cosmeceutical industry in pakistan beauty, charm and the style of the traditional pakistani ...

Pakistani costumes have their own charm and style.Pakistani clothing is designed according to Pakistani culture and traditional values.Shalwar kameez's traditional costumes are appreciated all over the world.It has various styles of men and women.Women also wear dupatta (long scarf) with shalwar kameez ).Shalwar is like loose pantsTight-Bottomed war is called churidal.Kameez is a long shirt or coat.Shalwar kameez looks elegant on everyone as it can be made for any body type.Shalwar kameez is a costume that expresses the Pakistani people and their religious beliefs.Pakistani costumes include: Shawar Camez, sheriwani, anakali frokes, chulidar pajamas, Lehnga/sharara/gharara.Lehnga/Gharara/Sharara is mainly worn by Ms. Pakistan at the wedding.Shalwar kameez can be casual or formal depending on its appearance and fabric.The different fabrics used are: chiffon, crepes, silk, satin, mesh, Qiaoqi yarn, banarasi, jamevar and velvet.The Pakistani lawn is famous all over the world.Pakistani designers display Pakistani fashion at regular weekly fashion shows.Fashion show I.e.Sunsilk Fashion Week, veet, etc.Live and presented in different channels to promote fashion.National and multinational companies organize different types of fashion shows in major cities in Pakistane.Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.Fashion shows are an important source of fashion promotion and the pride of the fashion industry.In the summer, there is often a large collection of varieties for lawn and other clothing, and a large exhibition for the promotion of I.e.Collection of Maria Gul Ahmed.B, EGO etc.Many fashion designers in Pakistan have proved their talents and artistic minds around the world.The most famous designers Pakistan: Deepak Perwani, Nilofer Shahid Maheen Khan, Sana, Safinaz, Rizwan Beyg Adnan, Humma Adnan Ronki Kamikar, Maheen Kadar Sadiya Mirza, aslam Aijaz.Pakistan's fashion industry is trying to identify the country at the international level by focusing on Pakistani culture so that their clothing can portray Pakistan's heritage on the international ramp.The costumes show a mix of South Asian and Central Asian fashion styles, as well as some Oriental styles.The Pakistani fashion industry has undoubtedly played a very optimistic role in establishing a sense of fashion and fashion trends in all age groups in Pakistan.Famous brands in Pakistan have introduced new trends in different parts of the country.In addition, the dress style of each province in Pakistan is unique to some extent.Embroidery on clothing varies from province to province and is usually decent, especially the innovation of embroidery in Sindh province.The clothes in Pakistan are easy to wear, very comfortable and suitable for any weather.Fashion clothes in Pakistan have different jobs in clothing.e.Embroidery, sequins, stones and diamonds, decals©Velvet and satin and the design of kaamdaani.Like now, these suits are sewn in various styles.a-days A-The hotel has cable cutting, long torch shape, Capps, etc.They all come with pipes, borders and different types of liners/ribbons.Pakistani clothing adds true elegance to the wearer.
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