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concierge technologies, inc. (cncg)  -  organic non toxic skin care products
Washington DC CommitteeC.
20549 according to Article 13 or 15 (d)
1934 date of report: Securities Trading Act of December 19, 2017 (
December 18, 2017)(
The exact name of the registrant specified in the articles of association)
29913 90-1133909(
Registration status)(
Commission file number)(IRS Employer I. D. Number)
29115 Valley Center Road, K-
206 Valley Center, CA 92082 (866)800-
2978 executive office and main place of business)
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12 according to the Transaction Act (17 CFR 240. 14a-12)☐ Pre-
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The Trading Act. ☐2.
On December 01, concierge Technology Co. , Ltd. , 2017
A company in Nevada“Concierge”)
Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Kahnalytics, Inc. (“Kahnalytics”)
A California company has completed the closure of certain revised and restated asset purchase agreements ("Agreement ")
, Dated November 20, 2017, by Sprout, LLC, California LLC (
"Original germination ")
And members of the original Sprout (the “Sellers”).
Under the agreement, Kahnalytics purchased all rights, ownership and equity of the original Sprout assets and businesses engaged in the manufacture and sale of organic, non-organic products
Toxic, pure natural hair care, bathing, skin care, styling products (
"Original budding Assets ")
To 3 million 400 100 dollars ($3,482,172)(
"Purchase Price ")
After some downward adjustments have been calculated, in six-
The monthly reconciliation period has passed.
In order to ensure that kahnalytics in the terms of the agreement under performance financial responsibility at present with the agreement of implementation concierge desk agreed to kahnalytics loan up to 3 million 700 50,000 dollars ($3,750,000)
0% interest, no due date for purchase price.
In addition, the concierge also agreed to provide a company guarantee on the promissory note of the original Sprout, guaranteeing a final payment of up to $1,250,000 (
Or a small amount remaining in the purchase price)
Pay to seller within five days after January 1, 2019.
The closing conditions referred to in Articles 3 and 7 of the agreement submitted as Annex 10.
Company Current Report on Form 8-
K submitted on November 21, 2017, incorporated into this article by reference, has been fully satisfied.
Therefore, the transaction closed on December 18, 2017 (
"Deadline ")
After all parties comply with the closing conditions set out in the agreement.
Due to the end of the transaction, Kahnalytics became the owner of the original budding assets.
Setting of obligations under direct financial obligations or non-financial obligations
Balance sheet arrangement of registrant.
The company issued a press release announcing the end of the agreement.
The press release is provided as Annex 99.
1 This Agreement is incorporated into this agreement by reference.
Financial statements and exhibitors. .
2017 offered by Kahnalytics, Inc.
And original Sprout, LLC (1)017. (2)
Current Report on Table 8
K, submitted to the Commission on November 21, 2017 and incorporated into this document through this reference.
Concierge technology, December 19, 2017
Author:/s/Nicholas GerberNicholas GerberChief Chief Executive expanded the business by acquiring the original budding hair and skin care business-December 19, 2017-concierge Technology Co. , Ltd. (OTCQB: CNCG)
Today, they announced their wholly owned California subsidiary, Kahnalytics, Inc.
Acquired all assets and businesses of California LLC (“OS”).
As of today, Kahnalytics has started operations in the fictional business name "original germination" from its location in San Clement, California. clean, non-toxic, all-
Natural hair care and skin care products, founded in 2003 by hair stylist Inga Tritt.
Since then, the company's distribution has gradually expanded to include major grocery chain stores, professional salons, health and beauty stores, family resorts, and retail and Internet stores owned by hundreds of individuals.
Originally considered a non-
Toxic baby shampoo, the product line has been expanding for many years, including adult hair and skin care series, special products for teenagers, and additional products such as sunscreen and lotion.
The whole line is still true to all its legacy --natural, non-
Toxic ingredients.
The brand has been unanimously recognized and used by loving mothers, celebrities and members of the royal family --wide.
Installment payment, paid in cash by Kahnalytics, concierge technology company Prepaid funds with interestfree loan.
For more details, see Form 8-
K submitted documents to the United StatesS.
Technical Securities and Exchange Commission of the concierge department, December 19, 2017.
OO of concierge technology said, "We have been working to complete this transaction since the first letter of intent was signed in May 1, 2017.
Since then, Sprout has been operating in a consistent manner and sales revenue has continued to grow. As a wholly-
Concierge Sprout is a subsidiary of Concierge technology, and our focus on the bottom will benefit further
Provide channels for marketing promotion and product development for profitability and access to additional resources.
Existing employees of the original germination company will remain in the company,
All in all, transition will be a seamless event for our customers.
Sprout is a very good company, and Inga Tritt has created a very good product.
I would like our shareholders to take the time to look into our website on www. originalsprout.
And try out our products at selected retailers or online.
Many mainstream hair care products are known as "all natural", but the real deal is the original Sprout.
Try the product and you will be as impressed as we are.
The common stock of the concierge is listed as "CNCG" on the otc qb exchange ".
Performance or results, not necessarily an accurate indication of the time or time to achieve this performance or these results. Forward-
Forward-looking statements are based on the information provided at the time and/or management's belief in good faith in future events and are affected by risks and uncertainties, these risks and uncertainties may result in significant differences in actual performance or results from forward performance or recommended results
Look at the report.
For a more detailed description of the risk factors and uncertainties affecting concierge technology or its subsidiaries, please refer to the Securities and Exchange Commission documents recently submitted by the company, which can be found in the company (www.
Conciergetology. net)or atwww. sec. gov.
Krooney @ conciergetology.
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