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Carcinogens in Cleaning Products - list of chemicals in skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-30
Carcinogens in Cleaning Products  -  list of chemicals in skin care products
What's in your house?
Second only to heart disease.
There, many of the products we use at home contain cancer-related or suspected cancer ingredients, plus they have other ingredients that can lead to allergies, asthma, and other health problems.
Healthy alternatives should be avoided.
Loose government regulation is the culprit, but once we know what to look for, we can take responsibility for it ourselves. Non-
There are a lot of non
They are usually cheaper and easier to replace.
For example, many cleaning products can be made from items you already have on hand, including white vinegar, baking soda, salt and many other items.
Two videos will show you in detail how to make a variety of cleaning products.
You may not think of art and craft materials as carcinogens;
Items used by California schools organized by California PA to prevent exposure to carcinogens or other highly toxic ingredients. Use vegetable-
You may know that based on dyes and paint, avoid the use of paint with lead or other heavy metals.
In addition, water-based glue, paint and marking are used.
Avoid the use of dangerous solvents such as rubber cement, paint thinners and solventsbased markers.
We know how unhealthy the car exhaust is, so it's no surprise that the liquid we use on the car is not safe.
If you are working on your own car, then be careful to lock the car supplies when you are not using the car. Dry-
Traditional dry cleaners use many chemicals that can stick to your clothes for a few days.
If you need to do your clothes
Clean, require wet cleaning options for cleaners and seek dry cleaners that use liquid CO2 or citrus juice cleaners.
Air freshener: usually containing naphthalene and formaldehyde;
Both are known carcinogens and many other toxic chemicals.
These chemicals mixed with ozone make the air freshener more toxic.
The best thing to do is to remove the odor source first, not try to cover up the odor source.
Empty your trash.
Keep the windows open as much as possible;
Source of non-clean smelltoxic products;
Ignite 100% pure beeswax candles with 100% cotton cores to purify the air.
Open a box with baking soda to keep the refrigerator or any room fresh.
Indoor plants can also remove carbon dioxide and other toxins.
You can also spray the air in a natural way, such as cooking cinnamon and cloves on the stove, fresh ginger or herbs and water.
Try using a drop or two of your favorite pure essential oils.
In terms of cleaning, you can try using natural spices extracted from essential oils such as boiling tablets, baking soda, etc. Avoid lindane-
Based on pesticides.
Leading to seizures and even death. website.
The Moth Ball is a toxin, a carcinogenic substance or adjacent to chloro-benzene, nearly 100%.
I don't know if there are so many people today who use moth balls like I did when I was young, but they are usually used against moths stored in cedar boxes to eat your wool clothes.
Not all cleaning products contain carcinogens, but this is the most serious list of offenders;
Formaldehyde is often found in mildew-proof and mildew-proof agents.
Use tea tree oil with hot water to kill mold and mildew.
It is a toxic substance and respiratory stimulating substance of the central nervous system.
Instead, try using a steam cleaner with water as a natural-based cleaner.
When you buy furniture, look for a style to use a slip sleeve that can be disassembled and cleaned or used with water
Dry cleaning.
Typically, furniture illuminators glow with a reproductive toxin in the central nervous system toxins that can be absorbed through the skin-p-chlorphenol.
Looking for a whole
Mix 1 tablespoon of vinegar and 1 tablespoon of vodka with 1/8 cups of olive oil or other vegetable oil for natural polishing or homemade polishing.
The WikiCancer of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has a bunch of products that contain carcinogens.
Since most of this cleaning list includes ingredients that you already have in your home
Avoid exposure to ingredients that may cause cancer or any disease.
Most cleaning products, paint, Automotive chemicals, are good common sense in any case and are easy to avoid exposure.
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