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According to Dr. Jason Diamond, a famous plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, the American Association of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) has not taken an official position on adolescent plastic surgery.It is a decision that is best made by parents, teenagers and doctors they trust, just like any elective surgery, and must be very careful and carefully considered.Dr.Jason Diamond warned that surgery is not appropriate for every patient, and that selective surgery can often wait until a teenager grows up and, as an adult, is able to make more intelligent and educational decisions.
Rhinoplasty (plastic surgery )-This could pull the nose straight or remove the hump, ASPS said.Medical professionals usually do so when they are 15 or 16 years old and almost grow up.According to ASPS statistics ,\"...35,000 rhinoplasty operations were performed in patients under the age of 1319 in 2010.
Of all cosmetic surgeries performed in this age group, the operation accounted for nearly 50%.Ear shaping (ear surgery )-This is usually done to reduce the protruding ears, according to ASPSMany teenagers (especially boys) fight.These operations often "sell back" their ears ".
Surgical correction of protruding ears, which are nailed to the back and can be done at any time after the age of five.Correction of breast asymmetryASPS said it was "...When one breast is much larger than the other, surgery may correct the difference by narrowing the larger breast, the larger breast, or both.
"Parents may be happy to know this .
..According to ASPS, this procedure can occasionally reimburse insurance.Breast augmentation-Girls under the age of 18 are not able to do this (which may have relieved many parents ).ASPS said, "salt water-Filling breast augmentation can be used for female breast augmentation 18-Breast reconstruction [United States of America]S.
Approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA;May, 2000].Still, ASPS said that in November 2006, the FDA re-Breast augmentation with silicone breast prosthesis approved for use-But only 22-year-old womenyears or older.According to ASPS, acne has always been a curse for millions of teenagers, and fortunately most acne today may be controlled by the proper use of modern prescription drugs.
\ "In addition to supervising the use of these drugs, plastic surgeons can also improve acne scars by smoothing or" patching "the skin with laser or fine polishing techniques (called micro-grinded skin.2010, nearly 9,100 of skin-grinding operations are all about the age of the patient to be taken-19
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