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Best Eyeliners and Makeup Application for Oily Eyelids - wet tissue for oily face

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-12
Best Eyeliners and Makeup Application for Oily Eyelids  -  wet tissue for oily face
Eyeliner is not equal, if you are like me, the eyelids are greasy, trying to find an eyeliner that will not stain your eyes and give you raccoon eyes, it can be a daunting task.
I have to admit that I am a major beauty fan and am always looking for the next HG (Holy Grail) cosmetic.
I will share with you the best eyeliner and some application tips I have used so far that will help keep your eye makeup as long as possible.
For people with oily eyelids, I think the best staying power comes from gel eyeliner.
I don't think even liquid eyeliner is comparable to a potted gel eyeliner (except for a product I'll discuss later ).
The only downside to the gel liner is the difficulty.
If you're new to makeup, or if you 've never used a eyeliner brush, some practice may be required before drawing a smooth line on your eyelids.
I just wanted to provide you with an update.
This is definitely my favorite liquid eyeliner now!
You can see from the photo that when dirty with a piece of paper towel, there is almost no change in this liner.
I have been wearing this every day for about a month and I have to say that it is very well dressed and will not give me other lining to my raccoon eyes.
I even convinced some of my friends to buy them and they were definitely raving about it.
Another benefit is that it takes pen form, so it's easier to apply, especially when you're new to eyeliner. -----you only get 0. 016 fl. oz. or 0. -
"Carbon Black" is not as dark as I would like it to be, but still dark!
This is my first gel liner and is still my favorite so far.
It has a great app, plus its bold and dark, which is the eyeliner you want.
If you follow my makeup tips behind this article, it will also last for a long time.
However, I end up getting blurry and slight raccoon eyes after work (about 8 hours later.
Look at the picture to the right, look for the sample, and the second picture is the result of rubbing the tissue on the liner.
As you can see, the fluid line remains in its best condition, but it will last longer as long as you set it up properly. --
You get about 3 grams of product or about 0 grams.
10 ounces, this will last you for a long time. -
MAC also has a recycling program called MAC.
When you return six empty containers to the MAC store, they give you the free lipstick of your choice, so it's good if you use other MAC products as well. --
At the end of the day, it leaves more stains on certain parts of the eye so that some areas are lighter than others. -
Some fluids have better colors than others.
For example, I put it in "dark brown" and "wavy" (dark blue) and the color is not as bright as the Black track.
This was recommended to me by a friend.
She thinks that Stila Smudge Pots are far better than fluidline for MAC, so I have to try it out.
To be honest, it's very similar to Blacktrack, and as you can see from the second photo, it doesn't work as well as Fluidline itself.
However, if I follow the application tips listed later, applying the pan will stay longer and sometimes even better than the tube line.
In addition, the consistency of applying the pot is smoother, and it is easier to form a straight line on the eyelids. -
There are 4 grams or 0.
14 ounces of products. -
Although the apply pot will also be applied at the end of the day, unlike the fluid line liner, it will be evenly applied to the lid. -
It's dark too. -
If shadows and powder are not set, the liner will not last at all!
This is probably the longest liner I 've ever used, although you may not be able to see it from my photos because I didn't let it dry long enough, this is one of the main drawbacks of this product!
It takes so long to dry! !
I didn't have enough time in the morning to wait until I continued my makeup.
Also, my eyelids don't have creases (I'm Asian and I have a single person), so if I blink before the eyeliner dries, it gets dirty --city for me.
This is also a liquid liner and I am not a big fan of the applicator (the tip is not hard or thin enough ).
It needs some practice and I don't know if I have mastered it.
However, if you don't have a single person and you have the patience to wait for it to dry, the eyeliner won't move! ! --
It's dark and it's good if you want a real black lining. ---
This is a pencil pad.
What you see in the photo is the bare palette from the city's decay.
If I am late, I like to use this padding because it is easy to apply and usually a quick swipe twice per eye is enough to produce a nice line.
Having said that, I think the pencil liner is worse for its staying power.
As you can see from the picture, it's a bit blurry, but if you set it up to make your eyelids the best, it can last most of the day (maybe 4 to 5 hours ).
This may be useful to you for girls you are not so oily! ---
Need to be honed constantly (maybe in 3-
Because the product is too soft.
This is not a very economical option for those with a budget. ---
After about 4 to 5 hours it will stain those with greasy eyelids. . .
Maybe faster!
Products I have tried. . . ---
I do want to try two products but haven't started buying yet, that is Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner and make up for the aqua eyeliner.
I 've heard some good news about them, so I'll update it if/when I buy this article!
These are some of my tricks to keep your eyeliner on your eyelids until you decide to take it off at night.
For those with extremely greasy eyelids or people with single eyelids, it is likely that there will be some stains, but following these instructions will definitely reduce the severity of raccoon eyes! 1.
Prepare your eyelids.
Use toner or gel powder on your eyelids.
I used too much face primer and no hole powder or MAC Toner. 2.
Keep your eyelids alive.
I'm using the city corruption agent, but you can also cover it with too much face-to-face insurance, or even cover the conce cream.
This will also help your eye shadow life! 3.
Apply eye shadow-
Whatever you like!
Try to avoid using only cream eye shadow.
If you want to use it, make sure you apply a powder eyeshadow or some kind of translucent powder to it. 4.
Apply eyeliner. 5.
Eyeliner has eye shadow of similar color on it.
For example, if you use a brown eyeliner, set the eyeliner using a brown powder eyeshadow. You are ready now!
Hopefully, these tips will help keep your eyeliner on your eyelids. . .
Where it belongs!
Elaine Lee is always looking for the perfect eyeliner.
Read her other articles and check out her favorite cosmetics!
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