banana peel and squashed tomatoes… how you can boost your beauty regime by raiding your bin - face to face peel off facial mask papaya

banana peel and squashed tomatoes… how you can boost your beauty regime by raiding your bin  -  face to face peel off facial mask papaya
Most of us like to look good, but we are not very keen on the cost of treatment for the spa or what has to be paid --have creams.
Well, it may not be that much necessary as there is a lot of stuff in your kitchen that can do the job as well.
Better yet, these ingredients don't even need to be fresh.
That's right-you can get good results from what you usually throw away.
Here we explain why you should give up the visit of those chemists and start turning over your bin instead.
Of course, you can put a damp tomato in your spag bol, but sometimes even then they are too far away.
However, they also have some uses, such as the treatment of sunburn.
There is an antioxidant in the tomato, which is very helpful in soothing it, so just mix them together and stick them to the affected place.
You may not want to use milk. we are more concerned about the kind of milk that is not completely fresh but not smelly.
Add it to the tub instead of throwing it away.
It is rich in lactic acid and can soften and exfoliate the skin.
There are a lot of recipes for homemade banana masks online, but do you know that the crust is useful to you?
It is rich in fruit acid and has a horny effect on the skin.
Just cut a small piece and rub it on your face every few days and your skin will quickly be nourished and soft.
Some even use it to help with acne-use the same method as above, but focus on spots and place the peel for two hours (
Until it's black).
You may already know this, but the damp tea bag is great for soothing tired eyes.
You can also use them on itchy or allergic skin after shaving-just make sure they're cool and stick to the problem area.
OK, so you probably won't take out a pot of green tea, but say you're doing too much and don't know what to do.
Once again, it can be used to help you if you catch the sun.
Especially good for scalp problems as it is very soothing.
No one wants to eat avocado that has turned brown, but it's a shame to throw them out.
It's not necessary now because you can mash it up and use it as a mask. They have anti-
The properties of aging make your skin look vibrant.
If it's not for you, apply the mashed one to your hair.
Put it for 15 minutes and it will drive away any hair.
Once you use them in a Cup, let them dry and mix with water to form a paste.
This can be used to soothe the swollen eyes, just open the bag for 15 minutes.
Adding dry particles to the oil will also make the facial scrub great.
Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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