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Camu Camu the Superfood Berry From the Amazon - camu camu skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-05
Camu Camu the Superfood Berry From the Amazon  -  camu camu skin care products
What is Camu?
You probably never heard of camu.
Many people outside Brazil do not have Carwood. The camu-
Camu is an acidic fruit found in the Amazon region of Brazil.
This is quickly becoming the next phenomenon to go global like acai.
When driving in Brazil, I often see a hand-painted sign that says "camu ".
So moving on acai, camu will take over your position.
This fruit is one of the highest levels of vitamin C in all fruits.
However, this will decrease as the fruit matures.
Because it is rich in vitamin C, it is often mixed with other juices or made into ice cream.
Camu camu contains extremely high vitamin C.
Compared to oranges, Cam has 30 times vitamin C, monthly iron, monthly, monthly, and 50% p.
Vitamin C can not only prevent colds, but also help support the brain and nervous system and improve the skin.
Vitamin C can also promote blood circulation, reduce cholesterol levels, help reduce the incidence of blood clots in the vein, and enhance the blood vessel wall.
Camu is currently exporting to countries around the world, and Japan is the largest consumer of powder, frozen pulp and juice.
Usually consumed in the form of juice.
It is used in ice cream, drinks and gelatin where it is grown locally.
Typically, this will be mixed with other juice with a stronger flavor to increase the vitamin C content.
Lemon and passion fruit are included.
It can also be sprinkled on your food or syrup in the form of powder to make it more delicious.
Small trees or shrubs grow in the Amazon region.
These trees grow near the banks of the river, and areas near these trees will flood during the rainy season.
They are submerged in water for about 4-5 months.
The tree was closed at this time.
This means that the fruit must be harvested in a canoe.
The pickers will fill their canoe with berries and return to the coast for their buyers.
Camu likes hot and humid tropical areas.
It is grown from seeds and should be taken from healthy trees that actively produce fruit.
It is best to sow seeds of the same age.
This will make sure you start with a more uniform germination.
After picking, wash the fruit and extract the seeds.
This should be planted soon so it doesn't lose moisture.
If this is not possible, they should be soaked in water containing bleach.
Ratio of 1: 4, part bleach to 4 portions of water.
After that, dry them for 24 hours.
Apply the fungus killer at room temperature and put it in a plastic bag.
Seeds like this can be kept for about 6 months.
Seeds should be checked regularly and any seeds that appear to start to rot should be discarded.
When ready, the seeds can start in the seed tray, and the seeds can move when the seeds reach about 3 inch.
This should be a small bag with fertile compost.
These can be grown to 8 months old and then transferred to the orchard.
Dig a Hole 18 inch deep, the same hole.
Your trees should be 16 feet apart.
This not only allows for dissemination, but also makes it easier to reap.
The harvest of Camu camu is done by hand 2 to 3 times a week.
In the Amazon region, camu grows in the wild and is done by a canoe.
The tree will start production after 3 years of planting in the orchard.
If you want to eat the fruit immediately, you can harvest it when the fruit matures.
However, it has less vitamin C at this point.
If it's going to be shipped or shipped somewhere, it needs to be harvested when it's green.
This will ensure that the fruit will not be crushed during the trip.
With the planting system mentioned earlier, 10 tons of fruit can be harvested per acre.
This is a labor-intensive fruit due to frequent harvesting.
Even if the green fruit may be damaged, the fruit should be packed in a container that cannot be broken.
If you want a high price, the fruit needs to arrive in perfect condition.
Using a blender or juicer with fruit is not possible.
An expert is needed.
This is a machine that essentially removes the pulp from the seeds.
This is also the processing of cherries and coffee beans.
In the local area, it can be done by rubbing between hands or pressing it on the sieve or on the back of the wooden spoon.
This will break the skin and release the juice of all the seeds and the skin remaining in the colander.
If the seed or skin is left in the juice, it leaves a bitter taste.
This pulp should be frozen immediately if not used immediately.
If it is allowed to stand at room temperature, it may start to ferment and rot.
Began to study this fruit as a potential cash crop.
Several studies have been conducted on how to plant it, the correct conditions required, processing and fruit ripening.
The study aims to generate income for local communities and improve the diet of local residents.
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