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Can You Really Make Money Selling Mary Kay? - mary kay vs avon skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-29
Can You Really Make Money Selling Mary Kay?  -  mary kay vs avon skin care products
Many women want to know, can you really make money selling Mary Kay?
The answer depends on you! ! !
Many women have grown into very successful people. xa0Business side,xa0Buy cars, apartments and other luxury lives.
Others earn considerable income to support their families, some earn only enough money to buy their products at half price, but still earn a few dollars.
But what about those who don't make money?
What have you read about debt that has been owed thousands of dollars?
With all due respect, we will discuss the issue below.
-But I will tell you that Mary Kay has a 90% repurchase guarantee. . . . enough said!
How much is Mary Kay suit?
Starting your own Mary Kay company is much cheaper than other companies!
Mary Kay's startup suit costs $100! Wow, you say!
Some people think it's too expensive, while others realize it's a lot cheaper than some of the other direct selling kits. . .
In addition, there are full-size products worth more than $400 in your kit.
Also, if you shop with other companies, you will soon find that $100 is cheap compared to most companies!
There are also frequent incentives and promotions that allow you to buy kits for less than $100!
You will get a huge kit just like this one posted on the photo.
In addition, these products are in full size and retail for more than $400.
The kit provides you with these projects to help you get started with your business.
You need to do at least 30 facial treatments.
You have a foundation in each color, use detergent and moisturizer in two different recipes, make up and make up with color cards, Day Cream, evening cream and many other tools, business tools and more!
"Mary Kay ". .
How do you make money with Mary Kay?
There are different ways to make money with Mary Kay!
The first way to make money with Mary Kay is through sales.
Yes, simply sell the product.
If you sell each item at the retail price in the book, you will receive a 50% commission.
So, selling $100 worth of products to a lady who needs a new skincare solution, you quickly made $50.
You can do a good job simply selling products and anything else.
However, as with any business, the more you invest, the more you will earn.
Of course, depending on what you are using, there are costs such as catalogues, samples, etc, but what you buy depends on you.
Generally, it is a good rule to consider that 10% of your profit will be used to pay for commercial supply.
Party is a good way to get more sales.
You can easily do a 1 hour party for $200$400 or more.
1 hour party, sell $200 worth of products to 2-
Make $100, ladies!
But if there are more people at the party or the order is high, you will obviously sell more and earn more!
I hate to talk about this part.
Here everyone thinks Mary Kay is part of those crazy "pyramid schemes. Not true!
Mary Kay does offer great incentives, cash rewards, cars, travel, and even up to 14% commission when you build a team.
Not everything every consultant has.
Many people think you have to recruit millions of dollars to make money. Wrong!
You can live a good life by selling alone.
There are always competitions and incentives to help you get a variety of prizes and products to help you get more.
This is one of the things I like to have my own Mary Kay business!
We were not just given a kit to the wolves.
We worked together for a great company and had a great time building our business, attending awesome events and getting awesome prizes and huge income. {Disclaimer -
It is important that the consultants attach great importance to prizes and income.
Those who do business will get great rewards!
Do you want to make money?
Mary Kay does not need to recruit!
First of all, we do not use the word "recruitment.
This is the case with a new recruit, sign up below you, and then be thrown out to someone who is alone.
At Mary Kay, we look for business partners, team members and successful entrepreneurs who want to build a successful business and become business partners.
Business partner? Yes!
You help them develop their business and you are also developing your business.
Wal-Mart is no different.
Bought from a wholesale company.
They help wholesale companies and wholesale companies help them.
In addition, they opened more stores and built their "team" as they expanded in size ".
Recruitment is just a good reward.
Someone said "you can never climb a ladder if you don't recruit! \" What ladder?
Can someone tell me the ladder you said?
Yes, in fact, you do have more consultants under you to develop a bigger business.
This has something to do with any business, Du.
If you have a "traffic light" gas station on the street, would you be higher on the "ladder" if you don't have any employees or workers below you?
Like any other business. . .
In order to build a bigger business, you have to have someone else under you.
Do you have to make the business bigger every day to be successful? No.
You can simply run your small shop around the corner, you are the only worker there, you can work on your own and make your own business plan, be the only one to make money in the store and still live a good life.
However, if you want to expand your business, go to every corner of the block and set up a new "stop" for people to work there and get commissions from those stores, and then yes, build your business, your team, and earn more!
A great book on how to develop your business and become a great leader.
In direct sales, a great leader is needed to conquer this task and become a great consultant.
Find the key to success in this book and push your business to a new level!
Does Mary Kay have a lot of expenses?
The cost is borne by yourself!
You have to pay $3 for your book.
10 packs and 50, only change once every 3 months.
{Some companies change every two weeks and you waste a lot of money on the brochure alone.
For Mary Kay, the brochure is still available even after the current season.
You can buy one or two packages of catalogs and reuse them with different customers at parties and different events.
You probably won't get everyone back, but my point is that they won't change every two weeks.
Also, you can still use your leftovers at the end of 3 months.
The only thing that changed was the gift set, the seasonal look and so on.
The price of Mary Kay rarely changes, so you can use your old book for a long time!
The sample is not expensive.
Depending on the type of sample, you can get a pack of samples for $12.
However, depending on the number of samples and the price you will use them for, it may be cheaper to buy a full size product for $12
Because you have a 50% discount.
Don't buy samples other than that.
I only buy samples when someone needs something specific, such as colors or products that are not widely used with my customers.
I also purchased samples of some new product and distributed it to each of my customers.
It might cost me $5.
For that promotion.
However, of the 50 women who have tried this method, at least 15 women will buy it. 15 x $30= $450.
My profit is $225. . . $225 -
Sample $10. . . .
The total profit of $10 is $215? NOT BAD!
Only $8 for shipping. 95.
No matter what your order is
I can order 50 boxes of value with 2-
Still only $8 for 3 days. 95.
Does Mary Kay have a quota?
No, Mary Kay has no quota!
To get a 50% discount, all you need to do is have an active account.
To have an active account and get a discount, you have to order a wholesale {$225 retail} of $450 every 3 months }.
The month you placed your order for $225, you were active for the rest of that month, plus the next two months.
What happens if I don't order for 6 months?
Nothing, when you are ready to order again, all you need to do is order again a product worth $225.
Some consultants are for personal use only.
They order what they need every few months to get a product with a price.
Some people don't need to be worth $225, so they will be with their girlfriend and sell them something and if they want to make money, just get the item and even give them a half price discount!
How do I sign up to sell Mary Kay?
Registration sell Mary Kay is very simple!
Unlike other companies, Mary Kay is committed to helping their consultants succeed.
So, you can't register either unless you pass the advisor.
"Mary Kay ". .
I will then send you a direct link called "invitation" where you will enter the system using your name and phone number as a password where you can register immediately, or sign up when you're ready.
Only interested in getting your product at a 50% discount?
If you're not sure if selling Mary Kay is the right opportunity for you, but you still want to get your product at a 50% discount, then contact me today!
I would be happy to tell you that you can get the product in different ways at a discount!
You can sign up to be a consultant who only buys for yourself and even host an online party with me and still get your product for free!
"Mary Kay ". for more info!
I really like reading this book.
It really shows what an amazing person Mary Kay Ash is and what her true values are.
This book includes information on how she started the company and started selling it directly.
Good books with lots of information and inspirational insights!
What about the horror stories of the failed advisers?
Those horror stories are horror.
I 've heard that some consultants owe thousands of dollars in debt for selling Mary Kay. . . .
You want to know why I told you this?
Okay, because it's the truth.
More than half have signed up to sell Mary Kay, Avon, and even other direct sales products, but they have never been successful.
Do you want to know why?
Because they don't work.
They bought the kit and did nothing!
I have some consultants who have brought their kit in but have never opened it.
I always call to see if they have any problems.
The ladies were like, well, I never opened it when I called, or I changed my mind.
Ladies, it's a business, like any other business, you have to put some effort into it.
Sitting in a closet on the floor, your product will not sell.
You have to let people know you're selling.
Mary Kay doesn't need 60-80 hours a week
A few hours a week can bring considerable income.
If you choose to party, you can make hundreds of dollars at the party. 1 party!
That's an hour-
Up to two hours
When consultants jump to more of what they can handle, huge debt comes up.
Inventory is not required, but a good way to keep the business going, because if you have a product on hand, you can sell it there right away and no one needs to wait.
I don't have thousands in stock.
I only buy what I need, such as detergent, moisturizer and some foundation. The makeup. . .
I may buy 1 or 2 new colors on each order so that people can buy them immediately, but mainly to get them to see the real colors and feel what they are going to buy.
I don't have thousands of dollars in stock. . .
However, there is no reason for the huge debt!
Or anyone should leave the company in debt.
Mary Kay will buy back all unused products at a cost of 90%, so, for those horror stories that lost $3000 because they didn't sell the goods they bought, it's a fault
I don't want to be mean, but I don't like to hear sad stories about people's debts, because all they have to do is put a simple 1-
No. 800, and the return order is required.
They could have shipped things back and got 90% back.
No other company will do that.
If you have a Wal-Mart
Then close the door and you get stuck with something you don't sell.
You can't call Cooper, faded glory, Meat Market, pigeon and Nestlé and ask them to refund your money because the product is not sold.
However, Mary Kay will do so!
So there's nothing to lose.
Please don't think I'm rude.
I don't want.
I just don't understand why people keep the product and complain about liabilities when they can simply return it.
Do you need tips and ideas for your Mary Kay business?
Are you thinking about joining Mary Kay or are you just joining and looking for some great Mary Kay tips and ideas to get you on track?
Lots of information on how to get your business started right.
Want to know more about Mary Kay?
@ Gmail. !
I am always happy to answer any questions about the industry and give you some ideas to help you get started!
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