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The trend of online shopping is becoming more and more popular in Pakistan, as social media marketing is heavily used as a tool to attract consumers to buy goods and products of their choice.With relentless growth forecasts, a compound annual growth rate of more than 100%, and Internet access for all Pakistanis, consumers are becoming cheaper and easier to shop online.
According to a report, only 30% of online consumers in Pakistan are women and the remaining 70% are men.These numbers are actually very low for various reasons.Have some concerns about e-commerceBusiness in Pakistan bothers women more than men.The intention of women to buy things online depends largely on the first exerciseA hand narration of a trusted friend shopping online.Therefore, word of mouth plays an important role in their intention to shop online.
When women shop online, they mainly because of fashion-related goods.Although she prefers to shop in an ideal state, if she faces some obstacles or wants to avoid the hassle of going shopping, she will take out her mobile phone or turn on her laptop, start looking for what she wants on the Internet.If they can't find something similar in the store, they will also shop online, and she knows that these things can only be bought online and are trending.
Pakistanis usually shop online between 2: 00 pm and 8: 00 pm.In addition, the delivery method and payment method also play a great role in women's online shopping intention.Although there are other payment methods, cash on delivery (COD) is the most common and widely used payment method in e-commerce.Business users in Pakistan.This is because of the Association of the body.As long as they don't really see and touch their products, they will be skeptical about their money being lost or robbed.This is why COD is considered a convenient and secure payment method.Delivery services enable women to avoid heavy traffic, extremely hot and cold weather, and quarrels with salespeople.The most commonly used courier service providers in online stores include TCS, Blue Ex, and Leopard.Women's online shopping intentions have increased, but the speed is not fast enough.With the launch of online stores for top clothing and accessories brands, women consumers are more likely to shop online.Brands like Hadi, Boyang, Elan, and Gul Ahmed.Their online stores have been launched, thus providing women from different regions with the opportunity to order the products they want online.They also benefit from a competitive advantage in terms of brand loyalty and brand recognition.But if the situation is ordered online from a platform like or Farosh.Pk, then they tend to think twice.
Dedicated E-
The Internet allows women all over the world to make a living from the comfort of their homes.One such platform for providing such facilities to women is Sheops.This is the only market in Pakistan dedicated to women.Sheops allows women to buy and sell products without fear of harassment and fraud.It was originally a Facebook community and later proved so successful that businesses built their own websites.Here, women can open virtual stores that sell food, fashion, beauty products, lifestyle, clothes, crafts that women use.When they receive the order, they only need to prepare the order, and the courier service representative collects the order from their house or work space and delivers it to the customer.After the order has been delivered, all the overpayment has passed the pre-paymentagreed means.Hundreds of women have started their businesses from scratch and have now managed their own businesses successfully and supported their families.
There are so many untapped talents in Pakistan, especially women who need to polish and provide opportunities so that they can rise in e-commerceJoin them in promoting Pakistan's economic development.
E-Despite all kinds of obstacles, such as misconceptions and lack of trust in e-commerce, business has emerged.Business in Pakistan, security issues with online transactions, very few access to modern technology, low literacy, limited infrastructure and logistical support.All of this shows that the market and timing are perfect for e-commerceBusiness in Pakistan.This industry is to create a huge wave in the economy of our country, there is a huge space for innovation and improvement.
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