botox users are complaining physical intimacy has disappeared from their relationships - masked fa

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botox users are complaining physical intimacy has disappeared from their relationships - masked facial expression

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-24
botox users are complaining physical intimacy has disappeared from their relationships  -  masked facial expression
As a beauty therapist with over 25 years of experience, I am used to having my clients reveal their closest secrets to me.
Like a barber, an hour.
Sometimes more
I spent my treatment helping to form a close relationship.
Marriage dilemma, work stress and money issues, I have heard that my job is to lend a compassionate, No.
Picky ears, never say a word to anyone.
However, in recent years, I have noticed that a recurring complaint has begun to worry me: Many women I often see say that their physical intimacy has almost disappeared from their relationship.
In most cases many of them don't seem to want to have sex
The Daily Mail reported, or used the words of a particular customer: "I don't remember the last time the mood took me . ". Another woman -a thirty-
Beautiful Things
Tell me that her husband did not read the signal even if she tried to get interested.
This is very confusing to me.
After all, these are successful, healthy women who keep themselves in good shape.
Some people are only in their 20 s, so this is not a discomfort in middle age.
Soon I found out what they had in common.
For years, they have injected Botox, some more than they need.
Yes, it has eliminated some of their lines, but in the process it seems to have taken away something else as well --
Their ability to express their thoughts and feelings.
In short, even if they feel desire, their frozen face cannot convey desire.
This makes me feel like a terrible irony: what these ladies have done to delay the aging process and make themselves more attractive seems to have the opposite effect.
Their heavy use of Botox seems to have ruined sex rather than improved sex.
Don't get me wrong. I don't object to Botox at all.
It can be a great thing to have a touch in the right place.
But will heavy use destroy women's sexual impulses?
I am very interested in doing more research.
For those who do not know, the botulinum poisoning toxin works by blocking the release of the nerve-transmitting element in the muscles, causing paralysis to force them to relax and create a smoother skin surface.
It has been approved for use in cosmetics since 2002, and now it is the most popular, non-
Cosmetic surgery for millions of people in the UKmostly women -
Injections every year.
It has many different trade names with prices ranging from 150 to 350 per session.
This treatment may be effective, but heavy users will be in a strange situation where their brain may want to smile or frown, but the face cannot put these feelings into practice.
Understanding that this will affect your emotions is not a huge leap from there.
If you can't exercise your smiling gland properly, then you won't be able to release the inner endorph that makes you feel sexy and energetic.
What's more pathetic than this, no matter how cute you look outside?
Meanwhile, further evidence that Botox can numb all senses is unfolding in my salon.
As part of my face, I used a beautiful "dream oil", a vivid mixture with the basic notes of the most fragrant flower jasmine.
I noticed that my client is a heavy user of Botox and they are not very sensitive to this scent --if at all.
There is no physiological reason for this: the botulinum toxin is injected into the muscles, not the sensory receptor, which leads me to conclude that their emotions are hindered.
They just don't accept the fun of life anymore.
Is it strange that their romantic life is suffering?
I am not the only one who thinks there is a connection.
Jo Coker, a psychologist specializing in interpersonal relationships, said: "The fact that women choose to use Botox suggests that they are already upset about their skin.
"Botox does freeze wrinkles, but in doing so, it acts as a mask on the face.
What women don't realize is that they miss a key aspect of being human without expression.
"They don't release hormones that feel good.
Oxytocin is vital to our health.
"When we judge from someone's facial expressions that they are interested in us or respond in a positive way, our brains release this hormone.
"Not only does this make us feel good, it also helps us build lasting connections with our partners.
No wonder these women don't have sex.
"I believe too many Botox can also affect the way we interact with people every day.
Take a female celebrity I saw as an example.
She has always been open to the use of Botox.
Months have passed and I feel like her face is starting to lose its softness, so it seems hard for her to connect with the TV audience.
I was impressed by these two things.
Sure enough, she confided to me that she felt she had done excessive Botox and was ready to stop.
The next year, she began her television career.
Maybe that's what I thought too, when I realized that my client complained about the lack of intimacy with her husband.
Nevertheless, the first injection of Botox proved to be a thin end of a large wedge.
Before you know it, you start to see the iconic high eyebrows, over-smooth foreheads, and "Frozen" expressions we see on countless celebrities.
Sometimes it can happen for the first time, like the only time I tried this 13 years ago.
A few months later, when my sister summed up the effect, the overall effect was the best.
"Thankfully, it's gone --
"You look like Mr. spook," she said . ".
Psychologist Dr. Michael Sinclair believes that we are instinctively wary of people who are "perfect" in appearance.
Believe it or not, people are passionate about imperfect people.
How can we expect others to fall in love with us if we are hiding ourselves?
"Now, more than a decade later, I'm proud of my 51-year-old appearance, without the need for skill.
I have a good skin care system and I eat well, don't smoke and don't drink.
What makes me sad is that women can't accept the face nature gives them more.
Many of them are caught in the trap of thinking that their partner wants a perfect mannequin when they want to interact.
That's why, when the client mentions that they have stopped having sex, I suggest that they lighten the burden of botulinum toxin.
Over the next few months, they said their relationship had improved.
Happily, I feel the mood is changing.
Subtle seems to be a slogan, and even the most avid Botox enthusiasts in my clients are using it less and less.
I really don't think one of them looks worse.
I promise they will have a better life in the bedroom.
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