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1.According to data Quest, HCL is up two positions from last yearIDC Best Employer Survey 2009 covers 200 IT companies, of which 31 are in short supplyThe last round of listing.HCL Infosystems also topped the list by ranking two in employee satisfaction.As the only hardware manufacturer in the survey, HCL ranks among the top three in almost all parameters, followed by iGate, Rolta and RMSI.
HCL Infosystems has also become a dream company to work with one-Third among respondents who expressed their desire to work for the HCL information system.However, Dataquest-India's top four companies, Tata Consulting Services, Infosys Technologies, Wipro and Mahindra Satyam, declined to take part in job cuts and pay reforms for the first time, IDC said.Adjustment led to a decrease in morale of IT staff.
IGate and Rolta are in third and fourth place and 67% and 61% of employees want to continue working for the company.RMSI and HCL Infosystems were selected as the preferred employer and more than 80% of existing employees would like to continue working for the company.3.Internet media data this yearAccording to IDC's survey, some Indian and multinational IT companies have taken measures to cut jobs and adjust compensation for business needs.
This knee-The Jerk response caused negative media exit and triggered a drop in morale for IT professionals.4.Aware of this sentiment, the top 4 IT companies refused to participate in the survey ---The first investigation in history-On the grounds of secrecyThe top four IT companies employ about 40% of IT professionals across the country.IT professionals turned to higher wages, the survey said, while the turnover rate fell to 15%.
Salary growth in the IT department fell to 1.This is the lowest level in ten years.5.Most IT employees say they are working for better pay and pay (53%), overseas positions (38%), better job security (18%), flexible hours (18%) job-hopping training and development (9% ).The Dataquest-IDC found that the average attrition fell to 15% from 18% last year.
While the average retention rate (defined as the percentage of employees retained in total employees) increased from 85% in March 31, 2008 to 79% as of 2008, Hexaware Technologies showed a significant retention score of 100.6.\ "In the year when IT companies took out scissors to trim flour, IT was not surprising that the average turnover rate fell.Perform staff and remove the bench, "Ibrahim Ahmed, group editor of Dataquest, the flagship publication of professional publishers web media, said at a media conference.
The results of the survey show that, despite an increase in average wages over the course of the year, the working environment has improved significantly.4%.7.The salary of employees with less than 2 years of experience increased by 2%, between 2 years.Their wages were cut by 7%.8.Between the ages of 5An average salary increase of 5% for 1 to 10 years and 4% for those with more than 10 years of experience.
"Companies are becoming more and more sensitive to employee issues.However, these companies seem conservative in allowing employees to take risks, "Ahmed said, reflecting on the reasons why these companies shy away from trying new ideas.10.The Dataquest-IDC's research also shows that companies have become more transparent in communication with employees, giving them a sense of belonging.
They also take the lead in transactions with employees, customers or suppliers and take a higher level of professional spirit.11.Another key finding is that more employees are satisfied with the interest of their company and their immediate family members in helping them strike --Life balance compared to last year.12.Besides work-In the survey, life balance and job security are a crucial factor.
The study shows that the number of people who believe their work is safe within the company has dropped sharply.13.The larger number of players who cut off the bench and the mass layoff seem to have left an impact on people's minds.14.On the positive side, however, more employees are excited about the nature of their work, although their excitement about the technology they are working on has declined slightly compared to last year.
More employees believe that their work is critical to the development of the company.15.More employees believe that training has helped them grow in an all-round way.In terms of wages and salaries, it is surprising that, compared to last year, a large number of employees believe that their salaries are comparable to industry standards.
This is good news, especially in the year when pay cuts become normal.However, there is still a 50: 50 gap as to whether the wages paid are "adequate.17.This year, many employees believe their company has a "fair and transparent" evaluation process.
In the two-Stage survey, IDC from 200 IT companies to find information about the strength of employees, salary structure, training days per employee, the tenure of senior management personnel, etc.19.Then, 2,935 employees of the shortlisted company were asked to comment on the following parameters-Company culture, work content, training, salary, assessment system, inclusion of people and gender, etc.20.The scores of the human resources survey and the employee satisfaction survey were calculated separately to obtain the comprehensive scores.
Then, the company is ranked according to the comprehensive score
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