Kippur day, twice a year for Hindus, marking the beginning of summer and the beginning of winter, navatri, or nine holy nights, fasting and the Festival of prayer.
Some Hindus also fast on the full moon and some days of the week. In the 5,000-year-
The old Indian system of Ayurvedic medicine, the disease is considered to be caused by the accumulation of toxic substances in the digestive system, which requires regular cleaning.
Ayurvedic's integrated detoxification techniques include tongue scraping, nasal flushing with neti basin, infraredred saunas (sweating)
, Ear wash water, herbal supplements, Oil Pull, clay mask, dry skin brush (
Wake up with Sesame or coconut oil in swi's mouth for half an hour), rebounding (on a mini-trampoline)
Lymphatic drainage and massage.
Yes, I tried it except the ear candle.
Neti pots are tricky, the pull oil is tedious, the clay mask is messy and the rebounds are fun, but the colonics don't.
In the past, fasting and cleaning were common in spring when winter food reserves were less and less.
The arrival of green leafy vegetables in spring will become a brush through the digestive tract after eating starch and energy in the long winterdense foods.
Traditionally, cleaning is closely related to meditation, prayer and the pursuit of purity through religion
After all, cleanliness is a symbol of piety.
So when our passion for health reaches a passion for approaching religion, especially on social media, it makes sense to help us worship in temples where health or body is beautiful, the cleaning ceremony has risen (
Depends on your motivation).
You can even argue that spelling is a ritual for any self
Respect health.
Juice cleaning and detox packs have become more than one
Billions of dollars in global industry.
Search Google for the words "detox and diet" and you will get more than 13 million results.
The sales volume of the juicer has soared, and the most coveted machine is the cold juicer.
Press the slow juicer because the enzymes and nutrients in the juice will not be damaged by heat
Friction generated.
Cleanup seems to provide us with an opportunity to click on the reset button or restart the operating system.
In addition to body cleaning, there are a lot of self
There are designated experts online that can help you get rid of your mind, family, wardrobe, Inbox, finances, love life and even friends.
If all this doesn't work, you can sign up for a digital detox retreat and leave the grid and bury your head in the sand (
Also called grounding).
But now it's mainly digestion and detoxification.
Celebrities are lining up to approve detox packs containing clean herbs and supplements.
Liquid juice fasting is booming, probably because they can be delivered to your front door in combination with cleaning and convenience.
The common misconception here is that you simply consume them and move on at full speed.
The motivation for cleaning is varied, from trying to solve diseases such as haze thinking, fatigue, mood swings, digestive difficulties, skin swelling and food intolerance to the most common diseases to achieving weight loss.
Of course, the people who criticize the cleaning think that our bodies have their own
A detoxification system has been established, that is, our lungs, liver, colon, kidneys, skin, blood and lymphatic systems, all of which work well on their own.
But those who favor cleaning believe that cleaning can help us eliminate addiction to coffee, sugar, junk food, alcohol, tobacco or overeating and drive a sustainable lifestyle change
Others argue that it can give rest to the digestive system, which in turn is considered to promote healing.
Filmmaker and juicing master Joe cross is known for "restarting the operating system" and he uses 60-
His film records day juice fast, which has been seen by more than 10 million people around the world since its release in 2010.
In the process, he lost 45 kilograms and conquered his car.
The disease of the immune system gave up drug treatment.
But four years laterand symptom-free -
He says he does juice fasting several times a year to restart his taste buds and keep him on track.
"Our history on this planet is one of the feasts and famines," Cross said . ".
"Our bodies have evolved to store energy for the lean era.
We store this energy in fat and muscle.
In today's world, there is a feast in every corner, and we have never been sick or so big as we are now.
So, when I drink juice from plants that contain thousands of trace nutrients, I'm actually making my own nutritional famine.
It's not a diet: it's the way I bring a part of our past history and culture into modern times.
"John Douillard, a leading American professor of Ayurvedic medicine, writer and chiropractor, runs online detox programs and retreats on his website.
He's also our colleague.
Deepak Chopra, director of the Chopra Health Center in California, has been working for eight years before setting up his own resort.
Douillard believes that if we insist on eating according to the intention of nature, our body will naturally clean in the spring and autumn of each year (
Is the nature of the Northern Hemisphere.
"If we only eat the food of the season and we don't eat processed food, we will naturally wash it twice a year," he said . ". "Every [
Northern hemisphere]
The natural harvest of spring is mainly low
Fat and a simple diet consisting of spring roots, root-like stems [
Ginger, ginger and other root plants]
There are also some early green leafy vegetables.
The fat content in the diet is extremely low, so people are forced to burn their own fat . . . . . . This is the best time to fast, continue with visual exploration and pray for good crop or spiritual support.
"But, as we know, a seasonal diet, not to mention avoiding processed food, is not as easy as it used to be.
Modern life also gives our bodies the opportunity to engage with environmental toxins on a daily basis, such as pesticides and synthetic chemicals.
There is no doubt that the more toxic the environment we live in, the more we need to purify.
"When you increase toxicity, you will find that digestion slows down," he said . ".
"More fatigue, difficulty in digestion, inability to deal with stress, joint pain, skin problems, weight gain, swelling, poor constipation and memory are just a few signs of toxin accumulation and slow digestion.
"To get the best results, he recommends strengthening your digestion before you try detox.
"If you wash the fat cells, now there are toxins in your blood flowing," he said . ".
"The body is likely to store them in fat because it loses the ability to naturally process them through the liver and lymph.
So before you detox, it makes more sense to reset the intensity of digestion --
What are the ways of detoxification-
So these toxins are not just transferred from one fat cell to another.
"He believes that some of the ways to increase digestion include eating more raw beets and a lot of green leafy vegetables, drinking Luba tea, adding cinnamon to each meal, and drinking a large glass of water 15 to 20 minutes before each meal.
But reducing stress is the most important thing.
Purification preparation, according to Douillard. "Rest is best.
"When the body is resting, it is more likely to release toxins from fat cells and even release old emotions," he said . ".
"So relax and don't overwork during cleaning.
"Saima Miller, an expert in natural therapy, founder of Bondi's last resort ,《(Penguin)
I also think it is essential to slow down cleaning because the body needs to feel safe in order to get into detox mode.
"My feeling of juice washing is that you have to take yourself away by retreating and then washing so you have enough time to relax completely.
Everything is for rest and recovery.
It's not just juicing or not, it's about a long time
A lasting change in lifestyle.
"Miller also recommends getting the green light from your health care doctor before starting.
But liquid fasting is not suitable for everyone, and there are other ways to detoxify.
That's why, says Miller, her book focuses on re-
Build healthy, sensible eating habits with 14-
A daily detox diet for recipes that do not contain wheat, dairy products, alcohol and sugar.
Even if you plan to clean the juice, eating it clean a week or two ago only adds benefits, she said, suggesting: "If you do, you will be far ahead of the game.
Gregory juqiong, founder of overall fitnessRoche is the best.
Training in Hollywood when film studios ask their leading actor or heroine to shape their roles.
He took all the celebrity clients
People including Demi Moore, Gisele bonchen, Brad Pitt, Gwen Stefani, pink and Leonardo DiCaprio
Do a cleaning before they start training together.
"It's about eating to completely change the body in a short period of time," he said . ".
Cleaning helps balance and improve energy;
It helps to enhance their immune system and really improve their concentration.
The transformation of success always begins with the purification of success. "Joujon-
Roche asked his clients to repeat the "clean spell" during detox ".
"Having a specific intention really increases your will, motivation, and results," he said . ".
"Cleaning will bring a lot of emotions, past, present, good and bad . . . . . . Using your spell while cleaning will push you through any obstacles or resistance . . . . . . Of course, losing weight is a good thing, but the inner peace and clarity you achieve is the real change.
"His cleaning manual includes breathing exercises that help release toxins, as well as a range of yoga poses and spinal extension exercises to help clear toxins and blood circulation.
"The distortion of the spine is great for the liver and kidneys;
"They really put pressure on them," he said . ". Joujon-
Seven years ago, Roche founded his real raw juice bar in Los Angeles and launched it in Sydney.
The new Australian agency provides cleaning programs based on juice and nutritional supplements, including three
A day of facial cleaning, five
A day of red carpet cleaning and 11-
The daily energy is clean, so that detox can eat clean food as much as they like. Joujon-
Roche says even his liquid
Only juice cleaning includes protein (
Such as sprouting quinoa)
Fat and fiber, not just sugar in juice.
"Our metabolism needs to be recalibrated, so when we finish a specific cleaning, it stays as it is, doesn't bounce back or even close," he said . ".
"Anyone can lose weight on the liquid alone until the moment you put the food back in your mouth.
"For those who can afford it, there's Joujon-
$1,000-Roche signaturea-
His team promises to "take over your life and bring you happiness ".
This includes the service of a raw chef and training course at Sydney's overall gym, as well as a private consultation with JoujonRoche.
But, he said, "even if it only turns green a day, there is nothing in your body except greens, fruits, soups and salads, which will make you feel good ".
While abandoning old habits and installing healthier ones is a good reason for cleaning, the authors of the new book argue that nutrient Detoxification does not actually take heavy metals and other environmental toxins from our fat cells(
University of Queensland Press)
It was written by Canadian environmental activists Bruce Lury and Rick Smith, who also wrote (also UQP).
While their first book explores how easy it is for us to absorb toxic chemicals, their new book questions whether it is possible to remove toxins and pollution from our bodies and which method works best.
Ourie and Smith believe that there is no scientific proof that food and beverage cleaning can remove toxins from the body.
But they said
Red sauna therapy can discharge toxins from the body through sweat.
Losing weight also helps to reduce our toxic load.
This is due to the fact that synthetic chemicals are often referred to as fatty ("fat-loving").
"They are notorious not only for being absorbed by fat cells, but also for the accumulation of fat tissue," they wrote . ".
"That's why weight loss and personal detoxification are critical to removing toxic chemicals.
As long as we walk around with the whale fat from the chemical warehouse, we will never be able to fully detoxify.
The good news is that most detox treatments have a wonderful side.
The effect of helping people lose weight: reducing fat limits the toxic storage capacity of our body.
"They say, however, that these toxins do not leave our bodies easily, but are deposited in fat --
We have loving organs like thyroid, adrenaline, brain and breast.
One of the key points they put forward in the book is that the first thing you can do is to avoid toxic chemicals in food, home, General work and life.
"On a very basic level, what has frustrated many of us is that, despite our best efforts to avoid toxins in food, in family and in individuals --
Care products, we are still exposed to hundreds or even thousands of potentially harmful chemicals every day.
"They say eating organic food is a way to reduce the risk of our exposure to pesticides that may be at risk.
Just like the choices we make every day, just in the detox or cleaning phase.
"Detox is an ongoing process for all humans.
"Whether or not we take any action on this, this will happen to some extent," they wrote . ".
"Every minute of the day we are discharging natural and synthetic toxins.
So the beauty of detox therapy is that it's designed to improve and enhance our existing detox systems and pathways.
All they really do is give our bodies a little extra help so that we get more nasal shit out every day than we naturally do.
The key part of this statement is "Daily ".
This means eating organic fruits and vegetables;
Reduce the intake of animal fat;
Drink plenty of fresh filtered water;
Take relevant supplements and exercises every day.
Their final conclusion is that "detox is not for one
Stay away from eating, cleaning or fashion in foot bath;
This is a lifestyle we need to subscribe.
So save some money and avoid cleaning the kit.
Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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