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best beauty in the philippines by deirdre gonzalez - noriko skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-17
best beauty  in the philippines by deirdre gonzalez  -  noriko skin care products
Over the years, the number of beauty products in the Philippines has grown steadily.
However, there are still two brands that offer the best in terms of beauty and elegance.
These are cream products and Olay products from the pond.
So, what are these brands and what are considered the best products in terms of delivering excellent results?
Pond's cream is a moisturizing agent brand currently sold under Unilever, a multinational company with consumer goods brands for many food, beverage, detergent and personal care products in the world.
Although Unilever has sold many beauty products, the cream on the pond is considered to be their best product in terms of the results.
Like many other products from Unilever, the company also bought Pond's cream from other companies.
However, before Unilever bought Pond cream, the product was already known for its landscaping.
Some of its most popular brands are "pond disappearing cream" and "pond Cold Cream ".
In Unilever's management, Pond's cream company has once again launched a new product that is considered competitive"aging\" market.
This is the pond age miracle cream of one of the most popular beauty products in the Philippines today.
Today, ponds are sold around the world.
Its advantages are in Spain, Japan and Thailand.
In terms of beauty products, Olay is considered by many to be one of the best brands.
Olay sells under Procter & Gamble, a company similar to Unilever, and is also known for its facial moisturizing skin care products.
By Graham Wolfe, former
Unilever chemist Olay is known as "Olay" from Durban ".
According to many people, even in the past, Olay has always been very unique.
It was unique in the early days as it was a pink liquid rather than cream wrapped in a heavy glass bottle.
The marketing of Olay is also unique because it has never been described as a moisturizer, nor even as a beauty lotion.
Due to its uniqueness and satisfactory results, Olay has become one of the most popular beauty cream brands in the market and has finally attracted the attention of P & G.
Today's Olay has now expanded to a range of other products, including complete, overall effects, specialty, regeneration, quenching (North America), white glow (Asia) and Olay vitamins (USA ).
Olay also extended its tradition as a moisturizer to stay young, officially creating moisturizer-
With the launch of the total effect in 1999, the agingcategory category in the mass store.
Today, full effect is considered one of the most popular beauty products in the Philippines.
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