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? | - can skin care products cause cancer

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-24
? |  -  can skin care products cause cancer
Carpet freshener or deodorant is designed to remove the smell on the carpet without actually cleaning the carpet.
While they provide an easy way to quickly make the room smell fresh, they are not without some risk.
These risks are higher for children and pets who spend time playing on the carpet and may have direct contact with the freshener.
If the carpet freshener is in contact with the nose or face, it can cause irritation.
This includes tingling or burning eyes and a runny nose or burning nose.
While most adults do not allow direct contact with their faces with carpet deodorant, children and pets who play on the carpet may feel irritated.
The stimulation is usually not serious, but it can cause discomfort.
Carpet fresheners, like facial contact, can also cause irritation to some people's skin.
Children and pets are the most vulnerable, but adults sitting on the carpet or lying on the carpet will also feel irritated.
Individuals who use carpet fresheners can also come into contact with the powder as it floats in the air when applied.
This stimulus is usually temporary and not serious.
Chemicals used in carpet fresheners or deodorant can be used for a long time
Health effects.
Many of these fresheners contain neighboring benzene Ester related to cancer, birth defects, infertility, and disruption of the body's endocrine system.
They can also trigger dangerous reactions in people with asthma and other breathing difficulties.
Other chemicals commonly used in fresheners are related to lung and lung problems.
The smell used in carpet fresheners can cause allergies.
Once the smell enters the carpet, it is difficult to remove it quickly or easily, which means that people with allergies need to leave the area.
In most people, allergic reactions can cause runny nose and itchy eyes, but in the rare few cases it can cause breathing difficulties.
Homemade carpet fresheners are often touted as a safe alternative to commercial products.
While homemade fresheners may not contain the same chemical or a strong smell, they can still cause irritation.
Baking soda if inhaled powder through the nose or mouth can cause irritation to the respiratory tract.
It also causes eye irritation.
These reactions are usually not serious but may not be comfortable.
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