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Art Journals-The Basics - what is wet strength tissue paper

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-12
Art Journals-The Basics  -  what is wet strength tissue paper
Have you ever thought about creating an outlet that allows you to express the special things and scrapbooks in your life at the same time in mixed media, diaries?
Welcome to the wonderful world of art diaries.
You can create a special book about a specific time in your life, your feelings and emotions, a trip or vacation --
Almost anything you can think.
You can record an event, a trip, a person or a period of time in your life in art magazine.
This is your art!
Your book can be a legacy for future generations, telling the story of your life or who you are.
Any technology you can use in stamping, collages or scrapbooks can also be used in your art magazine.
You can use watercolors, paints, chalk and ink to give you that unique page that starts with your imagination.
You can stamp, draw and draw with Mandala.
It's a very relaxing way to create something special and unique.
You can combine various technologies to create something that no one has ever created before or will create again.
Let's start with the basics!
Hope you get some ideas and start creating your own art magazine!
So now that you have decided to start writing an art diary, what will your diary be?
In other words, what is your theme?
What is your passion or hobby? 1. Garden Journal-
I like my garden.
I am a flower lover most of the time, but my husband has some vegetables.
Think about pictures, seed packs, flowers, or plants in the catalog.
List of things you love
You can also include your schedule for the year.
Make drawings, seal-
The sky is your limit! 2. Music-
If you are a musician, why write down your passion for music?
Include shows about your course, music clips, a list of music you play. .
If you are a member of a band or group, why not record them? 3. Sports-
Passionate about specific sports teams?
Why not create a log?
Of course, photos, race tickets and stats are all part of what you can include. Program-. Gratitude -
Recording what you appreciate is a great way to take the time to meditate on your blessings. . Mandalas-
Why not keep your colored Mandala in your diary? 6. -7.
Tribute log-
Why not honor someone with an art magazine about them?
Perfect for a special birthday or anniversary.
Record what they like or like, what they like best or people, special features, any achievement they win.
They will treasure your heart. 8. Dream Diary-
What is your dream?
What do you want to achieve or do?
What is your bucket list?
This diary records the journey of your life. 9. Food & Recipes-
Family Recipes with stories behind them are a great way to keep a diary.
Log about the food you want to try, your favorite food, and the food you try but don't like.
Add clippings, old recipes and clippings that someone has written in the family. 10. Home Journals-
This is where you keep all your ideas for your house.
Newspaper clippings, Magazine Ideas, Pinterest ideas, you record it all.
The project you want to do, the pictures before and after the repair, and the cost of keeping the project while you improve are good.
Just in case, you can add information and inventory of things at home.
These are just a few ideas to wet your creative juice.
You don't really need a lot of material to start writing an art diary.
In fact, you may have a lot of supplies to start using at home.
Art magazines or books that are not bound
I like notebooks bound in spiral by artists.
The cover is powerful and has a lot of pages to record.
If you are going to use a lot of watercolor techniques, you may consider the water color magazine.
Papers in such journals are a heavier type of paper, which will use paint and water color techniques. -Colored PencilGlue-
You can put your own diary together with card paper or watercolor paper, but follow your size.
You'll want to punch holes in paper and stick your paper together with some binder rings.
I will make the front cover and back cover with cardboard or foam board.
Keep only one folder for your art journal.
Your folder can save a box of materials for your art journal.
You can cut [pictures] from the magazine, cut off almost no remaining decorations from the scrapbook, and some colored envelopes can enhance your page and save items.
It takes a little color to stare at your White Paper!
The more chaotic your background is, the better!
Pick up the brush or marker and let go!
Be a child again and enjoy the process! Mix colors !
There is no right or wrong way!
This is just your way! Add dots !
Who doesn't love it!
Use the end of the brush to add random dots where your heart guides you.
Use the template you might have hidden.
Background stamps can also be used.
Play your imagination to the fullest!
Decide what your page or layout is.
This could be an idea for a quote.
What happened that day or holiday.
The length of your diary is limited to your imagination.
Use a font that hovers or uses your own calligraphy!
Add magazines, photos, stamped images that you collect, even color pages, piecemeal.
Just go to the process!
Gel media is perfect for adding things like paper towels to the page.
Sometimes the gel medium causes your paper card to buckle.
I suggest you
Please put together several pages of tape before using get media.
Adding gesso to the page also increases the strength of the page.
There are several gel media available on the market, so take a few minutes to think about which ones are right for you.
Apply gel media with foam brush all the time.
If you rinse the brushes clean, you can get a few apps with them.
Once a page in your diary is dried, keep a wax sheet between these parts for about a week.
This will allow time for gel curing.
Because art journals are mixed media, almost anything can be done in terms of adding decorations.
This is where you can use your imagination!
The only thing you might want to consider is not to make your page too bulky. Stickers. . . Dazzles. . . string. . . . bakers twine. . . washi tape,,,. stamped images. . . fabric. . .
Pictures in magazines. .
Fiber board, button. . . . . ribbon. . .
I bet you think more!
This is the perfect time to take out all the bits and pieces you have hidden!
Acrylic paint in art diary
Yes, you can use acrylic paint in your art magazine.
There may be some paint in your craft. If not.
You can always buy some at the local craft shop.
The price is cheap and there are many colors to choose from.
Here are some tips for you to start with acrylic paint from the art diary.
Use only a little at a time because the paint will dry quickly.
Wash your brush when you change the color.
Otherwise the paint will dry quickly.
Acrylic paint can cause your log pages to stick together, so put a wax sheet between the pages.
Or apply a small amount of baby powder on your acrylic page after the paint is completely dry.
Color the paint with ordinary household items.
Drop a wax sheet on the page you are applying acrylic paint.
Tea dyeing is another technique that you can use to create a very unique page that makes a lovely vintage log page.
Separate the page from other pages.
Place wax paper, aluminum foil or plastic wrap under the page you are dyeing to prevent other pages from getting wet.
Make your tea and let it cool.
Apply the tea by dipping the paper into the tea, or brushing the tea on the paper.
Soak a little water from the paper and let it dry.
To prevent other pages from getting wet, put a few wax sheets and blow each page when you get them dirty.
You can apply tea with a regular brush, foam brush, sponge or toothbrush.
Create a mixed color effect with loose tea.
Depending on the strength of the beer you brew, your tea dyeing page may be lighter than you think.
To get a richer color, you may want to re-dye it the next day.
Sewing techniques add some new dimensions to your art magazine page.
I especially like the sew easy system to add these elements, especially when there is a pre-bound pages.
You can use sewing machines, but it can be difficult to bind pages.
With a loose art magazine you can easily add some details.
To highlight some of the art pieces, a border or some fancy stitching can be considered.
You can also get some stamps like design.
This is your choice!
I like to add a colored border to my page with a Tivi tape, but you can also use something else.
If you cut the edge of the designer with scissors, the stripe pattern or solid paper works well and is very good.
Ribbon can also.
Think about the boundaries of the flash.
You can bypass your page completely or just one side.
There are no right or wrong rules.
Remember, your art diary is an expression of how you feel about yourself.
You don't need to be a master to create one.
Choose something simple in shape. Draw one thing-
Add a lot of colors
Remember, the art diary is not about perfection, but about experience.
It's about having fun with all kinds of supplies.
Tell your story in your way!
This is about sharing your ideas and ideas with colors and thoughts.
This is about finding the creative part of your personality and expressing it in a way that only you can.
This is a craft you can do for your enjoyment or you can enjoy the project with your family.
Have a good trip!
We would love to hear your thoughts, ideas and suggestions in art magazine.
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