best face forward - face mask after facial

best face forward  -  face mask after facial
Facial skin glow is one of the best indicators of physical health.
It is undeniable that the nature of your diet contributes to the health of your skin to a great extent.
But facial care has now been designed to counter the scars of modern life --
Premature aging, fine lines and wrinkles are the direct result of sunlight damage and pollution
The way of life, swelling and dark circles.
Your face is your window to the world, and it is still the most obvious side of your personality.
It does make sense to protect and care for it.
Make the right choice: While there are as many faces as beauty salons, what will provide you with the greatest health benefits are those who combine natural therapy with a wide range of skin care and healing knowledge.
Stay away from intense bleeding, harsh chemicals and metal products that actually damage delicate facial skin.
Choose aromatic fruits, plant and nut extracts from honey or natural bases, and mild essential oils.
Steps for facial healing: good facial treatment usually lasts for an hour, including several stages that help with skin care.
Cleaning: The first step in any good facial care is the cleaning procedure.
Your beautician/therapist will use organic products to remove dead cells and impurities from the surface of the skin.
This product usually has a mild exfoliating effect, such as apricot or cocoa scrub.
Make sure that the grinding effect of the exfoliating product is not too strong and combined on a gentle moisturizing basis.
The strokes of the cleaning program are fast and rhythmic, designed to remove impurities.
The sponge you use to wash away the residue should be soft and gently treated on the skin;
Water is warm at all times.
Moisturizing and massage: a rhythmic massage and moisturizing with natural oils helps the skin absorb the advantages of applied products.
The strokes are usually round and are designed to make the deep collagen under the skin firm, which helps to rejuvenate it.
After massage, apply moisturizing mask evenly.
Nature of the mask 【
Even if it is a natural product like a banana or honey]
, Should be determined by your skin type.
For example, bananas and honey are good facial masks for dry skin, which can restore the gloss and natural moisture of the skin;
But they can clog pores if your skin is prone to greasy.
Oily skin requires a lighter, less sticky, smoother mask like aloe vera gel and cocobutter.
Natural Bleach: a chemical
Based on bleach will take away all the good effects created by your skin's face.
Choose a natural bleach made of cucumber extract and ginger.
Most beauticians do patch testing before bleaching and let you choose the bleach that best suits your skin tone.
Steaming: steaming will soften the skin, remove impurities from the surface deep, and let it absorb the purity of the cream you have applied.
Your beautician/therapist will then proceed to remove blackheads, white heads and other flaws that build up due to pore blockage.
Do not peel off pimples, though, as they leave painful wounds and permanent scars.
Make sure they work around them and add an
Steamed tea tree oil and other bacteria, sterilization cream.
Conditioning: facial conditioning energizes your skin.
Light Lotion, usually rose water, or mint, you will feel tingling --or citrus-
The product will splash on your face at random.
Toner is quickly absorbed by the skin, and when it maximizes your brilliance and shine, its effect will immediately appear.
Even if there is no record or depth on the face
The medical effect of sitting, feelinggood-
Factors and the brightness it lends to the skin, though temporary, are sufficient reasons to invest in the skin.
Facial skin is more sensitive than other parts of the body.
Make sure your beautician/therapist only uses fresh products.
If you use a packaged cream/ointment, be sure to check the validity period.
Maintaining brand awareness also helps you avoid allergies later on
Because these masks are too rough, they peel off the moisture of the skin.
Always choose to wash your face-
Allow the skin to soak in the mask in the natural product to allow the beautician/therapist to evaluate your skin type before applying any mask. If you are trying a new facial care, patch test the main ingredient the day before to rule out allergic reactions and stay away from harsh chemicals, bleeding, and overkill --
Use a mask in a meeting.
Don't use more than two masks while sitting, otherwise your face will get rough with all the cleanliness. Do not use soap or any beauty products within 24 hours of your facial care
In order to soak in intense treatments, your skin needs to breathe.
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