beauty industry leader gregg renfrew looks ahead as beautycounter celebrates its fifth anniversary - organic non toxic skin care products

beauty industry leader gregg renfrew looks ahead as beautycounter celebrates its fifth anniversary  -  organic non toxic skin care products
Gregg Renfrew is the founder of the cleaning beauty brand Beautycounter, who wears her signature no-
It makes no sense, though it's a very trendy business uniform: a tailored suit jacket, cropped jeans and statement high heels (
Leopard print today).
However, the most prominent thing is her T-shirt.
This is a simple white version with the word "love" printed on it.
Renfrew said the love theme was at the center of her speech to 4,000 of the 30,000 Beautycounter consultants at the brand's fourth annual corporate summit, it is the overall guiding force behind the company's massive work in cleaning up the firm movement of the beauty industry.
"At the end of the day, everyone cares about life and the people they love," says Renfrew . ".
"They care about love.
They care about their families and children.
Everyone should have a safer product, and I think it helps people understand that while it looks different or looks different on the surface, we are all the same.
From day one, the basic theme of everything we do is love.
This is to protect the people you love and be there.
Renfrew has been rolling out Beautycounter for five years, the company she created after seeing the documentary, A inconvenient truth.
This documentary on global warming has inspired her to replace household cleaning products for the sake of being healthier and greener
Friendly version, but she is still shocked by the lack of safe and efficient options
Do beauty products.
The entrepreneur gathered a team of safety and health experts and chief art Officer Christy Coleman, a well-known makeup artist and editor makeup artist, she transformed her makeup bag into a clean product.
In 2013, Beautycounter began with a range of nine products, including facial oils, body wash, shampoo and conditioner, all of which lacked more than 1,500 ingredients that the company "never listed. ” (
This is a comprehensive list of ingredients known to be harmful to human health, and the brand continues to comply. )
Since then, they have created more than 150 products, including sunscreen, cosmetics, the children's series and the recent pairing of brands --
Maybe innovation.
Release of water
Adaptive skin and body care.
Renfrew said one morning this spring: "I watched all my friends struggle on all these health issues and our children struggle on health issues, which is too much.
"I started Beautycounter because I realized that all these harmful ingredients were present and knew that I put them on myself and my children.
"Clean Beauty" has become a ubiquitous term with no official definition or guidelines, in part because federal laws that regulate the industry have not been updated since 1938.
However, as the clean beauty becomes more and more-
The saturation of beauty industry, its existence can not be ignored. (
In addition to brands such as beauty counter, there are many specialized brands
Brand stores, including Credo, CAP Beauty and detox markets, specialize in cleaning beauty products. )
"Cleaning beauty is actually a public commitment to give up harmful chemicals and combine the power of natural substitutes with safe synthetic drugs to produce an effective product," Larissa Jensen said . " Beauty industry analyst at beauty group.
At 2017, clean skin when total prestige skin care grows by 9%-
Nursing brands grew by 34%.
According to the NPD Group, the clean beauty industry on the market has grown by 42% this year from the previous year.
Clean Beauty is one aspect of the industry's rapid development, is a sport of its own, may be a reaction to outdated regulations on ingredients allowed by individualscare products.
In addition to creating cleaner beauty products, beauty counter is committed to changing the laws of the beauty industry.
In May 2016, Beautycounter and 100 consultants (people in U. S.
Canada that sells the brand through the direct selling model;
It also goes through the e-of Beautycounter-
Business and partnership with retailers such as Goop and Target)
He came to Washington to meet with lawmakers and lawmakers to express their support for more health.
Laws governing the beauty industry.
"From the beginning, it was all about propaganda because our laws were out of date," Renfrew said . " She talked about whether she had always planned to get Beautycounter into the political arena.
"Unfortunately, we
Regulated in the beauty industry.
"Putting money on the lips, Beautycounter is one of the most outspoken companies in California that advocate a safer salon bill.
The government recently signed into law.
Jerry Brown, the bill for the first time required disclosure of ingredients on professional salon products.
This is the biggest increase in transparency of cosmetic ingredients since 1970.
In addition, Beautycounter has also played a role in banning the use of octoyl in oxygen and sunscreen through Hawaii.
Anti-Alliance, an alliance of several clean people
Beauty brands including Beautycounter, Amari skincare, Biossance, Goddess Garden, Follain, OSEA, Pitt Rivko, Rahua, Basics of silk therapy, software, Tenoverten, steam organic beauty company and Josie Maran were established in September 2017 to support a bill introduced by Sen in 2015-the personal care product safety act.
Diane van SteinCalif. , and Sen.
Susan CollinsMaine.
This legislation will be restarted.
Launched in 2019, this is the first time since 1938 to review the ingredients used in personal care products.
Renfrew recognizes that reforming current laws means that the beauty industry and public health will move forward, but makes it clear that the U. S.
The guidelines and implementation of the government must be strict.
"We are trying to help them pass a meaningful bill," she said . ".
"So, it's not just passing a bill, it's actually 'does it protect American consumers?
When the harmful ingredient exists, does it give the FDA the power or power to recall the product?
"Renfrew later reiterated the driving force of love behind the brand's work, and her goal of expanding the community to bring safer products to more people in the next five years.
"Everyone means everyone," she says of her vision of bringing clean beauty to a wider audience.
"You will do anything to save the child's life.
To make sure your best friends live a long life, you will do anything.
In order to watch your own children walk down the aisle, you will do anything, which is why we do business because we believe that beauty should be good for you.
We want you to have a good life, it should be everyone's life --
Not just a part of the population.
With the growing integration of the health and beauty industry, it seems that cleaning beauty companies are increasing every month.
Especially in Los Angeles, the starting point of several popular brands is zero, and the goal is to create healthy, highShow skin
Line of care and makeup.
Here are some stylish packaging and loyal followers. A. -
Based on the beauty brand, a combination of plant and safety synthetic drugs is designed to achieve the same or better results as traditional products.
The brand was launched in January. The simple skin care method includes only five comprehensive health care products.
So far, the hero product of RDKL is containing 24-
Karat gold is designed to reduce inflammation and ease fine lines and wrinkles.
Other plant ingredients used in RDKL include sweet almond oil, hyaluronic acid, and Japanese green tea extract. Millennials-
The product, in pink packaging, is priced from $18 to $32 and is suitable for young audiences who are eager for the transparency of their beauty brand. The L. A. -based skin-
Care clinics focus on holistic therapy by incorporating additional therapies such as pulse wheel balance and energy therapy into facial therapy. Its skin-
The line of care was created in 2017, "lessis-more-
Methods of skin care.
The goal of the product is to use organic, animal-
Free and sustainable agriculture
Raw materials.
Skin worship includes green tea, a well
Known antioxidants;
A derivative of lactic acid, which is said to be more moisturizing than hyaluronic acid;
It can help repair and regenerate the protein of new cells.
Founded in 2015 by Sheena Yaitanes, the beauty collection is based on its on-
Nude, Rose and Post-90
As with the whole brand, the inspired brown lipstick tone is made by the whole-Natural and non
Toxic ingredients.
Lip gloss is made from green tea, rose fruit, grape seed oil and does not contain parab Gold, O-benzene Ester and sulfuric acid ester.
The recently introduced color and light color cheek and highlighter color palette was made with hydrating marulla, rose hip seeds, grape seed oil, green tea, and unoiled oils. Parisian-born L. A.
About a decade ago, resident Valerie Grande created Odacite after she was diagnosed with breast cancer and experienced what she called a "major wake-up"up call.
"After not finding an effective and clean product, she began to mix her skin care based on the luxury synonymous with French beauty and clean California life.
Odacite contains ingredients such as matcha, activated carbon, rhassouul clay and CoQ10. several products need to be refrigerated to keep them fresh.
By three L. A. -
Rituel de Fille is a member of the makeup artist sisters
Loved for its high pigment eyeshadow and blush colors, all of which are formulated without parab Gold, Ester, synthetic dye or synthetic spices.
The brand also focuses on creating a range of inclusive colors based on it, from pale ivory to darker shades of dark skin.
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