around town: pop-up market has ocean views - organic herbal skin care products

around town: pop-up market has ocean views  -  organic herbal skin care products
Hayley Sirimalalak made it in the shade of Ogden's corner last Thursday-
It's a blessing considering it's the hottest day of summer.
"My truck is too big to fit [Breakwater]
Barges, so I was at the entrance and everything started, "said the boss of glnan Juki, who calmed down under the shadow of her trendy mobile women's clothing store.
Her purple boutique for fashion-on-
The wheel with the locker room was hit.
Full of stylish casual clothes imported from Los Angeles.
"This is a different thing you can't usually find in Victoria," said Sirimalalak . "studded T-
The shirt said, "I have a flash for breakfast.
"She is one of the 15 vendors who participated in the second pop music this summer --
Store events are held on the barge to increase the tapas, beer and band events held there by the Victoria Harbour Authority every Friday.
Deanna Young, who organized the two events, said
Up Shop addition was introduced to showcase the goods of local suppliers and to raise awareness of unique seaside places.
"I want something that you can't find other than here," Young said . ".
"I want to show this to moms who are trying to be entrepreneurs.
"She was referring to Sarah McNeil, a graphic designer and pregnant woman --of-
Two people who run kooandpuppet
She is selling her stylish, hand-made stuffed animals.
"I'm looking for a way to make things in a less laborious way --
The busy mother said she was accompanied by seven daughters Sadie and five daughters Amelia.
The quirky character of McNeil, by re-
Purposeful materials include whimsical pigs, penguins and rabbits that inspire her iOS app poppet. The event —
It also includes wandering soft-animal oyster bars, cocktail bars and snacks on Kraken food trucks --
This is the first appearance of the attraction since its debut in June 30.
When some vendors had to quit, the July 21 version was canceled, Young said: "There was a kiln blow --
Get up, break your legs, break your hands, these guys [
Stray software
On the rocks of the Coast
"Before noticing a lot of perfume and visual fun, you don't have to wander into the white tent, just a few steps away from where Cruise Explorer seas and celebrity summer solstice docked.
"This place is very beautiful.
You really can't stand it here today, "said Trina Koscielnuk, who showed skin lotion, lipstick, room spray and other natural bodies and
Passers-by can taste tea from research partners and learn about hangover tea, organic smoke, massage oil and other organic products made locally in herbalist Lily deer Victoria
Herb Booth based on Earth.
Lifestyle blog Jody Holis shared a sample of health, fitness and beauty tips and Green 7 at Beautycounter station.
2, organic sugar-
Free detox supplement.
She also distributed lists that were never listed. -
A comprehensive list of ingredients such as the spice additive Butoxyethanol, oxybenone and animal fat, oil and Musk that have never been used in the product.
"It's organic, so you can eat this," said her friend Lisa Sinclair with a smile, as someone noticed a Citrus Mimosa soap displayed on the board with a cheese knife.
Cedra Smith drew attention with her colorful handmade magnets, items such as painted tiles from old dominoes, rummaging cabinets and small wooden boxes, and human habitat
"I have a lot of fun doing this," said the tattoo retro . "
The visionary of love, his magnet references films such as Pulp Fiction and vintage magazine covers.
"I have never done a market on the water before," she said . ".
"It's definitely a unique venue and I can see great boots.
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