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Chihuahua colors: what are my choices? - black and gold mask facial

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-25
Chihuahua colors: what are my choices?  -  black and gold mask facial
According to the AKC standard, the Chihuahua can be of any color
Solid, marked or splashed.
Marking means a solid color (such as black, deer, or chocolate) with some marks or patterns on the face or body.
The color of the splash is on the white body.
The main colors are black, chocolate, deer, white and blue.
In each set of main colors, there is a combination of colors, marks, and patterns, such as fit, spots, and masked faces.
With these fun colors and combinations, no two Chihuahua are the same.
This is one of my favorite varieties.
I have a black chihuahua so I start with this one first.
In the United States, the black combination is the popular color combination of Chihuahua.
Black and Black Eyes black nose.
As they grow older, they often have gray and white hair on the whole face and body, especially around the muzzle, but a black Chihuahua will start as early as one year old
One of the benefits of having a black chihuahua is that they don't have tears, but you will know that the area needs to be cleaned up because the hair around the eyes will get rough.
The completely black Chihuahua usually does not perform well at the dog show because it is difficult for the judge to see their features and expressions.
Black Chihuahua is hard to take pictures and I found them to show better in black and white in the sun or in the welllit studio. BLACK AND TAN.
It's like Dubin's mark.
The Chihuahua is mostly black, with black spots above the eyes, on the cheeks, around the gunpoint, on the chest and legs.
Black and brown with white marks.
This is called black tricolor. it's beautiful. Black and white.
The chest, face and/or legs are mostly black and white.
Some car labels can also be FAW or tan, which is a combination of black and white. .
This is a white Chihuahua with black splash on his body and/or face.
Chocolate is synonymous with brown Chihuahua.
The "brown" doll can be in the chocolate group or the deer group.
The deer is more like bronze, cream or gold.
The chocolate gene prevents the black pigment in the nose and toenails.
So if you see a black "brown" Chihuahua with a nose or toenails, it should be called a deer instead of chocolate.
(1) chocolate and bronze.
The doll shown above is a good example.
It is mainly chocolate, with brown marks above the eyes, around the muzzle and cheeks, and on the chest and legs.
(2) chocolate and bronze with white marks.
Chocolate three color combination with the same mark and pattern as above, white on face, chest, legs and tail.
Chocolate and white.
Most of them are chocolate with white marks.
If you mix Brown or deer together, it's three colors.
(4) white chocolate spots.
A white Chihuahua splashed chocolate on his body.
The deer is the proper term for brown or light brown Chihuahua.
The American Chihuahua Club defines the deer as "brown, red --
A yellow color of medium brightness.
\ "Tan is the term used to mark the color, not the main color.
The deer is called the deer because it is the color of the deer. cream -fawn -gold -red-
(Mainly a white Chihuahua with a splash of deer on his body and/or face ).
Pure white Chihuahua are rare and usually they are marked in other colors.
The marked color can be deer, cream, gold or red.
The white Chihuahua can have black nose and toenails, as well as light colors such as beige or pink. What?
How can the Chihuahua be blue?
Blue is actually the official term for Gray, from silver to dark.
The blue color on the dog is usually associated with hair loss (baldness), not just a Chihuahua.
In medicine, there's nothing you can do about it. Feeding a high-
A quality diet containing essential fatty acids may help.
Not all blue Chihuahua can get it, especially if it is a combination of blue instead of pure blue.
The three-color combination is amazing.
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