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Returning to the main page of the transcript means that the business sector starts to stimulate; Stocks Surge;
Draghi called for help; ECB Stimulus;
US jobs boost stock markets;
The ongoing NATO summit in Wales;
Lithuanian president says the crisis in Ukraine is a threat.
Manufacturing, creation and innovation: "garbage man" turns garbage into profit;
Lego is now the biggest toy company in the world.
Dyson robot vacuum test
Internet of things on RiseAired September 4, 2014"
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Closing Bell, New York Stock Exchange)
Host Richard Quays: Manny Pacquiao rang the closing bell, bringing a little old to the market, two because the closing bell rang on a very busy day. (GAVEL POUNDS)
They always do it three times.
You think you have to get more from him.
Only three. -no, no more.
Today is Thursday, September 4.
You want to act?
You have action.
The European Central Bank cut interest rates again.
Defensive "knee guard" tonight ".
"The inventor told me that the recline had to stop. (
Start Video Editing)
Ella Goldman, inventor, "knee guard": but the truth is that the airline can put me out of business and I would be happy if they could simply fix the problem and protect the passengers from attacks. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Mission: everything is great for Lego.
It is the largest toy manufacturer in the world.
I'm Richard Quest.
We are busy one hour in advance together. I mean business. Good evening.
Tonight, some interesting games from the European Central Bank.
It may seem like quantitative easing, quantitative easing, like quantitative easing, and maybe you might even think that the ECB is joining the world monetary system.
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But Mario Draghi, ECB president, said the bank had not yet implemented quantitative easing.
But the ECB has taken some very dramatic and drastic steps to try to get money flowing in the eurozone economy.
The central banks of the United States, Britain and Japan have done similar things, but look at the dates.
After seven years of rising unemployment, crisis and political collapse in Europe.
Looking at the November date, the United States has completed easing.
The UK completed easing in March 5, 2009.
Japan imposed easing in 2010.
Now, by lowering interest rates, the ECB gave the economy a welcome stimulus opportunity in September 4, just a little bit.
It lowered the refinancing rate, lowered the deposit rate, and, crucially, it also increased the amount that banks need to pay for deposits to the European Central Bank.
In other words ---(RINGS BELL)QUEST: --
Negative interest rates in the euro zone.
Join me on the super screen and you'll see what I'm talking about.
Mario Draghi, ECB president, was nicknamed Super Mario during his tenure at the Italian finance ministry.
As the ECB president, he needs to take his game to a new level, and that's what his super Mario president is going to do.
He will achieve this through stimulus measures, and investors are surprised by the ECB's purchase of assets --
Support Securities.
This is not a traditional quantitative easing policy in the United States or the United Kingdom.
The European Central Bank will not buy government bonds.
Instead, it is buying mortgages and loans that are combined by banks in the region and then selling them to the central bank.
But the effect is the same.
This makes borrowing easier and cheaper.
At present, there are records-
Low interest rates in the euro zone.
Mario Draghi admits that there is no further decline anywhere.
As I said earlier, he raised the negative interest rate.
But that's why he has to do it, and he has to do it now. Russian.
Serious problems with sanctionsDeflation.
The latest data in the euro area shows that inflation is only 0.
One in ten of the three 1%.
Some areas are already in deflation. Slow growth.
PMI data declined.
Growth figures have declined.
High unemployment rate
We talked last night.
Draghi's announcement pushed stocks higher across the board.
Jim Bolton is with us on CNN in London.
I looked at the numbers and I saw--
Talk about Super Mario. (LAUGHTER)
Task: he gave them a half lift.
Jim Bolton, CNN International: Yes, Richard, you can see, he did.
Of course, there is no doubt that green is comprehensive.
But look at the three at the top, so-
Called the peripheral market.
As you can see, Milan are up 2. 8 percent.
Madrid rose nearly 2%. Portugal up 1. 7 percent.
What does this have to do?
Of course, these markets have had a lot of trouble during the economic crisis. they need help. they need help banks.
Hopefully, a lot of bank stocks are much higher because they can unload some loans and sell them to the ECB.
So, it really helps.
But let's see what happened earlier today, Richard, because that's the end of the market.
But when the ECB cut interest rates unexpectedly, we saw what happened to the euro.
Of course, the euro has been going ---
The euro has been weakening for the past few days, but what happened after that was that the euro was really, really down against the dollar.
Because of this, we see a lot of sports all day now.
But this is also the least stressful place to cut interest rates.
Big surprise.
I was surprised.
And then, all day, when he started to announce the assets --
Support securities sales, as you said.
This makes the euro cheaper.
This, of course, helps with exports.
This is another good news, another positive factor that will help the eurozone economy today. -QUEST: Right. BOULDEN: --
Especially in Germany, there was absolutely no growth in the second quarter.
Could this be one of the things to help exporters there?
Of course, we have three times that of Italy. dip recession.
The situation in Europe is really bad.
Like you said, it's not quantitative easing.
It's not the last rocket launcher for the ECB, but man, we did go very close, don't we, Richard?
Task: Jim Bolden take a look at this chart with the euro and the dollar.
You don't see it every day.
Interestingly, Jim hardly mentioned ---
No recovery at the end.
Mr Draghi said monetary policy alone was not enough.
It is necessary to solve the European problem, but it is not enough.
Fiscal policy must play its role. (
Start Video Editing)
Mario Draghi, president of the European Central bank: it is very difficult for us to reach the target of inflation below but only close to 2% according to monetary policy.
You need to grow
You need to reduce unemployment.
So in this sense, there is nothing big and cheap here.
Each of us has to do our own work. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Task: now joining me is Gillian Tett, US editor-in-chief of the Financial Times. She`s with me. Gillian, the --
We really don't. -
We know the ECB has to do something, it's a question of when they're going to do it, but the way they do it today, I can't decide if it's full or notthrottle, half-
Or come back next month and we'll tell you exactly what's going on.
Gillian Tate, chief editor of the Financial Times: Well, I think, Richard, you 've put your finger on it.
Mario Draghi, if you call him Super Mario, he is definitely the master who pulled the rabbit out of his hat.
But frankly, he tends to pull paper rabbits out of hatred.
Remember the promise that we will do everything we can to keep the single currency together?
Luckily, no one really called him bluff and the simple verbal instruction worked.
He took out his rocket launcher this time, if you like.
He did not adopt a comprehensive quantitative easing policy, but he surprised the market by cutting interest rates.
The reality, however, is that at these levels, tiny rate cuts like this really won't have much impact.
Yes, he's definitely raising his assets.
The supported safe purchase plan is a new step towards really trying to fight inflation, but as he himself knows, the problem is ---
Or sorry, deflation.
Now, as he knows, the power to bring Europe back to its growth trajectory is not in the ECB.
But this is a dangerous environment for the euro zone.
Yes, the rest of the world can pull the eurozone into rigid growth.
But as we have shown before, if we look at it, America did it in 2008. The UK 2009.
Abenomics is in 2010.
Just later in the day, we let him come at 2014.
He cannot do full QE because he is not allowed to do full QE.
Tate: Sure.
Mario Draghi tried to fire his rocket launcher, unlike Janet Yellen, who basically put his lieutenant general on the shoulder and pulled his arm back in the form of the Bundesbank.
No consensus has been reached on the European Central Bank, which is very clear in today's fabricated statement.
That's why he made paper rabbits.
But what I'm trying to say is that if you're sitting in the United States right now, in some ways, what's happening in Europe is a bit of a concern, but there's a good side, too, europe is not actually falling off a cliff right now.
Hovering on the edge of deflation, it did not fall off the cliff.
Just because the European Central Bank did what it was doing, basically the US Treasury market was being supported even as the Fed tried to tighten itself.
So, in some ways, the beneficiaries of all this are now the Fed.
The last question is the most difficult one so far. (LAUGHTER)QUEST: It`s --
What is the rest he can use now?
Because he does not allow money financing by buying bonds directly from the euro zone government.
So, if he's going to do something else, what is that?
To be honest, apart from prayer ---
I think it might be a good strategy to pray now. -(LAUGHTER)
But he really doesn't have much left.
He can copy the Bank of Japan and continue to announce the growing purchase plans until the numbers get so big that no one knows what they actually mean.
To be frank, we are almost now.
Otherwise, he won't be able to cut interest rates any more.
He may try to bluff the euro district government, but if he is too tough on it, he will eventually start creating cracks on the single currency again.
To be frank, his work is very difficult.
In a way, I would argue that he got the most difficult job today for the president of the main central bank in the West.
Secret: Thank you.
We are glad you joined us tonight.
Thank you, Gillian.
Cindy: Thank you.
Mission: It's always good to have Gillian Tate on this show.
Look at these numbers. We had this --
Interestingly, I got my pen and made sure it didn't leak.
The start of the day was very strong.
A very strong start, largely after what it sees, is that the US market remains stable after encouraging employment numbers and the euro zone.
ADP showed that 204,000 private sector jobs were added in August.
The main employment report came out.
But it all disappeared, and at the end of the day, any enthusiasm disappeared until 3: 00.
When we came back later, the Lithuanian president made her tough speech at the NATO summit.
Wait until you hear this modern thing.
When she talked about Putin, her presidential colleague, The Iron Lady said. (
Business break)
The French president says he could recover a billion.
If it stops permanently, the US dollar will trade with Russia.
The exchange of fire between Ukraine and Russia can be agreed.
World leaders are attending a NATO summit in Wales.
NATO attacked Russia for continuing its invasion of Ukraine.
A us official said the United States and Europe are preparing a new round of sanctions against Moscow.
The Ukrainian president says the peace plan is imminent.
The president of the European Commission is not too optimistic. (
Start Video Editing)
Jose Manuel Barroso, president of the European Commission: So far, the situation is very unstable, and you have seen so many contradictions between what some say and what they do, of course, this is for sure.
But it would be good news if you really stopped. fire.
Of course, Ukraine's independence, sovereignty and integrity are also fully respected. (END VIDEO CLIP)
President Barroso.
Now the Lithuanian president says Europe is going through the test of leadership.
Dalia gribauskat, nicknamed the Iron Lady, said Putin was a ruthless dictator.
Europe can no longer afford to be pushed around. (Start Video)
Lithuanian President dalia grybauskaite: this is not a direct threat to Lithuania, but a direct threat to European and world security.
Peace on European land.
Today, we see this country becoming aggressive, threatening its neighbors and violating all international obligations and agreements.
NATO and the EU need to oppose it.
What do you think President Putin is doing?
You are a president, you are a leader, you sit there and talk to other leaders.
You have insight into what others think.
What do you think he's doing?
Gribaeskat: Really, what is happening in the world and Europe is also a test of leadership.
Today, we can see the test of the leadership of Russian leaders over NATO and the rest of the world.
We need to say--
In any case, peace is our duty and necessity in the world for everyone.
Especially in Europe, where Europe is challenged by two wars.
This should not be weakness, nor should we be prevented from taking action against new threats, terror and aggression.
So today, this is a test of leadership for European and NATO leaders.
Putin knows how long and how far he can go, and we need to prove that he can't go too far.
Mission: only two or three NATO countries have met the treaty's requirements, accounting for 2% of GDP.
So, it also means that you will have to spend more money on all the other members, some of whom are playing poor low amount games for the NATO umbrella.
Do you think there is a realization?
Do you think it's time for countries to start taking out their checkbooks?
Now is the time.
We must, including our country, take our responsibility first.
We are doing this.
This is not easy, of course.
This is after the economic crisis.
But this is no longer an excuse.
You said it was a test of leadership.
If this is a test of leadership, we can say with certainty that most of the EU's leadership has failed in the past few years ---this wishy-
Let's see where it will go, and perhaps, let's negotiate a solution.
This, Madam President, has led to this situation and has made us blunt, and the Russian president believes that he can launch some form of proxy war in Europe.
Yes, but this is true.
Mainly because we still think we can put off the inevitable things.
This is the end of today's extension.
We need to be decisive and responsible for our decision.
It is impossible for us to postpone these problems any more.
We need to make a decision. (END VIDEOTAPE)
QUEST: this is the President of Lithuania who has some very strong and strong points of view that you will always hear on QUEST, which means business. Now --(RINGS BELL)QUEST: --
We come back after the break and you have money in your trash.
For a moment we met a man who wanted to take your old plastic and re-use it. (
Business break)QUEST: Ah!
Now, think about this. Plastic.
This is inevitable in our daily life.
Now, this is just a sample of the kind of crap we 've collected all day in the newsroom.
Not only the basic plastic and milk bottles, but also the high
Technology plastics are found in our basic electronics.
What should we do when all these plastics are no longer available?
We pick up everything and throw it away.
We may not even think about it again.
The new garbage man came in from here.
But this trash man has a PhD.
He is committed to finding new ways to turn this old plastic into a profit.
Nick Glass talked to him.
This is production, creation and innovation this week. (Start Video)
Nick glass, CNN international correspondent (voice-over)
: Our phones, computers, cars, what happens when they are out of date and we upgrade to the latest models? GLASS (on camera)
: It is relatively easy to extract metal.
Take out the plastic, the more valuable the plastic is more difficult.
But one's mission is to change it all. GLASS (voice-over): Dr.
Mike Biddle is 58. year-
Old chemical engineer from California
Over the past 25 years, he has developed ways to recycle used plastics.
Mike Biddle, founder and doctor of MBA polymer: Our invention is to dig plastic from the world's largest waste logistics.
GLASS: he is called a garbage man in this industry.
Today, we recycle less than 10% of the world's plastics.
Most of them are mixed, they are complex waste mixtures and it is difficult to separate them from the mixture.
So I decided to try to solve the problem.
GLASS: This idea came into being. -(AUDIO GAP)GLASS: --
Dow Chemical Company after 90
Bidel: they really told me that we didn't hire PhD in polymer science and engineering to handle the garbage.
GLASS: So, Biddle decided to do some exploration on his own.
So, all we have to do is figure out why these plastics are different.
So what we do is take advantage of the reason why they don't like each other on molecular scales, forcing these materials to reliably separate each time.
That's why it took us 20 years to get there.
GLASS: his factory in northeast England has been in operation for three years.
This is the most complex plant of its kind on Earth.
Fully automatic production, produced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, more than 30 processes are used to separate 75 tons of precious plastic every day.
Biddle's company MBA Polymers has factories in Austria and China, all of which produce the same product from piles of plastic waste.
So, this is a bag of our finished products.
About a ton.
This is the currency of the plastic industry.
It's plastic particles.
It's worth thousands of dollars.
Glass: Biddle calls it a circular economy, recycles all the parts that can be recycled and uses the rest for energy production.
Bidel: we sell to the world's top 100 companies such as electronics, home appliances, automobiles, household goods, because if they harvest materials from their scrapped products, their new products are low in cost, reliable feed stock.
Glass: There's nothing better for the trash man than seeing his plastic put back on the shelf.
Bidel: When I saw our product made of recycled plastic, I think the best thing to say is that I feel satisfied.
Because I feel hungry in my heart for more than 20 years.
Seeing it sitting in the store and knowing that our company has done this, I can't think of a more meaningful feeling. (END VIDEOTAPE)(
Start Video Editing)(MUSIC -
"Everything is great," Lego Movie ")(END VIDEO CLIP)
Mission: everything is great for Lego.
Of course, this is Warner Bros. film, which is owned by Time Warner, the company's parent company.
But Lego, which is not part of Time Warner, the parent company of the network, is now the world's largest toy company.
I'm never kidding.
In the first half of 2014, Lego was ahead of Mattel in terms of revenue and profit.
You see, I'm going to show you how to do it better than that.
Now, let's play for a while.
This is Lego, thinking about these blocks from hundreds of millions of angles, and you can see how Lego grew.
One, two, three, four
Then you have Mattel, and if you put the two together, you can see that Mattel is bigger.
Mattel is bigger.
Mattel is bigger.
Mattel is bigger.
Mattel is still relatively large.
Then suddenly, ice!
Lego won the day. Lego has $2.
3 billion, US $2 billion.
This is how it looks--
To a large extent, one of the reasons is that the "Lego Movie" caused a sensation on the screen.
Featuring Will Ferrer and Morgan Freeman, it has found mainstream success for small blocks.
So, that's the way to look for Mattel and Lego, which is better.
Now discuss this with me. -
Let's take a complete view of all this.
Dyson launched the first one.
A robot vacuum cleaner named 360 eyes.
James Dyson, chief executive of the company, said it spent 16 years developing nearly $50 million.
Thanks to the smartphone app, machines can do housework while you're out.
Devices are more connected than ever.
Your familiar "internet of things" allows us to access the Internet through our linked objects.
Now, the guests we are about to meet say this trend is unstoppable.
Jahangir Mohammed is the founder and CEO of Jasper Technologies.
He came from San Francisco with me.
We know the Internet of Things is here.
We know it's important.
But where is it going?
Jahangir Mohammed, founder and CEO of Jasper technology: Well, from everything we use, it's almost fast, Richard.
The Internet of Things will be as popular as the Internet itself, and it will greatly make the devices and products we use every day more useful, interesting and secure.
Mission: However, at the same time, when we have a hacking scandal, iCloud has nude photos, Home Depot has the possibility of a credit card, Target, which leads to a problem, I really want my refrigerator, my heating system, connected to the World Wide Web, can then be hacked?
Mohammed: Indeed, security has received a lot of attention recently, and some of the best people in the world are trying to close the gap.
This is a problem that will definitely be solved.
This is a security issue, people know what the problem is and many people are working on it.
There is a way to make these things really safe, and we ourselves, in our company, are making some substantial contributions to that.
I think it's a bit like a hammer, right?
You can build a house with a hammer or hit a person with a hammer.
It`s like that. QUEST: Sure.
Mohammed: I think this is the case with IoT technology.
It can provide so much use for everything we use on a daily basis. QUEST: Right.
Mohammed: Security issues need to be addressed.
Thank you very much, sir.
I appreciate you coming here to talk to us this afternoon.
In the past hour, sad news still came tonight.
Legendary comedian Joan Rivers has died.
We will take some time to review the decades of career of one of the most interesting women of our time, if not the most interesting women. (
Business break)
Hello, this is Richard QUEST.
In a flash, there are more "tasks mean business ".
This is CNN. on this network, news always comes first.
There's a sad news tonight.
Joan Rivers, a famous American comedian, died. Ms.
Rivers's daughter says her mother died Thursday afternoon at a New York hospital.
Joan Rivers is 81 years old.
These are pictures of the scene.
These are photos taken today by Hollywood stars in Hollywood, California over the past few hours.
On Hollywood Boulevard, of course.
Joan Rivers has a long career on television, film and stage.
She is known for her gossip and wit.
NATO Secretary-General Rasmussen said Russia has not contributed to peace, but has contributed to fighting in eastern Ukraine. Mr.
Rasmussen spoke at a NATO summit with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, who thanked the NATO alliance for its support.
The Dutch Security Council will release a preliminary report on the crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 next Tuesday.
A statement from the safety committee said that a final report is expected on the occasion of the accident anniversary and further investigation is needed. U. S.
The Justice Department will investigate police stations in Ferguson, Missouri. An unarmed teenager was shot dead last month. The U. S.
Attorney General Eric Holder said the focus of the investigation would be on the use of force by the police.
The death of Michael Brown sparked several days of violent protests.
The European Central Bank unexpectedly cut interest rates to a new record low of 0. 05 percent.
This is part of a series of measures aimed at revitalizing the eurozone economy.
The European Central Bank will also buy some loans, so-called asset-
Reduce borrowing costs by supporting securities and mortgages.
More very sad news about Joan Rivers's death in the last few hours.
Most of us will remember the comedian because of her arrogant and bold jokes, her adventure humor.
She is certainly no stranger to controversy and anger, and in doing so she manages to use laughter as a treatment.
Nischer Turner now looks back on Joan Rivers's wonderful career. (Start Video Editing)
Comedian Joan Rivers: can we talk?
Nessell Turner, a reporter and journalist for CNN Entertainment and The New Day: Joan Rivers can always speak.
Rivers: Do you know what it's like to go and take off the mask in the morning and realize you're not wearing a mask?
No, you don't know.
Turner: sometimes there are some very outrageous jokes. nothing is allowed.
I hate old people! I -oh -
If you are old, get up now and get out of here.
Turner: Rivers says she was born in 1933 and wants to be an actress even though she grew up in the suburbs of New York.
I have never chosen.
It's like a nun's phone call, I always say.
Turner: she joined the iconic Second City comedy theater in 1961.
With the start of her comedy career, she married producer Edgar Rosenberg in 1964, who will manage her career and become the focus of his wife's numerous jokes.
Two people have a daughter. Melissa.
At 1965 Rivers, when she first appeared on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, her career was greatly promoted.
He gave us all the start.
My life has changed.
For the first time on the show
Seven years of struggle from the second city
In the air, he said "you will be a star" and my life will be different the next day.
Turner: this is 21-
Have a year of professional relationship with Carson and the show.
She made frequent appearances and eventually became a substitute host for the show in 1983.
In the fall of 1986, Rivers decided to launch her own show on the brand new Fox network, ending her relationship with Carson and The Tonight Show.
"Rivers: The moment I became a competitor, I was eliminated.
Out to kill me.
This is forever.
Don't talk to me anymore.
Turner: The show was canceled on 1987.
A few months later, River's husband committed suicide in a hotel room in Philadelphia.
I was in the house and an idiot called the house and they said, "where is your mom ? "? `-
People in Philadelphia
Melissa said, "she's not here.
They said, please tell her that your father committed suicide.
What's going on with a phone call?
Turner: The River remixes by doing what she has been doing --
Make her life public.
You can handle it if you laugh at it.
That's how I live.
Turner: as her passion for Red Carpet Fashion fades, her career is soaring again
Full of sharp comments and celebrity bashing
She was exposed to a new group of fans.
Rivers: I think I work best now because I-
I did it for me.
What do they do?
They're firing me?
I was fired. I`m going -
Wouldn't the audience like me?
Many viewers don't like me.
I'm broke, my husband's promise.
I'm still here. So it`s OK. (END VIDEOCLIP)
Joan Rivers, who died today(COMMERCIAL)
Explore: extraordinary stories.
Australian Airways has launched a new check.
After a very tricky takeoff earlier this year
Staff should be reminded and children should be treated as children when checking and boarding.
What happened-
With me on the departure committee.
This is the Boeing 737.
There was a large group of school children on the plane.
The children were behind the plane.
Now, 87 people are involved.
As adults, they are taken into account by mistake.
What is the point of this?
Because the dispatcher gave them 87 kilograms of wheat instead of 30 or 40 kilograms per kilogramof weight.
What does this mean?
That means the pilot's weight is wrong.
Wrong takeoff weight-
Because what the pilot is looking forward-
Pilot expectations-
The back of the plane is very heavy, so he also has to trim the plane to make it heavier.
So what happened to the plane that actually tried to take off?
Of course, this is what should happen, but the nose is too heavy. Why? Very simple.
Because there is-
This is lighter than this and the pilot is forced to apply a huge reverse pressure on the control to allow the pilot to take off. The plane -the pilot -
Because what he didn't want to do was to have a tail strike on the back of the plane, he was cautious about overcorrection.
What's interesting is how they do this.
It's all about the center of gravity in the middle of the plane.
Now, the problem will continue once you really get into the air.
This little device is everywhere.
Let's see.
This is a very small device, which brings us a lot of trouble.
It's called the knee guard, and they have sparked a debate about recline.
You put your knee pads on the edge of the tray table in front of you.
By doing so, it prevents the front seat from tilting
Move completely.
The controversy over reclining seats kept forcing three planes to be transferred in a few weeks.
Knee guard has only one case.
But I talked to the man who invented it. Ira Goldman --
And asked him to defend his controversial product. . (Start Video Editing)
Ira goldman, the inventor of the knee guard.
The report quoted the flight as saying she had seen the laptop screen break.
But no one is worried-
Just, oh, yes, we saw that.
The knee guard can prevent this from happening.
Why don't airlines want to help passengers protect their laptops from damage?
QUEST: because of what happened when someone tried to lean, a knee guard was in use and an argy bargy came along with it, and I realized it was written on the side --
Be polite, don't take up space, listen to the crew.
Quest: I know the above is the knee guard, but the reality is that in the war of economic seats, things can get bad.
Goldman Sachs: Well, it's been on the market for 11 years.
This is the first thing that happened.
Where things like this happen
The man with knee pads-
At first, when the flight attendant said he had taken it off, he did it.
Then he admitted himself that his behavior was terrible.
So, the upgrade happened and the knee guard was involved, but that's not the reason.
It has been sold in the market for eleven years, but this has not happened.
People use it responsibly.
QUEST: during the show last week, travel editor of Spud Hilton, a West Coast newspaper, said the knee guard had destroyed a piece of equipment on the plane.
Now, it's not an engine, it's not going to destroy avionics.
It destroys some of the basic equipment that is recline on the seat.
But he said it was destroying the equipment of a plane.
Well, that's-
That's what he can say. that's his histrionics.
In fact, my knee is the device that prevents the seat from tilting.
Now, would it be better if the back seat could break the laptop screen?
I don't want it on my knee.
The man, who was arrested after a delayed flight in Boston, was hit by a seat in front of him.
He behaved badly, but his knee was hit.
The woman who flew to Florida the other day was acting badly.
But it started when she was resting.
She was resting on the tray table and was hit in the head by a reclined seat.
Now, I don't know if it's appropriate to say that this is vandalism, because people just want to protect themselves from the impact of the seat.
QUEST: Is it -
Isn't this a better practice than using knee pads or other similar tools
Isn't it better to be polite when you recline your seat?
Do it slowly, take a look at the back, and perhaps tell the passengers behind you that you will recline on your seat and do it with a smile.
Isn't this a better way to be more polite?
Goldman Sachs: if it's a bathroom, it's also polite to knock on the door before you go in.
But people don't do that, so you lock the door.
Then people
People are trying to come in, you say there are people here.
But you move when you're ready to leave
You open the door and you move out.
So is the knee guard. It is -
People have contacted me many times over the years.
I don't want to buy your product, but I bought it because I asked people to pull the seat up a bit while I was eating because it was in my seat
The back of the seat rests on my knee.
They said, 'Fuck you.
Mission: of course, if the trend of Europe and some other airlines does not recline seats, the knee guard may be out of business, just as you will not recline seats in Europe and some other airlines, where new seats cannot be reclined
This is true, and-hey -
That's capitalism.
I was out of work when they solved the problem and I had other things to do.
That would be great.
This is-
That's why I was motivated to do so.
This is business, of course.
But the fact is that the airline can put me out of business and I would be happy if they could simply fix the problem and protect their passengers from blows --
Their equipment was damaged. (END VIDEOCLIP)
Mission: knee guard.
It is worth mentioning that many airlines, most of them in the United States, do actually ban the use of knee guards on airplanes.
Weather forecast now.
Jenny Harrison is in the weather center of the world.
You don't need--
You may have been in front of the plane.
All you need is a defender.
Jenny Harrison, CNN International's weather anchor :(LAUGHTER).
Task: you don't need knee pads.
Harrison: Ah, Richard, you have nailed the nail on your head.
If I don't sit on it, I don't sit at all.
This is absolute.
Of course, when it comes to flying, you need some very good weather.
I was worried about some bad weather around me, which caused some trouble.
This is the first one.
Hurricane Norbert
It was a tropical storm this time yesterday.
Very slow moving
Now the wind speed is about 150 kilometers.
This particular area of Baha, California also has warnings --
Tropical storm alert-
So far, it has rained a lot.
It has reached 270 in the past 48 hours.
When it runs in the northwest direction, it will continue to produce some heavy rain.
But it should start losing power.
It will go into so much cold water that when it goes into cold water it will actually start to disintegrate.
You can see all the rain here, I said yes --
Access to the central Mexican region is quite extensive.
And, of course, the remnants of Tropical Storm Dolly --
In the last 48 hours
There are a few more totals for you to see-
So some very wet ground, there will always be danger in the days after a system like this, we actually have some mudslides and landslides.
So please pay attention to this.
Meanwhile, in the United StatesS. , look at this.
When you enter the last part of the weekend, the first flavor of autumn will come.
The south-east is still wet and the storms in the Midwest and Northeast are quite strong.
When we entered Frida on Thursday, there was a warning here.
Mainly around the Great Lakes.
Again, some big hail, strong winds
Just isolated tornadoes.
You can see the rain-
Showers and thunderstorms move east all the way.
You can also see below, look, it's there --
That's Hurricane Norbert.
But like I said, it should be over.
Meanwhile, Southern and Southeast Europe.
It's raining here too.
The tropical system is not visible, but even so, 275 of the rain enters Italy within 48 hours, and 100 of the rain enters Bulgaria.
There are warnings here too-
Hale, the strong wind, and even the chance to isolate the tornado, but in fact, most of the time, it's just some very stubborn rain that refuses to move. This is it -
The heat throughout the Southwest began to ease.
Still nice and warm but not as hot as the central and eastern regions.
When it comes to temperature, it's not as hot as it is --
Granada is 36 degrees Celsius and then you can see it in the next few days.
London returned to the average, but actually warmed further east to Warsaw, and it was dry for most of the next few days. Richard.
This is in the weather center of the world.
Thank you, Jenny.
Bring you a message.
It is announced that the funeral of Joan Rivers will be held on Sunday.
Of course it is Jewish faith and she will soon be buried.
Normally, within 24 hours, if possible, but apparently not on the Sabbath, so the funeral of Joan Rivers will be held on Sunday at the temple EmmanuEl in New York. (COMMERCIAL)
Task: Forget to "work with new", which is related to the old partnership of Bloomberg Limited.
Michael Bloomberg
Mayor Bloomberg-
After returning, he took charge of the company he founded 12 years later.
He has been mayor for 12 years in America's largest city.
Current chief executive Don Doctoroff described Bloomberg's return as something similar to the second.
Our senior media reporter Brian Stelter is here to tell us what the company is going to do next.
Good to have you, Brian. And -the way -
It was a surprise because people thought he would do charity work and get more benefits.
Brian Stell, senior media correspondent: because he said he wouldn't come back.
Why did he do this?
Well, he said he just fell in love with the place again.
Thirty years ago, he created the place, a lucrative terminal business with a news agency next to it.
But just in last October, when he was about to leave the position of mayor of New York, he said, "No, I'm not going back to Bloomberg LP.
So I think that's how it works.
You can always come back if your name is on the door. (CROSS TALK)
Yes, I think I can be sure (inaudible). (LAUGHTER)
Although the problem is-
Apparently he pushed the other guy out.
Stell: well
Task: or someone else realizes (RINGS BELL)
Written on the wall.
They tell a very good, complicated story, and I think the text on the wall is how they describe it, which is why they describe Bloomberg as like God.
People put off when God is in the building.
So how can you be CEO if God is walking around? QUEST: And -
Because it will die (inaudible)-STELTER: Yes. QUEST: --the -
What is he doing?
What is his biggest challenge?
Because he founded the company, he has a good vision for New York.
But what does he have now?
Back to this question, what is his biggest challenge?
STELTER: no media company is like Bloomberg, because most of its profits, most of its revenue, $9 billion this year comes from its terminals, and many customers don't want to pay for their expensive terminals.
Now, they feel they have to pay for them, but there are a lot of competitors from companies like Reuters, and in some cases there are competitors from big banks themselves.
Does he need to diversify?
Some of the initial diversity efforts did not achieve the desired results.
Explore: if he chooses to diversify into a general news field
Consumer News-
He will play with the big boys.
All the others
This is a good example. QUEST: --NBC, CBS -STELTER: --here in the U. S.
For years, it has been difficult for Bloomberg to reach cable and compete with CNBC. the main all-
American business news channelS.
What can he do to change this?
You know, maybe he can spend more money on distribution, maybe he can invest more in channels.
But I'm not sure.
I don't think he knows either.
I think he has been taken over and he will come up with a plan now.
Well, you may be familiar with this.
This is the September issue of Vogue.
STELTER: It's bigger than ever.
Task: more important than ever.
Thank you, Brian Stell, for joining us now.
On page 856, I will explain why I have a copy of the September issue of Vogue.
New York Fashion Week begins today (RINGS BELL).
This is the September issue of Vogue.
"This is a magazine that lives or dies because of the success of this issue. It`s vast -856.
Now, as far as the September issue is concerned, ECB President Mario Draghi faces the same issue at the September meeting or issue.
The challenge of identifying the right trends for the coming year.
He must finish his style in September. (Start Video Editing)
Editor Anna WintourIN-
Editor-in-chief of fashion magazine: fashion is not about reviewing the past.
Always look forward.
Do you really think this is the most important information on the September issue?
In this documentary, Anna Wintour discussed her big issue in September.
At present, the ECB governor has only one chance in September.
On the cover, this is the "Russian effect", which has contributed to some soft colors this season.
Some say the new crisis will lead to more easing of monetary policy.
Chris Sims, professor of economics at Princeton University: The European Central Bank is very worried because despite the continuing deficit in the EU --
In the euro zone-
Inflation continued to decline.
Task: Draghi's style is on the cover, but he has to balance the different views inside.
There is a strong
Letter of wording of the editor
Francois Hollande
Marlene Le Pen, an opponent of the National Front, claimed that "the emperor had no clothes ".
Hollande is fighting back, promising a bold new color.
Reshuffle reform.
French President Francois Holland through translator: because the euro is too high, and if we do nothing, Europe will be threatened with a long-term, possibly sustained stagnation.
Mission: of course, in the "front" section, the German Prime Minister still thinks austerity is popular, although the German economy does not look very glorious.
People are talking about new members of the middle page. Matteo Renzi. The Italian P. M.
This season is red.
Unlike France and Germany, his style is to spend money and build confidence.
For the person who published the September issue on the cover, this is the correct style about the right time.
If he has difficulty in timing, follow the advice of someone who is really experienced.
WINTOUR: this is usually the smallest method.
So it would be great if we could break out.
Woman: Thank you. (END VIDEOCLIP)
Next task: "Profitable Moment ". (RINGS BELL). (COMMERCIAL)
Make money tonight ".
"Show due respect and respect to the board of directors (ph).
Reclining or not reclining?
This is the problem.
Is it more noble to sit straight, endure or recline those inches, and lean your legs against the sea of troubles?
This is a huge economic dilemma that has now affected every one of the three largest economies in the United States. S. carriers.
These are of course knee pads.
But not just when they meet passengers.
There are other occasions where the economy is sluggish, lack of courtesy, poor manners, and poor upbringing --you name it -
Maybe a little too many duties-frees --
All this leads to failure (ph)onboard.
Therefore, the legend of the seat, the baffle of the back seat seems to continue until the airline finally follows low-
Cost and get rid of recline.
Thank you, Shakespeare.
This is the "mission means business" tonight ".
I'm Richard Quest from New York.
Whatever you do in the next few hoursRINGS BELL)
I hope it makes a profit.
See you next week.
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