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Conserve Water with Compost Toilets - wet toilet tissue kleenex

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-12
Conserve Water with Compost Toilets  -  wet toilet tissue kleenex
The way nature deals with "waste" is to use, reuse and reuse one thing until nothing is left behind.
Every reuse contributes to the growth of other things, so there is no real waste.
The concept is taken into account in the design of the compost toilet.
In nature, when fungi (mushrooms) break down petroleum contaminants into edible fractions of soil microorganisms, they grow.
When the soil microorganisms break down what the mushrooms leave behind, they grow, and the plants grow on the waste of the microorganisms.
Humans inject animal waste into the soil to satisfy the same natural processes, thus making plants and crops grow healthier.
Human waste can be used equally valuable in the same way, and has been used for centuries in countries such as Pakistan, China, India and Peru --
We in the West call it "the least developed country ".
"Now we are learning from them --
Check the procedures they use to improve ourselves.
Our first compost toilet design in the West was developed in the late 1800 s.
Now, we have several styles of manufacture to choose from, all of which process human waste into an odor-rich fertilizer called "human" and help us in the process of processing
According to the UK renewable energy center, 1/3 of domestic water is used to flush toilets.
If all this toilet flush comes from water (gray water) that is already used for something else, or if you're going to install a toilet that doesn't use water at all, like a compost toilet, you can automatically reduce the water fee by 1/3 without doing anything else.
"The function of all organic matter, animals and vegetables is to keep the soil fertile "--J. C. Wet Toilets vs.
Wet toilets are washed with water.
There are several gallons of drinking water in the tank above the seat.
When you press the handle, the water flows into the bowl and washes away everything you just fell into the bowl (including toilet paper ).
Water and all of your waste flow into an extensive underground system through pipes that flow into larger pipes and larger pipes as home pipes from all over the city join.
Then all the sewage flows into a huge, centralized treatment plant, filters out the pollutants, before sending the remaining pollutants to the "filter field" slowly sinks to the earth, treat the remaining pollutants with chemicals.
It is much simpler to dry (without water) compost toilets.
You discharge your waste, which is transported into a compost container
Bin \ "), where they are transformed into rich soil fertilizers by microorganisms.
There is no need for an extended underground pipeline system or a huge multi-billion-dollar processing plant.
There is no need to spend millions of dollars on chemicals to destroy potential soil additives that were once valuable.
Type of compost or ecology
There are all kinds of ecology
Toilets that are being manufactured today or made by yourself (DIY. Self--
The toilet and compost container is a unit with a removable tray that can be emptied to the outdoor compost pile after being filled. -
The toilet is separate from the compost site.
This is sometimes an Open
The air system, surrounded by trees and net hemp using compost, is planted, so there is no container that needs to be emptied. -
Collect waste and combine it in two or more sealed containers and install it on the turntable, the turntable rotates when one container is full and needs to be replaced with an empty container. -
Waste is compost slowly in a container, and compost is continuously harvested from the bottom.
The recent design is actually to store the liquid separately from the solid.
These liquids enter a separate collection system where they are diluted by water and can be used immediately to fertilize the soil.
Solid into eco-
They are cooked to kill pathogens (dry), or mixed with compost materials such as sawdust, which is heated during microbial intake and also kills pathogens. . .
Slower than the dryer.
The compost breaks down (human) as soon as it dries and is ready to be distributed.
When a remote type of humanization is ready, it rolls automatically onto the soil, but most styles require someone to ship the humanization to the landscape on a regular basis.
It takes about six months for a whole bucket of waste to be converted without a heater.
Good fertilizer for the landscape
With these toilets, it is easy to turn body waste into fertilizer.
Reduce demand for urban water supply systems-
Do not use water, which means that there is more water available for other people who need it without long-distance transportation. you install -
No need to modify the ash water system to provide flushing water.
You can send everything to the yard.
Reduce groundwater pollution
There is no septic system or sewage pipe to leak untreated contaminated sewage to the ground.
Provincial and county money-
No need to install septic tanks or expensive sewage treatment plants.
No mosquitoes and smells
The compost container is a closed drying system and is useless for mosquitoes to breed or smell-generating bacteria.
Can be installed where there is no sewage system
Like a house in the city, it also applies to farms, huts, yurt and boats.
Compost toilets are being used in roadside facilities in Sweden. S. and U. K.
They are all used in national parks where there is not enough water or septic tanks to use the more common wet toilets. Eco-
Tourist facilities in remote parts of the world have built compost toilets in guest rooms.
The Black Sheep Hotel in Ecuador is a good example.
They added flat glass windows to the bathroom to allow guests to see mountain views while using the compost toilet.
Photos of settings and d are displayed on the hotel's website©Cor, and a diagram of how the toilet works. See link below.
Please note that the compost toilet is different from the pit toilet.
Pit toilet is the toilet after a long trek in the forest, when you are close to the picnic camping area, you can smell the smell of a mile away.
What makes them smell is a mixture of liquid and solid in a deep pit, where it will always sit when the weather is hot or cold.
This is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and pathogens, and their function is the reason for the smell.
In a compost toilet, the liquid is either separated from the beginning or quickly evaporated by air flow, fan and/or heater, so the residue is rather dry.
Heat from dry waste compost kills pathogens.
If so, what little smell is emitted outside.
Contrary to the public opinion, the compost toilet is very clean and can't smell. -
Because the whole purpose of the compost toilet is to break down everything inside, it makes sense to just put what can be broken in it.
Toilet paper is used to break down the septic tank, so it is OK in the compost toilet.
However, sanitary napkins and diapers are not bad.
These will need to be dealt with in different ways. Ongoing -
Depending on the material of your toilet, you may need to add some compost mixture to the ecosystem
You pick it up every time you use the toilet.
You also need to turn a handle or press a button every time or every few days to mix humans. Periodic -
Just like you do in a damp toilet, wipe outside.
Clean the urine container (if any. Empty the eco-
When the case is full, or take out the manpower from the bottom to leave room for more.
If you empty it completely, it is OK to leave a little in the bin.
Like anything involving microorganisms, leaving a sample population will start the next batch (E. G. g.
Red Tea Fungus, sour dough bread, farmland ).
As a comparison, here is the lowest and highest
Compost toilet I can find.
Based on the brand, there are various features between the two.
Be sure to check reviews before purchasing. -This is a mini-
Rinse the remote compost toilet, use a glass of water for each rinse, combine the air vacuum to transport the waste to a separate location.
The location can be above or below the toilet, 20 feet metres from the toilet. -
Nature \'s Head, $910 plus any accessories you would like to add.
This is one long by two-
The sailors hope that their ship will be durable.
It works well for any closed facilitygrid.
The toilet sits on top of this own compost boxcontained unit.
Every time you sit down to help mix compost, it takes a few hands to shake and it needs to be emptied by hand when the bucket or urine bottle is full.
Computer case-
Available: computer or similar small fan, outdoor vent, compost agent (sawdust, peat moss, coconut fiber, etc ).
Additional items you can purchase: ventilation cover with bucket, another urine bottle, solar energy-
An extra compost box. Amazon. -
Head with nature and SunMar Excel compost toilet. eBay. com -
Carry natural heads, SunMar and BioLet toilets for less than $100 of Amazon's cost. -
Some manufacturers, such as BioLet, use private resellers and while they may advertise on eBay, they will not advertise on Amazon.
Direct selling price of Envirolet.
Before checking any of the above, first check the manufacturer's website for detailed specifications and their prices.
There are no regulations on the quality control standards for the manufacture of compost toilets.
However, most manufacturers voluntarily meet the standards that must be met for wet toiletsreduced-styles.
As far as installation is concerned, states like California do not have regulations.
Existing black water regulations do not apply to compost toilets because there is no black water at the end of the composting process.
See if there are restrictions in your state (if you live in the US)S.
Compost toilet is an exciting new development, especially for USto-Nature types.
However, it is not the only new toilet design.
Microwave toilets that convert waste into energy (funded by Bill Gates Fdtn ).
A toilet that converts solid waste into charcoal and uses urine to rinse.
Solar toilets that generate hydrogen and electricity (California Institute of Technology ).
Toto's "neslet" (wet toilet) with heated seat, mini electric washer arm (adjustable temperature and pressure), dryer and deodorant.
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