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butchering the english language for fun and profit ... - find the right skin care products for you

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-16
butchering the english language for fun and profit ...  -  find the right skin care products for you
When you read, you will find that you are the same as those who are not very good at English.
You might think that someone like this is not the smartest light bulb in the package.
It's hard to believe that they can get such high quality language skills anywhere in their lives.
You may be surprised when you find out you're doing this, they make more than you do.
You see, there are many kinds of people who slaughter English.
You might think they're all idiots, but that assumption could be wrong 66% of the time.
There are three kinds of people slaughtering English.
1) This is done to make it clear.
No one has mastered the language yet.
Lazy and/or stupid people.
They peeped in that group first, well, we just wanted them to know wut dey doin, huh?
As for the second group, it is usually the person who learns English as the second (or third or fourth) language.
They may not have mastered the language yet, but they are constantly trying to improve themselves, especially if they need to speak or write in English often.
English is not always the easiest language to learn.
Compared with English, the structure of many other languages is more rigid.
Sentences are constructed more consistently in some way.
As a result, people used to express themselves in English too, and ultimately writing seems more rigid and unnatural for native English speakers.
It doesn't mean that this person is stupid to not master English yet, but they haven't mastered English yet.
If someone gets ten college degrees, has a good grasp of the workings of business, physics, or anything, and can perform complex mathematical operations in his mind, just because he is still learning English, can you say that person is an idiot?
These people may make more money than you, so their mastery of English is not as good as yours, which does not make them stupid and irreparable.
Then the third group.
These people are too lazy or stupid to even use English correctly.
You will occasionally see some of these people appear as critics of others.
"You shouldn't be an unexpected guest. LoL.
Or, sometimes, they sell themselves as writers.
\ "I wrote good original articles, all of which cost lo $1 per article.
Please contact me.
"These people don't think it is particularly important to use the language correctly.
They think it would be enough if someone else could figure out what they were talking about.
No matter what other people are trying to decipher anything they are trying to write, there is a choking headache.
Good enough is good enuff, "nuffs nuff" and "no better no need" when Peeps understand well ".
Some of them are native English speakers. Others are not.
What they have in common is that they don't care at all.
So, who is dumb?
People who learn English, who still try to master English, or who grow up with English but never bother to learn English correctly, are content with "good" "nuff" and don't want to try to improve?
It is also possible that the third group is those who cannot distinguish between the $5 article and the $500 article, because good enough is "good ", what else, just spend the money in the sewer.
Before Google appeared, people were always scrambling to know what to do now, while the $500 article buyer was fidgety, but I digress. . .
So if you want to make money as a writer, you don't have to pay the latter group because they are not your customers.
Let the writers who write "good" take care of the buyers who buy "good" because they are two peas in a pod and you don't want the pea shooter either
You want articles that think are worth $500 to be cost effective because they know how to get a good return on investment from it.
In any case, there is a good chance that you think stupid people are becoming banks because they can't write "good" in English yet, or because they pay $500 for an article.
And, if you're not willing to try to understand them because you think they're too stupid to teach you anything, well, who was stupid in that game?
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