beauty and personal care industry set for exponential growth - organic professional skin care product lines

beauty and personal care industry set for exponential growth  -  organic professional skin care product lines
New Delhi [India], Mar 27 (ANI-NewsVoir)
Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)
The sector is the fourth largest in India's economy. New Delhi [India], Mar 27 (ANI-NewsVoir)
Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)
The sector is the fourth largest in India's economy.
India's FMCG market is estimated to grow to $74 billion in 2018.
The personal care industry accounts for 22% of the consumer goods market in India, and experts believe that India is full of opportunities and a potential gold mine for many beauty and personal care companies.
Taking into account the growth potential of the industry, sumansha exhibition, an international well-known organizer of various B2B and B2C exhibitions, has launched beauty India;
B2B exhibitions designed for the needs of the beauty, cosmetics and personal care industries.
On Monday, March 27, the first edition of beautiful India opened at the Goregaon Mumbai exhibition center in Mumbai, which lasted until March 29, 2017.
The entrance to the exhibition is free and all three days of the exhibition are from ten o'clock A. M. to six o'clock P. M.
Popular Bollywood style icons and actors Malaika Arora and CEO Pushkaraj Shenai of Lakm Lever India co-organized exhibitions for more than 75 exhibitors representing skincare and hair care (
Professional, health and personal product line)
Cosmetics, personal care products, Nail Care and Accessories, professional equipment and spa, perfume and machinery, packaging and raw material suppliers, etc.
Malaika Arora, who appreciated the move, said it was necessary to hold an exhibition in order to cater to the booming beauty and cosmetics industry.
I am happy to see this wonderful presentation and am happy to be part of its first edition. Looking well-
Dressing up is part of our life and Indians understand it very well.
The Indian beauty show simply reflects our booming beauty industry and its potential for global brands.
More than one population.
3 billion. The opportunities for exhibitors to enter this market are endless and profitable.
This is a great platform for finding partnerships and building brand value.
Well-known exhibitors at the show include Lakme India, LOreal India, ozone Ayurveda, AcronPlast, Berina, Essel Propack, Shilpa cosmetics, Veera perfume all Indian Cosmetics Manufacturers Association, all Indian hair and beauty associations, nyassa Spa products, Sanex packaging connection, Cospack India, Headstart International, Strands salon, N. V.
Organic, forever beauty care and more.
The list of exhibitors also includes companies from China, Germany, Indonesia, South Korea, Poland and the United Arab Emirates.
Mr. comments at the meeting
Shenai Pushkaraj-
Chairman of the Advisory Committee
Indian beauty & CEOLakm Lever Pvt. Ltd.
He says platforms like Indian beauty have the potential to shape the future of the Indian beauty industry. The $3-
The billion beauty services industry offers great value chain opportunities for talented beauty and styling professionals, managers and entrepreneurs.
In addition to the opportunities in the domestic market, the global market is very interested in everything in India.
Over the past 37 years, Lakme salon and Lakme College have played an integral role in the beauty ecosystem across the country.
We are eager to scale up quickly and invite talented people to join us as beauty entrepreneurs.
I believe that beauty India will develop into a creative and innovative market that all Indian beauty professionals are proud.
Himanshu Gupta, general manager of sales and marketing B2B activities at Sumansa exhiitions, added that the overall beauty and personal care market in India is estimated to be Rs.
By retail sales, the personal care industry in India grew by 74,700 to 13% --on-
Far exceeded the overall economic growth rate.
India has a large consumer base, growing disposable income and important personal care.
Retail sales will grow at an average rate of 7% over the next decade, providing a huge opportunity for global brands to take advantage of the exponential growth we will witness.
The beauty business is booming and there is plenty of room for more players.
Through our exhibition, our goal is to provide a suitable platform for international and domestic brands to explore business opportunities, find partners, exchange ideas and build networks.
The exhibition provides a unique platform for the launch of products, networking opportunities with industry leaders, establishing new partnerships, exchanging ideas, product presentations, franchise opportunities, on-site presentations, innovate and showcase new technologies for all stakeholders such as manufacturers, suppliers, ancillary equipment, terminals, etc.
Users, emerging entrepreneurs and government agencies.
In addition, as a business-driven platform, like buyers, the exhibition will hold value-added activities at the same time. The seller meets-
On-site beauty meetings, workshops and presentation areas. Dr.
Sangta Shahan, chairman and exclusive founder of the all-India Beauty Salon Association, said that we would like more such B2B exhibitions and would like to thank the sumansha exhibition for its cooperation in the beauty industry.
This will further contribute to the development of relevant skills in India, and I would also like to thank the exhibitors who supported the association.
The platform provides an excellent opportunity for all departments to strengthen education and upgrade their skills.
Naunihal Singh, CEO of Strands Salon n Spa, said that the Indian beauty industry is growing at a very fast rate and it needs to develop to a new level, all leading salon chains should contribute to their development.
We need to focus on skills and create an environment where both professional and professional people are respected as they deserve.
The Indian beauty show is definitely contributing to this goal.
Beauty India exhibition will be one of the best B2B activities in India, showing the latest trends in the beauty industry, connecting enterprises around the world, and exclusively cooperating with exhibitors on a common platform, paint the overall strength of the manufacturer & bridge the gap between buyers and sellers.
Kajal Anand, president of all Indian Cosmetics Manufacturers Association, said: "We wish all the best for the beautiful India exhibition in the coming years . ".
According to analyst estimates, Ayurvedic market in Rs.
4,500 crore at the moment.
Herbal products form 6-
At present, the overall share of the market for personal care products is, and it is estimated that as this trend accelerates, the share of this segment may grow to about.
As a result, different participants are restarting their business strategy, investing in new products, or making new acquisitions to benefit from the herbal age.
The Spa industry has a compound annual growth rate of 40%, which is the most significant growth prospect in all personal care sub-industries in India.
According to industry experts, by 2025, the market size of the Indian beauty, cosmetics and beauty market will reach US $20 billion from the current six levels.
$5 billion.
The increased awareness of personal care products, the growth of disposable income, changes in consumption patterns and lifestyles and the improvement of women's purchasing power have brought exciting moments to the personal care industry.
These trends are expected to drive the personal care market in India and increase the consumption of personal care products and services, thus providing a broad range of opportunities for domestic and international participants. (ANI-NewsVoir)
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