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copywriting the old fashioned way - selling new inventions ... - old fashioned skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-15
copywriting the old fashioned way - selling new inventions ...  -  old fashioned skin care products
Before the Internet. . .
Before the days of instant electronic transmission, before days when software programs, plug-ins, and God only knows what else, copywriters have been looking for new products to market.
These may be household products, automotive products, manufactured products, educational products, disability products.
If you are a copywriter, you may mistakenly think that we can only make money by selling online information products, tutorials, guides, software, etc;
One thing you often don't see right now, however, is that copywriting is actively looking for new retail products to sell that have potential mass market appeal.
People around the world are inventing new products every day, not just in technology.
People around the world recycle/update old products on the market every day and reuse them in new and exciting ways.
If you are a copywriter looking for a job and choose which market to go to, the options in front of you are amazing --
Your imagination is limited.
The whole world is full of opportunities everywhere, you see.
For example, if you are interested in sailing and ships, look for new products to enter the market in the shipping industry.
If you are a mom who stays at home and likes to use time-saving gadgets at home, go for new home gadgets and inventions.
If you want to help others, maybe the disabled or the elderly, to make their lives easier, there is also a market where you can explore new inventions, even old ones, these inventions still have great appeal in today's market.
If you are interested in car and racing sports, and the number of new inventions in the global market is also very large, can you find something invented in the past 12 months or so online, a company that may need marketing help, bring their brand new products to the market?
If you like outdoor activities, walking, walking, mountain climbing, etc;
Do the same thing again.
All of these niche markets and more potential markets are waiting for an excellent copywriter with motivation, passion, excellent written communication and sales skills to emerge and engage with them, help them take their new business to a higher level.
Just now I did a little search on the Internet myself and now look at this little product for example: Isn't it the sexiest name on the planet?
What does it do?
It sanitizes household items such as your mp3 player.
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