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be your own herbal expert - part 6 by susun weed - how do i make my own skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-22
be your own herbal expert - part 6 by susun weed  -  how do i make my own skin care products
Herbs are the medicine of the people.
Simple, safe, effective, free.
Our ancestors
Our neighbors around the world are still using-
Plant Medicine for treatment and health maintenance. It\'s easy.
You can do the same and you don't need a degree or any special training.
When you start using herbs, you create old memories
Keep your memories safe and fill you with joy.
These courses are designed to nourish and activate your internal herbal experts so that you can become your own herbal experts.
In our first lesson, we learned how to "listen" to information about plant flavors.
In lesson 2, we learned simples and how to use water effectively
Based on herbal therapy.
The third session helped us distinguish between safe nourishing and tonic herbs and more dangerous stimulating and calming herbs.
Our fourth meeting focused on the poison in herbs and entered the herbal pharmacy of herbal tinc agents, which we collected into the herbal medicine box.
Our fifth meeting found that we are still in the pharmacy and learn how to make and use herbal vinegar for strong bones and healthy hearts.
During our sixth meeting, we continued to work at the herb pharmacy and turned our attention to fat-based herbs.
We will explore fresh infused oils, creams, lip balm, essential oils, and even herbal pestos.
Herbal oil: Infusion.
I made and used a lot of herbal oil injected.
I use little or no essential oil at all. Why?
Inject herbal oil using a small amount of plant material;
Essential oils require a large amount of plant material.
The injected herbal oil is safe for internal or external use;
The essential oil is toxic inside and has problems outside.
The herbal oil injected is good for the skin;
Essential oils can cause rashes, burns and other skin reactions.
Full strength of oil injection;
Essential oil is diluted before use.
The herbal oil injected has a subtle smell;
There is a strong aroma of essential oil.
According to Paul Bergner, director of the clinical research program at Rocky Mountain plant research center, the smell of essential oils can kill the intestinal flora like antibiotics.
He told me that breathing these oils will soon put them into the blood, which may be the main obstacle to intestinal health and the cause of low immune function.
Massage therapists are receiving natural odor therapy, such as planting live aromatic plants in the treatment room and using dry vanilla medicine pillows instead of essential oils.
Their skin and immune system thank them for their transformation.
Labels and pens;
After drying the dew in the sun, harvest your plant materials in hot weather.
It is better to wait at least 36 hours after the last rain, and then harvest the plants to get the injected oil.
Wet plant materials make oil moldy.
To prevent this, some people will dry the herbs and put them in the oil.
In most cases, I find this to be an inferior product.
Chop the roots, leaves, or flowers of the plant you choose.
Fill your jar with chopped plant material.
Add olive oil until the jar is full.
Patience and chopsticks are useful tools at this time.
Cover the jar tightly. Label it.
Put it in a small bowl (collect penetration and overflowruns).
The oil you inject is ready to be used within six weeks.
The Golden Flower is closed.
Dandelion flowers (dandelion closed. St.
I use the herbal oil I inject to heal and relieve wounds, bruises, bruises, sprains, burns, rashes, sore muscles, insect bites and joint pain.
I made the oil I injected into ointment, ointment and lip gloss.
I used the oil I injected in the ceremony to apply.
After taking a shower, I moisturize with the oil injected.
I made a delicious salad sauce with the oil I injected.
I use the oil I inject as a sex lubricant.
I nourish my scalp and hair with the oil I inject.
I applied the herbal oil I injected directly to the body.
While it is safe to do so, I rarely take the injected herbal oil as an internal medicine.
I make ointment, ointment and lip gloss with the oil I inject.
When herbs are injected into animal fat, they form a natural ointment without thickening.
However, herbs injected into the oil are dripping and messy.
To make them strong, they need a bit of beeswax to melt inside.
The more beeswax is added, the stronger the oil will be.
Add a little beeswax to make a soft ointment.
The medium amount of ointment will be strong.
And a lot of hard lip balm.
Pour one or more ounces of herbal oil into a pan or double oven.
Grind up a few ounces of beeswax.
Put a small fire under your oil.
Add a tablespoon (more or less) of ground beeswax when it is slightly warmer and one point.
It is best to stir with your fingers until the beeswax melts.
Test the hardness by dropping a drop on a Chinese plate.
It will solidify immediately. -Too soft?
Add a little beeswax each time. -Too hard?
Add more oil injection or common oil if possible.
Pour your finished ointment or ointment into the widthmouthed jar.
Pour lip gloss into a small basin or twisted tube.
The simplest garlic is the green leaves mashed with salt and garlic.
I will not put them into my pestos when I make cheese or nuts, as these ingredients will deteriorate quickly. I use a mini-
The size of the food preparation machine "impact ".
The mixer can also work, but be careful not to burn the motor out.
The oil in garlic not only retains the antioxidant vitamins in fresh green herbs, but also softens the cell wall so that minerals become more readily available.
Increased health-
The benefits of garlic, herbal pestos is a great drug and an excellent diet.
Keep in good condition for two years in a cool refrigerator;
Spent five years in the fridge.
Start with half a cup of extra virgin olive oil. x95 Add 2-
Chopped garlic cloves.
Sea has a nice addition of Sea salt.
Add plenty of prepared herbal leaves and blends.
Continue adding leaves and oil as needed.
Add more garlic and salt? Blend.
When everything is mixed together, pack your garlic paste into a thin jar.
Leave some space between the garlic sauce and the top of the jar and fill it with olive oil.
Lid, label and fridge.
In the next course, we will learn how to make herbal honey and syrup, how to apply three traditional treatments, and how to take care of our own healthcare through the six steps of treatment.
From different plant sites such as leaves, roots and flowering tops, three or more types of infused herbal oils are made.
(See the list for suggestions on the use of plants.
Use at least three different oils and animal fats, including ghee, while extracting several injected oils from the same plant.
Label carefully
We will analyze and compare in six weeks.
Make ointment, ointment or lip balm.
Beeswax is for sale at farmers' markets, health food stores and craft shops.
Treat at least three injuries with your herbal oil or ointment.
Record your observations.
For this experiment, plantain, yar grass, Golden calend flower or comfrey is a good choice.
Make a vanilla garlic sauce.
(See list for advice. 1.
Buy a small bottle of essential oil.
The oil was also bought from plants.
Lavender and mint are good choices for this experiment.
Smell the plant and then the essential oil.
How do you feel after that?
Try the plant and then try a drop of essential oil?
How do you feel?
Drop a drop of essential oil on your skin;
Rub plants hard on your skin.
Is there a difference?
Additional credit: Make the injection oil of the same plant, repeat this experiment using your injection oil in addition to essential oils and plants. 2.
Make herbal preparations using organic animal fat.
Keep fat almost warm
In the Sun or through the indicator-
Until it is injected.
No beeswax required.
Fat will solidify at room temperature.
Understand the production of essential oils.
What is the difference between pure Dew and essential oil?
Will you make pure Dew?
(Jenny Ross is a good resource in this regard. Fax: 1-845-246-
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