chilean villagers suffer water shortages because of europeans’ love for avocado - can avocado be u

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chilean villagers suffer water shortages because of europeans’ love for avocado - can avocado be used as a facial mask

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-22
chilean villagers suffer water shortages because of europeans’ love for avocado  -  can avocado be used as a facial mask
Villagers in Chile are caught in a clean water battle, claiming that farms that supply avocado to British supermarkets are consuming local supplies.
The province of Petorca, the country's largest producer of avocado, where villagers accused agricultural companies of illegally destroying water reserves and the region's rivers dried up, people are now forced to rely on trucks to transport contaminated water because avocado cultivation requires a lot of water.
Alexander Panez Pinto, of environmental group Modatima, said there has been a shortage of water for years.
"Avocado is only an obvious part," he explained . ".
"Chile has the most radical experience in the world in water privatization: Not only is water managed privately, but resources themselves are also established by private water rights.
According to Pinto, "there is a water market in this country where you can buy and you can sell water like any other item . ".
"In this case, the regulatory capacity of the state is very low . . . . . . Private water rights are the main target of the system, "he told RT.
According to environmental activists, the current situation stems from the post-80 s, when the government of Chile's dictator, Augusto Pinochet, launched a promotion to export "attractive" products from the country.
"Avocado is one of them, so a lot . . . . . . Businesses are looking for cheap land and water, starting with avocado cultivation . ".
The province of petoka in Chile eventually became the largest avocado producing area.
Pinto quoted official data saying about 60% of the land in the area was used for avocado cultivation.
Local residents began to feel water shortages as early as 2000, Mr. Pitno said.
"In this case, even worse, the lack of water has caused some agricultural enterprises to start building illegal pipelines and wells to transfer water," Panez Pinto noted . ".
In his view, "The expansion of these plantations, the loss of water and rain forests have created a perfect storm over the past decade.
The result was a severe drought that changed the social, economic and environmental realities of the region.
Life becomes unbearable in petoka, he claims: "If you are a farmer, you don't have enough water to irrigate your plants and raise your animals . ".
The river is no longer there. it has dried up for more than 10 years and turned into a garbage dump.
Now you have nothing. people swim in the river.
"EU avocado exports are growing rapidly, with sales growing by about 0. 12 billion euros from 2015 to 2017.
However, Pinto said it was not the poor in petoka who benefited.
"Since the price of avocado is convenient for agricultural products, exports are increasing
He said.
Other benefits are avocado buyers in Europe, the United States, China, and companies that supply water to Chilean villagers.
Panez Pinto said, "Over the past six years, the government has invested 0. 126 billion euros in truck water supply.
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