bacon, bacon and more bacon ... ! - how to make your own homemade facial mask

bacon, bacon and more bacon ... !  -  how to make your own homemade facial mask
February 01-10: 20 a. m-
Found all the climax testimonials about pork meat on the site, well, it's so inspiring, I think I'll copy it here, minus some of the more obvious and shameless ads.
Today is my birthday. I think I will be lazy. (
And, on Wednesday night, I was still recovering from a serious fall on the ice that messed up my left thumb and right shoulder. Got X-
The light on Friday, although not injured, is still very painful on the shoulder and has limited mobility.
I can't wear regular pants so I bought some sweaters from WalmartMart.
Thank you, the thumb is going well, but I'm not quite sure about the upper body . . . . . . Well!
I feel old. )
Anyway, this fun cholesterol toast is made up of one who only thinks he is (
I guess his family doctor would scold him for being stupid if he revealed his full name).
Okay, let him take it.
I occasionally intervene below to clear some of the more shameless ads.
He calls it a herbivore, and it's better to click now.
A few days ago, people from BaconToday.
Com contact me for some BBQ bacon recipes.
Of course, my bacon at the Grill has a lot of good uses, but the longer I think, the more I want to add a gap to those guys and jam a few arteries.
Bacon exploded! ! !
What you need is. . . -
2 pounds thick bacon
2 pounds Italian sausage
1 can of your favorite BBQ sauce-
1 can of your favorite BBQ rubTo start building this pork medley you need to make a 5-by 5-
One-inch bacon weave.
If the strip you are using does not have the width shown in the figure, then you may need to use some extra slices to fill the pattern.
Just make sure your organization is tight and you end up with a nice square.
The next step is to add some barbecue seasoning on the basis of bacon weaving.
Now that your pork is seasoned, it's time to add more pork.
Take 2 pounds of the Italian sausage and layer it directly on the bacon weave.
Be sure to press the sausage on the outer edge of bacon to form a pie of the same thickness all the time.
Most grocery stores have bulk sausages, so just pick one you like.
I chose a mild sausage, but the same is true for the spicy one.
If you really want to go crazy, try making a homemade sausage yourself.
Bacon on the second floor.
Slice the rest of the bacon and fry it like breakfast (
Or lunch, dinner or supper).
If you like soft bacon, soften it a little.
If you like crispy bacon, make it crispy.
If you like your bacon burned like hell, then the smoke detector will go out and burn it like hell and the smoke detector will go out.
These will be the main components of the inner flavor of our sausage fat, so cook them in your favorite way.
Personally, I like my bacon when it starts to crunch, but haven't completely lost all the softness yet.
No matter how well you like your dishes, you need to break the cooked strips or cut them into small pieces --
At the top size and position of the sausage layer.
Since this is a barbecue recipe, we need to add another layer of barbecue flavor.
Take your favorite sauce and put a layer on top of the bacon slices.
Personally, I prefer to use it.
After baking the bacon, sprinkle some of the barbecue spices you use on the bacon weave.
The interesting part is here now.
Very carefully separate the front edge of the sausage layer from the bacon weave and start rolling back.
In addition to the bacon weaving in the roll, you want to include all layers.
Try to keep the sausage tight and make sure to release any airbags that may be formed.
After the sausage is fully rolled, pinch the seams and ends together to seal all the bacon inside.
At this point we can start to see the final shape of our bacon explosion, but we missed a key project.
To complete the construction process, roll up the sausage and wrap it completely in the bacon weave.
Make sure it is located down the seam to help keep it sealed.
Sprinkle some barbecue spices outside the bacon weave and now the bad boy is ready for the smoker.
Cook your bacon blast in the constant pecan smoke at 225 degrees F until the moment --
Read the meat thermometer ()shows $165°F.
Usually it takes about 1 hour per inch of thickness, but this may vary depending on how much you maintain the fire and how many times you open the smoker to peek.
It cost me about 2.
5 hours, this is the right target with 2 of it. 5-inch diameter.
Now that our bacon burst is fully cooked, we need to add some finishing flavors.
Remember the barbecue sauce we use to make the inner flavor ().
We use the same sauce to add flowers to the cooked bacon.
Apply a thin layer of sauce to the entire surface with a roast meat brush.
The sweet sauce contains a lot of sugar, so they will give you a good shine on your fat.
The content of spicy and vinegar based sauces is not that much, so they will not be set either.
If you’re dead-
Start using these sauces and just cut them with a little honey and you will get the same effect.
Cut the bacon into half.
Serve in inches.
If your roll is nice and tight, you should now see a nice pattern of bacon windmills in the sausage.
Obviously, the pork itself is the best to eat, but if you feel the need to make this meat monster into a sandwich, try to put a few pieces of bacon burst on a warm biscuit.
There is no time for you to reach the pork Nirvana!
Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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