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Carving Native Masks from Wood - facial masks from disney japan

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-24
Carving Native Masks from Wood  -  facial masks from disney japan
I went to the evening to study early. I stood in front of the classroom with a tall man. his arm was bloody, and his bloody knife was on the table.
"I just used my thumb to test how sharp it is on the blade. \" He said.
Teacher Mark George came in and laughed.
If you cut it yourself, put pressure on the wound and put it above the heart.
We will help you.
We will take you there if you need an emergency.
Don't be like the women I did last class.
A man said "oh" and ran out with blood.
Her friend took all their stuff and chased her.
They never came back.
We want to know what happened to these women.
This is the longest instruction mark has given us.
He had some books and some yellow cedar and he told us to pick a design and start.
I have a small machete and a middle hook.
I decided to wear a flat mask. a classmate Thomas cut an oval mask for me.
When I looked at him with a chainsaw, I imagined what effect the chainsaw would have on my fingers.
I drew a simple face on the wood and tried to carve it.
Cedar fries smell great, but it's not easy to carve.
I don't know anything about wood grain, and I don't know how to grind my tools.
However, when I continued to make the first mask, the expression appeared from the wood.
At first, I was so focused on holding the wood and tools properly so as not to cut myself that I didn't notice the mask's eyes looking at me.
Then I saw those sad eyes on a thoughtful, double-faced face, looking straight at me.
Suddenly I was surprised to see so much feeling in the woods.
Thomas has been helping me learn to hold a knife.
Look at that look, he said.
You are born.
You don't even use patterns or pictures.
You must be a natural sculptor.
I feel very happy.
I almost believed him.
I carved a little frog on my forehead.
Then I drew some features and left a lot of unpainted wood that naturally showed the curved texture.
I painted the pupil of my eyes black, the eye socket blue, and the nostrils red.
Looking back at me thoughtfully.
Then I painted the frog on my forehead Green.
He may be the legendary frog prince of Haida.
I finished the wood with natural shoe oil.
Our coach Mark George broke my relationship with my first mask.
Be sure to give away their first mask.
I was shocked.
How can I do this?
Like sending a child.
I reluctantly gave it to my partner Laura.
In this case, it will still be in our house and I can look at it.
A few years later, when Laura left me, she wore the mask of The Frog Prince.
So this is the last one of my first masks.
When I was obsessed with carving the first mask, my engraving conversation with me made most of my friends bored.
Then I found a yellow snow log on the beach.
A big name says "no firewood ".
"When I started my chainsaw, every dog and child a few miles around came to investigate.
I took the log to the carving class and Mark George split the log with an axe. .
I still shudder to think what would happen to my legs if the chainsaw slipped.
When my friends learned how long it would take to make the first round of masks, they told me not to give up my daily work. I kept carving.
Oaxaca, Mexico.
In every country I visited, I found a sculptor.
The teachers don't always speak English, but they are all friendly and helpful.
This is a fascinating way to learn about people from very different cultures.
Gradually I am better.
What tools are needed?
Beginners benefit from the course.
Some simple tools: a Chip Cutter or other small and sharp flat blades, and some chisels are all you need to get started.
It doesn't take much talent to learn to carve, because it's possible to get good lessons and patterns, just follow the instructions carefully to make a beautiful finished wood carving.
Amazon offers "carved totem poles and masks ".
Look it up in the add on this site.
You can also look for it in used shops and websites.
I have learned a lot from this book.
Unfortunately, it has to be out of print and can be a bit expensive, and has been used by many local and non-local sculptors on the west coast.
The sculptors must learn to sharpen and care for their knives and chisels, so it is essential to sharpen the stones and polish knives.
The parking place is a piece of wood in the shape of a ruler glued to it in leather.
You rub the knife wax on the slide bar, and then slide the side of the blade up and down.
Sharpening itself is a skill that must be learned.
As I learned at the beginning, a bad grind attempt will almost ruin a tool. .
The good grinding greatly improved it.
As I struggled with engraving in the first few years, I gradually understood that dull tools didn't work, and it was important to go with wood grain instead of relying on it.
Carving requires care and perseverance.
This is a happy process.
It is challenging and fun to develop your own design and style.
I hope you enjoy this center and you will enjoy reading my other woodcarving and local art center.
I was inspired by teachers like Andrew Dunkerton and Rupert scoff and the master of sculpture whose moon masks are shown above.
I decided on the second mask I carved, the moon mask shown in front of this article, was too bulky, too uneven, and the painting needed to be improved.
So I decided to put on this moon mask again.
This is a difficult decision.
It's kind of like cosmetic surgery.
Will it be better? Will I like it?
Can't go back! ! !
I often have such concerns when I change a carving.
I took a small palm sander and polished the face of the mask back and reshaped it at night.
Then I cut my nose and cheeks in the evening.
Then I took the wheel away.
I thin the mask from the inside with a curved blade.
The task was easier than I thought because I used some excellent curved blades because I now know how to sharpen my tools better than when I first carved the Moon Mask.
I polished the new mask, washed it with blue water, and painted a new design for the metal copper part designed with acrylic paint and nail polish.
I finished it with a thin layer of beeswax coating and polished it.
Although it is not completely symmetrical yet, I am more refined and dramatic. I liked it.
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