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Did you know that over the past decade, women have increased body fat by an average of nearly 10 pounds while reducing muscle by 5 pounds?The normal aging process slows down metabolism while causing serious damage to hormones that consume natural collagen and elastic protein stores that promote solid, soft skin.This undeniable but sobering fact makes belly fat ugly for most women between the ages of 40 and 60, also known as the "muffin top", with a marked drop in muscle tension.Fortunately, there is a way to slow this down.This is the perfect time to be determined to start over in the new year, incorporating some very simple health and beauty tips into your daily routine.No matter how old you are, it is only human nature to want to look slimmer, younger and more energetic.It's easy to achieve by following my simple list to improve your overall health.The best thing about this list is that you don't have to spend a lot of money on spa makeup or cosmetic surgery, even though your closest friend will wonder if you 've done your job.The simple secret of restoring your face and body to the light within is from.You may be surprised to find that many of the important lifestyle suggestions made below may have never appeared in your solution list before.Reach an agreement with yourself and accept these 30-day challenges and you can start today!Skin care and lifestyle tips: based on the 3 main questions expressed by more than 86% of women seeking weight loss and younger appearance, they are listed in order of importance.1.Studies have shown that lack of sleep leads to stress, which in turn leads to unexplained weight gain.(Especially in the middle) this is due to the high level of hormone secretion in the body.To work properly, the body needs at least 6 to 8 hours of deep, undisturbed sleep.* The body is repaired by itself during rest.2.Start daily exercise.Make sure to include your chosen aerobic exercise within 45 minutes of uninterrupted time.In order to burn stored body fat and unwanted calories, you must increase your heart rate.Simple walking, combined with weight training, can enhance muscles while burning fat masses in the hips, thighs, arms and hips.3.Start a clean counterInflammatory Diet.If you don't know this yet, submit it to memory now!There is nothing more to increase the weight and age of the skin and body than a toxic and fat-rich diet.A) eat more foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids.This may come from salt-free, raw nuts, flax seed oil and/or ground flax seeds from wild salmon, eggs, avocado in Alaska.
B) drink only pure water for at least 30 days.Add fresh lemon juice or a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar at least 2 liters a day, and maintain sufficient moisture is essential for sustained weight loss and a young, glowing complexion.
C) buy organic products as much as possible.All processed foods are not included.
D) eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables as you can on the day you wish.
E) absolutely no alcohol
F) limit the consumption of all dairy products if possible.Dairy products and cheese are high in calcium but also in fat and calories.
G) start with a healthy breakfast and eat 3 full meals a day.At least 3 small natural snacks per day to control blood sugar levels.
H) include multipleSupplement vitamins every day.
I) limit the consumption of carbohydrates to the early days of the day.Eat only the complex carbohydrates of beans, quinoa, brown rice and whole grains and oats.4.Adopt an anti-Aging Skin Care mechanism of natural products of drug makeup grade.When taking a shower, make sure to exfoliate at least once a week.Use the dry brush method before applying the body moisturizer every time.There is nothing more to increase the age of women than fat mass and stretch marks.To get the best results, I recommend using stretch marks daily to defrost and anti-fat mass cream in clear tones and smooth dimples and damaged areas of the body.Believe me, this step is still 10 years away from your body.5.No matter how young you are, using sunscreen every day will never be fast before making up.Harmful UV/uva UV rays from the sun are the number one cause of skin cancer and premature wrinkle of the skin.6.Take care of your face and chestAging skin care products containing natural vitamin C and ethylene glycol acid.These ingredients can prevent free radical damage while removing the horny on the top layer of the skin.Finally, aging is inevitable.This is the way we remember time in our lives.Every wrinkle, they say, has good memories and laughter.I happen to believe that it is a woman's privilege to look and feel beautiful for as long as possible.
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