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Baking Soda Hair Wash Method - how to make facial mask using baking soda and lemon

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-23
Baking Soda Hair Wash Method  -  how to make facial mask using baking soda and lemon
The method is the best friend for women in hair care.
Baking soda shampoo will clean up excess products, remove impurities, and clean your hair better than any expensive product on the market.
There are two ways to enjoy the benefits of baking soda shampoo.
Wash your hair with baking soda on a regular basis (those who have been using baking soda instead of shampoo, only wash their hair once every 4 to 5 days) because there is a detoxification period, so do some more in-depth research on this.
The method I chose was to wash my hair several times a month with baking soda.
I love my shampoo and conditioner but it's like having a new start.
It's like cleaning your teeth at the dentist.
After that, your other hair care products will work better.
After using baking soda on my hair, I always feel the same way.
I 've heard that other users of the baking soda shampoo recipe will make their little soda mix much stronger than mine, and some baking soda shampoo recipes are almost thick paste.
It was a job for me that had to be washed off.
I found that the amount of baking soda I diluted into the water made the liquid thin enough that I could completely cover my hair with it, but it has enough baking soda to do the job and my hair is really clean.
Mix the two together before taking a shower.
I keep a plastic spoon or fork so I can even mix it in the shower in order to get more baking soda in the water and less baking soda at the bottom of the container.
I put it in an old cleaned plastic food container, but a plastic water bottle would work as well.
Make sure to make a new mixture each time you use a baking soda hair cleaner.
On my days of washing baking soda hair, about 4 times a month, I had my container ready before I jumped into the shower.
Then, once my hair got wet in the shower, I went in and poured the baking soda shampoo on my head and started massaging it to my hair and scalp.
When you get used to the sudsy feeling of shampoo, it's a strange feeling to get used to at first.
There are no bubbles here and it will feel a little rough.
Once I'm sure I 've cleaned up all my hair and scalp, I start to clean it up.
It took me more time to make sure the baking soda hair was completely washed off and then washed off with regular shampoo as I wanted to make sure there was no powder residue.
I washed the rest in the shower and I didn't use the conditioner.
I want my hair to dry, there is no product other than the raw silk therapy I use when blowing dry.
When you rinse the baking soda hair, your hair will feel squeezed clean.
Unlike shampoo, the shampoo will leave the product inside and your hand will slide on the hair.
When your hair gets wet, you feel a lot different.
It feels like your fingers don't want to slide on their hair.
It's a very clean feeling because you will feel like you don't have any products left on your hair.
I know a lot of people who do shampoo with baking soda think you don't need other products.
Nature should be maintained.
I agree that when I finish my bath, I can dry my hair as usual, and in fact my hair is softer and lighter with baking soda.
Even without using the conditioner, I found my hair soft and shiny.
But, I'm a huge fan of BioSilk therapy, and I can't help but put a bite in the center of my hand, rub them together, and gently pull my hand from the top of my hair to the bottom.
The shiny silky look that BioSilk Silk therapy brings to my flying hair is amazing.
Only a few parts of my beauty program I will never give up after taking a shower.
Moisturize my face and apply raw silk to my hair.
I totally recommend this product, but it is not necessary as part of baking soda shampoo.
This is my personal favorite.
If you're used to using a pharmacy fake, it's actually expensive --
In hair products.
But this is the quality of the salon, and the quantity is very small even with long hair.
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