beverly hills cosmeceuticals coupon code excuses or results? -

beverly hills cosmeceuticals coupon code excuses or results? -
"You have either an excuse or a result.Which one do you have today?"This is a recent tweet from one of my former Platinum clients, Liz Dennery Marks, owner of SheBrand.Com and Mark's seats.A very successful brick.and-Mortar brand and celebrity promotion company in Beverly Hills.It really resonated with me.Why?Because my recent conversations with clients and colleagues have been more frequent than ever.So, let's see if I can help you figure out what's right for you: Now think about one of the things in your business that's frustrating you.Once you think of "One thing", what is the next idea that comes to your mind?Was it...-I'm waiting for this-and-So reply to me first.
-I don't have time, money and resources.
-I don't know what to do next.
-I'm not sure if this is right for me.
-I feel lost, confused, not supported.All these ideas and feelings are absolutely effective.They are all excuses.Choose a different word than "excuse" if you wish, but if you don't move forward and get no results, then I will suggest that the issue is not any of the above.By the way, I wrote it like this.\ 'What is one thing '-We do everything for a purpose.That's what I meant here.To reveal the fact that as long as you focus on the outside, something doesn't work for you because of the "reason", you will continue to be depressed and stagnant.This is an example in my own client profile: I have a client who is frustrated that she thinks I lack support for her and her business.When she shared this frustration with me, I did not take defensive measures and did not accept her frustration.What I did was to ask her a series of simple questions that went deep into the real ones.In this case, she did not take any action, including seeking the support she needed from her coach (me.Once she realized that she had everything she needed to move forward, including the help she paid, everything changed for her.She started looking for directions and implemented the information she already had, and her business began to flow immediately.But more importantly, she realized that she was doing the same thing in her personal life as her husband.She was frustrated by his lack of support, but as soon as she asked, he immediately sought a way to help her.So let me repeat: the way you do anything is the way you do anything.Think about it.
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