cosmeceutical companies in pakistan 's e-commerce market size likely to hit 1billion ...

A general survey of online browsing in Pakistan proves that Juniba has become one of the best e-commerce sitesBusiness online stores that maintain high annual growth are growing on a regular basis every year.This consistency ensures that Juniba's market size could reach 1 billion by 2019.Juniba starts with simple clothing, but today Juniba's position is considered to be one of the leading e-commerceA commercial service provider that offers more goods than clothing.
Main accessories currently available in Juniba.Pk is an electronic product that includes mobile phones and their related accessories, carefully crafted men's wallets and belts, and stylish women's pajamas.The hoodie and jacket are also one of Juniba's most popular and admired products.
Juniba played a catalyst role in boosting online shopping in Pakistan by getting the highest smartphone sales rate from the world's most famous companies such as Samsung and I phone.When Juniba took the first step in e-commerceBusiness marketing the feeling we need in advance on behalf of our customers is the payment and logistics distribution system.The main focus is on developing a system that ensures that a platform is provided to facilitate customers by providing the same best electronic payment services as international online marketing standards.
By looking at the main issues, we understand who can manage our online browsing system, which helps to manage the rapid and timely delivery of logistics.We note that most online trading stores have rules for paying the price of the product before the delivery of the item, and they do not allow their customers to open their order to check it, which instilled in the customer's insecurity, most of the time, in the event of such confusion and fear of losing money, the purchaser finally canceled the order.Therefore, Juniba introduced the concept of payment after receiving the product, so that the customer can first meet their own needs for the product.
This will not only help us win the trust of our customers, but also help our marketing strategy.We also received good feedback from our customers about this initiative, Juniba is the best among themThe most popular online shopping store among the Pakistani people.Not only does Juniba offer easy purchases, but it also allows many customers to get accessories from all categories, from clothing to electronics, through products from international brands.
The most famous companies in Juniba are Gucci, Armani, Samsung, Apple phones and T-shirt polo.For all of our busy customers, we divide projects by saving them precious time.Now, strong customers can benefit from the departments we set up in different categories.
The main parts of these classes include men's fashion, women's fashion, Juniba's trading today, electronics.In addition, there are also departments under these categories to help tourists reach the purchase destination directly without any interference.The best thing about Juniba is that it stops all single ads and intent information on the site, which is the main reason to irritate online buyers by providing free and smooth online shopping.
-During this year, we have witnessed a substantial increase in purchase and customer interest, as well as an increase in the number of users, which clearly shows that we gain the trust of customers through quality services and products, successfully meet the needs of customers.Our payment system is fortunate to convince customers that no other online marketplace will benefit their pockets like Juniba.Now with the growth rate of the economyCommerce ba commercial company has launched a new booming package for its customers, titled "today's deal", and the cost of fashion clothing we offer different packages for men and women is very low, best quality products.
For example, these transactions are based on the upcoming national and international occasions and the season, and some packages will be made by t-Other things may be Christmas or Halloween.These deals also keep a casual outfit for customers who are always looking to buy one get one free.Today, Juniba is in a position to proudly claim that by the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019, Juniba's marketing situation will reach 1 billion, and will succeed in getting more users through its first service has won the hearts of buyers.
for males.
When visiting the Web page Juniba.
Pk, view all the latest collections and designs related to these brands in the current market.We guarantee that you will not be able to identify any defects from a single product available for display.Juniba offers these products in almost all colors, materials and designs that customers expect.
t-Men and women.
The quality of our products is durable and durable, with the best function, providing users with charming eyes.Buying any item from our store won't make you regret it, so don't hesitate to visit these items at any time and we'll bet that no other store at the moment will facilitate these quality items.Thanks to the state-of-the-art technology infrastructure, you can easily order any item, the process of ordering products is too simple and direct, and detailed information has been provided on Juniba's web page.
All you have to do is select the order you want to purchase and place the order by filling in all the required and requested details.The product will be at your door during the above time.Juniba is working with a very professional team of workers, starting with members of the IT department, to product delivery workers, and everyone is reviewed and pious at work.
This is because our employees are efficient and well managed, they always come up with new innovations to promote the work of their employees, and today we at Juniba are able to have a short journey in the midst of a huge traditional trader.Our staff are always busy creating new ideas for the benefit of our customers and bringing forward new plains that are always appreciated and encouraged by our buyers.We do not keep any specific cl to sell the product, we provide the product for everyone who has a green ID card anywhere in Pakistan.
Now, Juniba hopes that with the development of the Internet in Pakistan, we will be able to access all the remaining inaccessible customers.Our main goal is to expand online store marketing so that everyone who hears Juniba can get convenience from our services.Industry analysts have predicted that if we continue to work like this, we will first give priority to the needs and desires of our customers, and we will be able to do this in the next two or three years-The business market, by becoming the main backbone of Pakistan's online business, has a profit of more than 1 billion.
We want to thank our customers for always giving us honest feedback and ideas at this warm heart moment, so we are able to re-build our online trading store.For further encouragement, please visit our website and give us any advice as per your wishes to make our services better farmed.We will consider all proposals without discrimination.
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