Chemical Peel Before and After Benefits of Acid Peel - cell renewal collagen facial treatment mask

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Chemical Peel Before and After. Benefits of Acid Peel - cell renewal collagen facial treatment mask

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-25
Chemical Peel Before and After. Benefits of Acid Peel  -  cell renewal collagen facial treatment mask
What is chemical peel?
We 've all seen photos of chemical stripping before and after and thought of how good it would be to improve our skin tone.
Chemical stripping has been used for centuries to improve appearance.
There are many different chemicals used for facial peeling these days, and the most common one is TCA peeling.
More than 5,000 years ago, Egyptians used a chemical peel to recuperate the skin by using the acid in milk and fruit.
Known for washing milk baths, Cleopatra is a way to accept chemical peel treatments and maintains the look and feel of her beautiful skin.
It is well known that the chemical peel can remove excess accumulation of dead skin cells from the top layer of the skin by surface stripping.
Cell renewal factor, or cell turnover rate, is the rate at which cells migrate from the bottom of the skin to the top, slowing down as they age.
The average rate of infant turnover is 14 days, 25 days for teenagers and 28-28 for adults-
45 days, about 42 days for people over the age of 5084 days.
Keeping the cell turnover is one of the goals of skin preservation.
Factors affecting the rate of turnover are genetic, natural environment, medical history, lifestyle and personal care.
If you know which type of Peel works best for you, the chemical peel you need before and after the results you are looking for can be achieved.
There are different degrees of peeling, depending on the severity of the skin damage, what kind of peeling will the dermatologist provide you.
If you just want to refresh your skin or lighten some brown spots, you can use the peeling system at home.
Used by the doctor and using the peel of 50% or more phenol or alcohol acid and Jessner (about 8 layers ).
The peel of Jessner contains lactic acid, sa and interphenol as ethanol solvents.
This is a very deep, very powerful Peel.
This takes longer than peeling to recover.
The skin will go through tight, then the top layer will crack and fall off.
A concentrated gel, such as Vaseline, is recommended by many professionals to avoid itching.
The light skin is managed by an American, or at home with one of the various kits available on the market today.
These are made up of 30% or less alcoholic acid, 30% or less lactic acid (usually less), and 2-layer solution of the enzyme skin or Senna.
The very light peel will not make your skin look like a read or flaky.
They will make your skin look great immediately after treatment.
The light-colored peel close to 30% will allow you to peel off in a few days.
Many women achieved significant results by making multiple light-colored peels.
It is considered safer than using a very strong peel and does not have a long stay at home and avoid a recovery period for people.
Great improvements have been made through chemical peels, freckles and mild acne scars.
Most patients have a range of peels that gradually improve the appearance of brown spots and uneven pigmentation.
The skin is healed from the first peel and is stripped again almost immediately after full recovery.
This works well because the skin has a chance to heal and the problem area is more visible, and in future chemical peels each one will be more concentrated in the problem area.
Another benefit of making a series of peels is that the recovery time is not that tedious.
Some women can make up and look acceptable in a few days while the deep skin can be done at once.
A patient will look very ugly at least for a few days, and will not feel comfortable in public for at least a week, even then, requires clever makeup.
The Peel improves the texture and increases the cell turnover factor, hydration, and intracellular lipid.
Stripping improves barrier function, moisturizing, and the production of elastic protein and collagen.
The Peel also reduces fine lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation on the surface.
After treatment, the skin looks smoother and softer.
Peel is used to control skin condition such as acne, pigmentation, pore blockage and dry skin.
In simple English, the skin looks tighter, brighter and stronger, and those nasty brown dots fade.
Chemical skin changes can greatly improve the overall appearance of the skin.
They are also thought to stimulate new collagen.
The long-term benefit is the continuous production of collagen and the clear skin, which is usually clearer than before treatment.
Take a chemical peel before and after the photo and really see your results.
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