bionona gains fda approval for atopis eczema cream, plans to start online us sales - organic india skin care products

bionona gains fda approval for atopis eczema cream, plans to start online us sales  -  organic india skin care products
BioNona sells skin therapy creams developed by biochemist and chief executive Iona Weir. BioNona said that its atopi eczema cream treatment has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration to enter a market worth as much as $6 billion ($8. 6b).
This marks the first FDA approval of New Zealand-developed over-the-counter (OTC)
Pharmaceutical skin care products, the climax of Auckland scientist Will's more than 30 years of research and pharmaceutical development, his other projects include Kiwi
The fuel-based convenient products produced by important food processors, Will has served as the chief scientific officer of the product before 2014.
Will said the us otc eczema cream market is about $ 2b ($2. 8b), or one-
Third in the whole market.
BioNona plans to sell online through Amazon on its eczema treatment page, which only allows FDA-
Approved products
In the US, about half of OTC sales are now conducted online through approved US Food and Drug Administration outlets such as Amazon, she said.
"I suspect this will be our biggest product, even though consumers use eczema cream and then buy other products," she said . ".
Therefore, it is more a leading product to attract consumers.
"Atopis eczema cream has been on sale, but so far it has been on sale as a dry and itchy skin relief cream.
FDA approval means they can re-
Labeled with eczema treatment
BioNona plans to seek FDA approval for its acne
Next, Will says, is skin care.
According to BioNona's website, Atopis contains myriphytase, a patented new compound "for the treatment of eczema, psoriasis and acne ".
Myriphytaseis was created through a patented process called Peptilization that blends plant, bacterial and insect components.
"The work started with Will's PhD. D.
Programmed cell death, known as apoptosis in plants, was reported in 1997.
Her research shows that, unlike animals, plant apoptosis is reversible. She was able to extract "critical reactions" in plants that could be used as local applications for human skin conditions such as eczema and acne.
She told an International Clinical and Experimental Dermatology conference in Chicago last year that the extract encourages the body's immune response to attacking affected areas and repairing damaged cells.
Acne cream also contains nutmeg extract, she said today, "but it has experienced different enzyme fermentation reactions, so it has the biological activity needed to treat acne . ".
Weir owns about 33 shares in Decima Health, which owns patents and conducts research.
In turn, Decima owns 75% of BioNona, which was set up to handle manufacturing and distribution.
The chairman of the company is Paul Dallimore, who also owns a third stake in Decima, the original angel investor in the industry, and will gave him a sample of cream, he tried it on his grandson.
Dalymore is the founder of the National Property Trust and chairman of the Highgate group.
Will said the company hopes to sell eczema cream to American consumers starting in early next February.
Will won the international prize with her original PhD. D.
And received funding from the Marsden Fund to continue her research.
A grant from Callaghan Innovation helped fund a double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trial completed by the Southern clinical trial team at the end of 2015. (
Business Desk receives funding from Callaghan innovation to help cover the commercialisation of innovation. )
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