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Cool Ways To Use An Ice Cube Tray - mini skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-29
Cool Ways To Use An Ice Cube Tray  -  mini skin care products
Recently, I have read some creative ways to use a regular ice cube tray for purposes other than regular ice so that my creative juices flow.
I have bought different ice cube trays in the last few years, my current favorite is heart shape, made of flexible silicone, overall I feel this is the easiest to use and clean
Well, there's too much creative juice.
Driving plus some pretty ideas I found online.
There are many reasons why
The use of ice trays really piqued my interest, and my favorite thing is that when I have an idea formed, the idea will eventually become something bigger.
Not only are there hundreds of cool ways to use ice cube trays, but now there are just as many interesting shapes in the mold that fit children, all the way to Titanic fans, Halloween shapes, Christmas trees, even a Christmas tree in the shape of a brain!
Fans who always recycle or recycle
Or ingredients for homemade skin care products, here are interesting, useful and practical ways to use humble ice trays in a very cool way.
If these are your favorite wines, great for those hot days.
Make coffee, tea or herbal tea as per your own requirements and pour into the tray section.
Is there any coffee left?
Don't throw out the freezer because it is used in the desert of coffee flavor or homemade coffee sugar scrub. .
This is a common practice and a great way to preserve freshly squeezed fruit or run out of almost finished juice.
Are there too many lemons, lime and orange?
Freshly squeezed juice, frozen later this year.
Freeze a mixture of different juices or single juices and can be used for smoothies, sauces, desserts or cold drinks at any time.
Sprite or 7-wait
It is very good to freeze, you can add in the juice, drink a little carbonated drinks.
Almost frozen fruit puree will make your juice cooler and fresher.
Add seasonal fruits such as summer berries to the gorgeous way of soda.
Place the strawberry, raspberry or blackberry puree in the sieve and pour the juice into the cube of the tray.
When frozen, when the ice melts, put in a glass of soda or sodas for a refreshing taste.
If you find that you still have a bottle of unfinished red or white wine left, this is a good idea when you need to stew it with red wine or drink a glass of white wine to decompress the pot, or when adding sauce.
I often run into this problem in red wine because I don't drink red wine, so it will be very convenient.
Make a mini version of your favorite alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks
A cocktail or cocktail of alcoholic cocktails.
One idea that proved to be very popular is the jelly photos made with ice cubes trays, especially among women.
The possibilities are endless, but one recipe I 've come across is Blueberry martini jelly, which includes vodka, gel powder, blueberry and syrup.
Homemade Mini popsicles or popsicles are fun and easy to make in your tray.
With so many pallets now, the sky is the limit of creative shapes and flavors for all occasions.
Ideal for kids, parties and summer barbecues, even small pieces of fruit can be added for extra interest and taste.
Too much, or want a small amount of freezing?
Using ice cube trays is ideal for puton foods such as homemade apple sauce and vegetables.
Unfreeze before you need it, all you need to do is unfreeze the amount you need so it's cost effective and can be saved for at least a month with little need for packaging. work well.
This is a big fan of natural Greek yogurt, and it's an interesting way to keep some for those smoothies and ice cream recipes, or even cool mask recipes.
Or anything you like!
Simple and quick, just freeze your favorite yogurt so you can choose a healthier ice cream at any time.
Lovers who love to drink a cup of milk.
It includes dark chocolate, vanilla pods, cocoa powder, sugar and milk.
The recipe is beautiful and definitely worth a visit.
A cup of milk spins with chocolate dim sum and I'm hooked!
Have you ever thought about how to deal with the buttermilk left in the recipe?
No problem, freeze it until you need it as it will last 3 months.
Don't forget to measure how much each cube has for future use. .
Make your cookie dough, don't bake it at once, instead pour some into the ice cube tray and take it out of the fridge whenever you want to eat cookies, unfreeze and pop up in the oven as usual.
Save Time, a good idea to get together in advance, or for those days that you feel sweet.
All types of homemade candy options, including pure chocolate or adding marshmallow for entertainment, can make great changes with the added mini marshmallow.
Think about your favorite food and think about smaller, fewer calories.
The idea will really appeal to those who love sweets.
Making your own candy or candy is such an innovative idea that it is perfect for being a gift or for selling. .
For a romantic evening or dinner party, why not make these simple delicacies?
Add the melted chocolate to the strawberry and gently push into the chocolate.
You can be creative with the shape of the ice tray, my heart looks funky.
Don't forget to thaw a little in the refrigerator in advance.
There is a supply Ziploc bag where you can store your ingredients and write down the products, measurements and dates.
This will release the tray and save space for your refrigerator.
For professional touch of homemade sushi, ice cube tray is used every time as a mold in perfect shape.
You don't know what to do.
As long as you need it, you will have a ready-made sauce or ketchup.
Homemade pesto or remaining pesto may be stored in a tray, the next time you cook an Italian dish, freezing will make life easier and there is no ingredients on hand to start from scratch
I often buy socks for a 3 garlic bulbs because they are more valuable but may not be able to use them all.
Chopped garlic is perfect for freezing, saving time and money until needed.
Put in the Ziploc bag after freezing for a year.
I love the idea and it will work with herbal rosemary, rat Lee or oregano that is fresh from your garden or freshly purchased from your market.
Perfect for stews, soups, sauces, potato dishes. I often find myself leaving a small amount in the recipe, and this way of saving is very useful. .
This avoids the chance of any frozen burn herbs that may be encountered during freezing.
When frozen, you can transfer them to a Ziploc bag with a note of what it is and the date, and release the ice tray to do something else.
So whenever you're ready to use it in a recipe, your measurements are done. .
Great way to keep the juicy flavor in chicken or beef, you have a perfect amount whenever you need it.
These should be frozen for up to 2 months.
Sausage rolls, pizza, mini versions of egg rolls and any creative ideas you can come up with are great ideas.
Using vanilla butter is another useful way for me to find homemade garlic bread and add mashed potatoes to my shepherd pie.
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