are your ‘natural’ beauty products really natural? - organic makeup and skin care products multi level marketing

are your ‘natural’ beauty products really natural?  -  organic makeup and skin care products multi level marketing
Whole Foods or healthy cosmetics/personal care channels-
Food stores are the unlikely intersection between seemingly contradictory impulses: seemingly good impulses and the urge to do good things.
After all, how good is it to buy a product that makes you look better, sounds healthy, and doesn't seem to hurt the environment?
It feels really good.
But the truth is, you can't believe everything you read or see here either.
Most people know that food and medicines are regulated, so they think that the ingredients in personal care and beauty products are also regulated.
But this is not the case.
According to Stacy Malkan, director of the safety cosmetics campaign, "there is very little safety research for most of the toxic chemicals being used.
"This means that it is your responsibility to focus on the choice of your personal care product.
Personal care products that you put on your face, hands, hair or body go through your skin and are absorbed into your tissue and blood.
"Synthetic chemicals from personal care [products]
Appear in the blood test.
They appeared in the urine test.
Even products like shampoo, you quickly absorb, "Sonya Lunder, senior research analyst at Skin Deep, a product and composition database created by the Environment Working Group (EWG)Tell TakePart.
"In addition, most people come into contact with a variety of products over and over, usually Daily.
"Skin absorption is just an entrance route of 200.
Plus general chemicals from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Found that most people are hiding in their bodies.
The advantage is that you can control personal care by choosing which products to use. Why bother?
Because many of these chemicals are related to health problems.
We only eat one disease. breast cancer—as an example.
These rates have been steadily rising since researchers began collecting data.
According to a report from the Breast Cancer Fund, in the 25 years between 1973 and 40%, the incidence of the disease has increased by more than 1998, and in the past decade, the incidence of young women has increased.
But cancer is not just a situation of bad luck or bad genes.
The president's 2009 cancer team report revealed that "there is growing evidence that environmental exposure is related to cancer," noting that many "exposures are preventable ".
"More research is needed to determine if these toxins are really causing cancer or other diseases.
So, how do you choose wisely when many products labeled "healthy" or "natural" contain synthetic chemicals that cause allergies, cancer, etc, and environmental damage?
For example, one of the most popular shampoos, the Clairol Herbal Essence, claims that it offers an "organic experience", although it contains "a dozen synthetic petrochemical products, according to the safe cosmetic campaign.
Malkan explained that "unlike organic seals for food, personal care and cosmetics, there is no regulation or regulation for something that can be called" natural "," healthy "or" low"allergenic.
Companies that produce these products, no matter what is in the product, only use these terms for marketing, no one supervises.
"We compared some products in the" natural "category to see what they do in terms of health: shampoo selection: cannabis hydrating shampoo score: 9 (
The group gave the worst rating for products rated 7 to 10 "high hazard ")
Amazon's reviewers believe the product smells "delicious and organic, a bit like homemade hippie soap.
However, there is very little substance in homemade soap or organic soap that contains formaldehyde or grass (
Risk of "developmental or reproductive toxicity).
Good choice: Treatment
Perfume shampoo/shower gel, basic recipe: 0 This shampoo is basically added with a little lavender oil and castile soap with water.
Effective, not fancy and toxinfree!
Choice: St.
Ives facial moisturizer, timeless skin collagen elastic protein wg score: 5 although this is one of 50 beauty products sold on Amazon, this moisturizer contains minerals (
Toxic to certain body organs)
, Spice mixture and the immune system propylene alcohol-
Challenging chemicals that enhance the absorption of their components. Pass!
Good selection: Zosimos plant repair facial moisturizer score: 0, with aloe vera gel, tamanau seed oil and marine collagen in the top three, this product is good for both your skin and heart.
Look for it at the health food store.
Body Wash/liquid soap selection: Body Shop Mango Body Wash GelEWG rating: 7 Surprisingly, this iconic "health" brand contains endocrine-related ingredients (hormone)
Damage, allergies and injuries to the immune system.
Good choice: Enkido sensitive children 3-in-
1 WashEWG score: 0 this is a real non-perfect example
Toxic products: This washing is made entirely of plantsbased and non-
Toxic ingredients, although they are for children,
Ups can also use it.
You should also consider whether you really need to buy products such as a separate face, body, hand, eye, foot and skin moisturizer.
"The company urges us to feel that we" need "a lot of different kinds of products, but we can reduce exposure to harmful ingredients by picking some good products --
Formula products that can be multitasking.
"Relying on simple products with limited ingredients is the best way to limit your exposure to toxins," she notes . ".
Check out the skin deep database of any product you have or are considering purchasing.
The EWG researchers evaluated each component in a wide range of personal care and beauty products and scored how they responded to health risks.
"People must choose [products]
According to their own level of comfort, but most prefer products in the range of zero to two, "reports Alex fumozis, vice president of media relations at EWG.
If you want to urge the federal government to study and regulate chemicals so that we don't have to make all the guesses and go to safer chemicals and healthier families.
What is your favorite toxin? free (or nearly so)products?
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