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cosmeceutical grade skin care The New Breakthough in Skin Care - Apple Stem Cells

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-07-06
Apple stem cells have recently caused a huge stir in skin care, bringing hope to aging and damaged skin.As we all know, as the body ages, the decline in turnover of our cells usually means that we will really lose control of the skin.Therefore, an option must be found to allow stem cells to regenerate faster.
After years of study, modern scientists have found that a new extract from the stem cells of a rare Apple tree planted in Switzerland, simply because of its long life span, it provides a great ability to restore aging skin.By stimulating aging skin stem cells, ugly wrinkles are reduced.Therefore, the life of skin cells increases, resulting in more beautiful skin and younger appearance.
To test this theory, the Apple leaf extract produces resistanceWith the effects of aging, scientists at Mibelle Biochemistry in Switzerland have obtained some human stem cells through the blood of the umbilical cord.Their first study confirmed that the concentration was only 0.1%, Apple leaf extract (known as "Uttwiler Spatlauber" Apple because it is genetically modified) stimulates the proliferation of human stem cells at an amazing 80%.
In the second experiment, they irradiated cord blood stem cells with powerful ultraviolet rays.Nearly 50% of stem cell deaths were cultivated in their own individual growth medium, but surprisingly, in cultures containing special apple extracts, only a small number of cell growth disappeared.Finally, after all these experiments, scientists conducted a human study to determineA special anti-wrinkle effectAnti-Aging Eye cream contains 2% Uttwiler Spatlauber extract.
This patent-Apply the pending cream to the fishtail part of 20 participants every day.The direct result is that after only 14 days, the depth of wrinkles is reduced by more than 8%, and 15% after a month.In addition, many signs of aging have also decreased.
These apple stem cells are rich in epigenetic factors and metabolic products, thus ensuring the life of skin cells.Skin stem cells are more protected to make the skin look vibrant and shiny.By using this modern anti-aging drug, aging of basic cells is also delayedAging Cream called plant cell technology™Apple.
Therefore, there is still a great improvement in the struggle against the aging of time.The overall aspect of the skin will be improved and you will look younger in a few weeks.For life and healthThis stem cell cream looks perfect as it also protects your skin's stem cells from UV rays and also works against Photosaging.
By using apple stem cells, the vitality and regeneration of the skin are guaranteed.By using many items including stem cells, such as: Apple Stem Cell Serum, Swiss apple stem cell serum 3000, Swiss apple stem cell soaking, new life and energy are brought to your skin, apple stem cell algae mask, now the most famous is plant cell technology.Using all these products can provide dramatic counterFrom 30 to 80, the benefits of wrinkles and skin textures are designed for everyone.
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