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Common Cat Skin Problems - Signs and Treatment - most common allergen in skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-28
Common Cat Skin Problems - Signs and Treatment  -  most common allergen in skin care products
Cats are natural beauticians so they are usually clean and the fur and skin are clean, but sometimes they need a little help to keep the skin and fur healthy, because they are vulnerable to skin infections, parasites, allergies, and other common health conditions that can really drive your cat crazy.
A simple food allergy will force your cat to scratch and lick until he licks the infection and you don't want that.
Below, you will find more common skin conditions that may bother your cat.
If you notice any abnormal grooming habits, changes in temperament, or changes in behavior, remember to stare at your cat.
Also, keep an eye on your cat if it is allowed to move outside or around other animals.
Cats can get diseases from outside the yard, from dogs and other cats, which is easier than you think.
A cat, locked in at all times, rather than other animals, may be less likely to infect the skin than a cat with a high degree of socialization and external privileges.
Change the way your cat lives, but it just means that if your cat is allowed outside and/or around other animals, you should keep a close eye on his health.
You usually find small pimples around the cat's chin.
It is usually caused by stress, poor modification, allergic reaction, or potential skin condition.
Cat pimples can be treated with shampoo or gel containing drugs;
If a cat has a bacterial infection that causes acne, antibiotics can be prescribed.
In most cases, bacterial skin infections are caused by another skin problem where hair follicles are stimulated.
In general, infection is treated with antibiotics, and depending on other skin problems, treatment may require more drugs, shampoo containing drugs, or something else.
Yeast infection in cats is caused by fungi or other medical problems.
You will find that the most common place for cats to infect yeast is ears;
You will see black or yellow secretions, red on the ear flap, and keep scratching. An anti-
Fungal drugs are usually prescribed.
Ring insects are common in cats;
It is a fungus that most often infects cats and kittens under the age of one.
You will see round lesions on the head, ears and forelimb of the cat, which are usually flaky and bald.
Treatment includes shampoo, ointment, or oral medication. drain.
Because spore disease is considered a public health problem, so as soon as possible.
Your cat has skin reactions.
The base of his claws, ears, or tail.
Shampoo containing drugs to remove irritation. nutrition.
Spend time outside with cats and dogs.
Treat fleas and ticks.
And other animals and people at home.
You can use flea and tick prevention every month.
Mites are small parasites hanging in their ears. ear discharge.
It usually consists of hot products from veterinarians.
Loss and hard skin damage.
Bacterial infectionaltogether.
Diligent combing. reaction.
Body, the most common is the face, toe pad and thigh.
Depending on the cause of the disease, the treatment will be different. seen.
It's easy to get skin cancer, but you need a 100% biopsy to confirm. health problem.
Drug treatment for any potential disease.
But sometimes they overdo it. infection.
Modify the policy.
Licensed vet
Examination, diagnosis and treatment.
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