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Best way how to keep your body cool even during HOT DAY - wet tissue paper for oily skin

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-12
Best way how to keep your body cool even during HOT DAY  -  wet tissue paper for oily skin
For example, there is no air conditioning during the day, which is not important.
Now, even if there is no air conditioner, you can keep cool in hot weather, just follow this simple process. 1.
Wet your wrist and other pulse points with cold water.
Use a piece of ice wrapped in the face cloth to continue after the cool disappears.
The constant cooling of the wrist will also cool the body.
Never use only ice;
Make sure to wrap it with a towel or something like that.
Research shows that this will reduce your core body temperature by 3 degrees Fahrenheit (1. 5 ºC).
Relief is almost immediate and will last for an hour! 2.
Cool your body with sweat.
Water vapor produced by sweating (avoiding sweating too much) if exposed to the air and allowing evaporation, actually takes away the body's heat.
The best thing to do is to put your sweaty self on the road with a cool breeze or fan. 3.
Wear a short-sleeved shirt and put water on your sleeves.
If you have a breeze or fan on your body, you will actually get cold.
If outside, use a jet bottle, sink or hose to keep the sleeves moist.
If you are outside, wear trousers and put water on your legs, the water will cool your legs. 4.
Even if you are not thirsty! . Oral re-
Hydration can be achieved by drinking electrolyte
Balanced drinks
Electrolyte helps make sure you don't lose important minerals because of sweating.
Adding ice will also cool you down.
Avoid drinking lemonade, iced tea and other sugary drinks (see tips below ).
If the ice is in the water you will drink and it will not actually cool you down.
Cold water does, but the colder the water, the more energy your body consumes so it can use it. 5.
Avoid direct sunlight.
Stay in the shadow area if possible.
Direct sunlight increases the calorie index so your body can experience a higher temperature than the temperature!
If you have to go outdoors, go in the morning or in the evening.
Put on clothes that cover your body. A wide-
Nice along the hat. Light-weight, loose-
You should wear a suitable cotton coat.
It is best to wear shirts with long sleeves and collars to prevent any exposure.
Some (for example, Bedouin)
In a dry, low humidity climate) it is considered best to wear two or more layers of clothing. 6. Go downstairs.
Warm air is less dense than cold air, so it tends to layer at the top of the cold air moving down.
For example, if you are in a house, you will be lower than the roof.
Go to the basement or lower floor.
It will be cooler there.
Put the fan on the upstairs window and absorb the heat collected in the upstairs room-
Set it up so that it can breathe in the air from the interior and push it outside. 7.
Keep the air flowing.
Open the ceiling fan or box fan in the room.
Don't make a fan out of paper, use it to wave air on your face and neck.
Contrary to what is widely believed, the activity generated by waving actually burns calories and raises your core temperature. 8. .
In the evening, open the window and create a crossroads using the fan
Breeze, cycle cool night/night air through the room.
The next morning, as soon as the sun shines into the building, close all the windows, blinds and curtains, and close the doors and windows all day until the outside is cooler than the inside.
Then you can open everything again and get ready for the next day.
It also helps to have kitchen cabinets open all night;
They store heat if you let them close, and your house won't be that cool either. 9.
Turn off the stove or other heat sources.
Incandescent lamps also generate heat.
Turn off your lights and your computer. 10. Get wet!
Take a cold bath or a bath. Wet your hair.
Fill a basin with water and sit inside with your feet.
Go swimming in the swimming pool.
Keep your skin cool with a damp cloth.
Put a wet handkerchief around your neck.
Fill the spray bottle or spray gun with water and spray it yourself.
Run cool or cold tap water on the inside of your wrist.
Water will cool the blood that flows through your veins and arteries. 11.
Run cold tap water on your wrist, right where you see the veins. 12.
Go to the swimming pool and relax in the water.
It will calm you down in an instant. 13. Eat less.
Smaller foods with less protein reduce metabolic heat.
It should be cool no matter what you eat, no need to prepare the Heat (E. G. g.
Salads, sandwiches, etc. 14.
Try some mint-flavored products to cool your skin: apply on mint oil (avoid your face and eyes );
Take a bath with mint soap;
Soak with sensitive feet.
Mint refreshed the skin and left a good sense of cooling. 15.
Put a wet towel on the head of the person who is also the tallest behind your neck.
Doctors in sports teams have been using this for years! 16.
Take a glass and fill it with ice.
Then lift it into your mouth and gently blow it into the cup.
The ice will cause the air you blow into the cup to cool sharply, as there is only one way out of the air (which should now target the hole in your face), so the cold air will be squeezed out of your skin.
This is a good alternative to air conditioning, very simple. 17.
Interest rate adjustment.
Sit down with your legs, take a few deep breaths and breathe in and out slowly.
Roll the tongue into a tube with the tip of the tongue outside the mouth.
Continue to breathe slowly, breathe in through the tube, and then move your chin to your chest as you breathe through your nose. Do that 5-
10 times, you should start to feel cool.
Dogs often cool themselves down with their tongue, and perhaps this yoga practice begins by noticing this. 18.
Take off your shoes or hat indoors!
Most of the body's heat is released through the soles of the feet, palms and scalp.
Keeping these areas cool makes an amazing difference. 19. Eat spicy food.
It's no coincidence that many people in hot parts of the world eat spicy food.
Spicy food increases sweating and cools the body when it evaporates.
It also causes a pleasant endorphin rush that may make you forget about the heat. 20.
Ball and soak t-
Shirt in the sink, unscrew it, put it on and sit on the lawn chair in front of the fan (or other chair to let the air pass you ). Re-It's wet when it's dry.
Work above 110F21.
Wash it with ordinary rubbing alcohol-
Pour some alcohol on the fabric and rub it on your face, be careful not to let anything into your mouth or eyes, stand in front or under the flowing air, the evaporated alcohol makes it feel about 30 degrees. 22. Go barefooted.
Barefoot will make your body cooler.
Yes, drink a bottle of cold water.
Don't forget that humans have lived without air conditioning for many years.
Within your specific health condition, your body can adapt to the temperature rise in the summer.
Just get used to the fact that you may have to change your activity and schedule to "beat the heat ".
Store your refrigerator with seasoned ice cubes.
Freeze a bag of chopped fruits such as watermelon or pineapple.
Cooling down is also a delicious experience!
If everything fails, check out the mall, the library, the church, the cinema or whatever --
Public buildings with conditions
Woman: try the slightly damp tissue in the cleavage.
It does a good job of preventing that annoying drop of water in front of your clothes.
Apply a thin layer of disappearing cream on your freshly washed dry face.
No matter if you have acne or not, disappearing cream helps to absorb facial sweat and delay the moment when glasses slide off your nose!
Fill your bathtub with cold water.
Once you get used to the temperature, let some water out and add it with cold water.
Do it until you are cold enough.
After you go out, your body will stay cool for a long time.
Alcohol is a diuretic medicine that will allow you to urinate more frequently than usual.
This promotes further dehydration through water loss.
Contrary to what is widely believed, caffeine and sugary beverages can still promote good hydration, although not as effective as pure water.
If your garage is under your living area, cool off your hot car outside before putting it in the garage.
Sweat includes water and salt in the body.
If you sweat a lot, it's actually healthier to drink something that contains salt or other electrolyte to replenish the lost salt and liquid.
Good choice for Gatorade or other sports drinks.
Soda is also generally high in sodium, but may contain caffeine urine, which will not replenish you.
Fully wet synthesis or partial synthesis of T-
Put your shirt on in warm water (use warm water to prevent you from feeling very cold when you first put your shirt on ).
Synthesis will ensure no wet T-
The look and evaporation of the shirt will keep you cool for a few hours or more.
This is true even in public as the shirt does not look wet.
If your home has a basement and central air conditioning system to allow HVAC professionals to add cold air return in the basement, by simply setting the stove to "fan ", recycle naturally falling cold air to the rest of your home "mode. This low-fi air-
Practical work of adjustment technology: 1) placing media-sized box-
Fan in a small window facing outside.
Close any remaining open area in the window with cardboard.
2) close all the other windows in your home except one window and open only one crack. . .
This will actually blow out all the stagnant hot air in your house and significantly reduce the overall temperature.
Although this is rarely a problem for people who are in good health, excessive
Hydration is possible for people with heart, liver or kidney problems. http://www. healthatoz.
Com/healthatoz/Atoz/agency/excessive moisture.
If you have any serious health problems, please be aware of how much water you drink as your kidneys may not be able to properly discharge excess water.
If you have symptoms of heatstroke or dehydration, please call the first aid staff for professional assistance.
The body temperature above 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Fahrenheit) is life-
If it reaches 113 degrees F (45 degrees F), you will surely die.
Seek medical care if you can't sweat!
Heat is often the discomfort of drought.
If there are water restrictions in your area, make sure you have considered them before implementing any water
The above intensive suggestions.
Failure to comply may result in a high penalty or even imprisonment for you.
I'm not forcing you to do all of this, I'm just making my suggestion, depending on what steps you like to take and how much you benefit from it.
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