cosmeceutical law and regulation How to Handle Ball Hogs

cosmeceutical law and regulation How to Handle Ball Hogs

In the basketball game, there are rules, positions and regulations to be followed.A formal, rule-free but informal style of play that undermines team spirit is taking the ball.Here we tell you how to deal with the ballThe players in your basketball team.You meet all kinds of people every day.The same rules apply to basketball.You can meet the greatest players, the worst players, the best shooters, the coolest drifters and your teammates to make the sport great.At some point in your basketball history, you meet the ball pig.By the way, you know a basketball pig who has a ball all his life.He rarely or rather never passes.From the moment the ball hit his hand, he was playing his own basketball game.Not through the passing month-Or close to the basket, he will make an impossible shot that will never score.In fact, most people think they are the only ones on the team who can shoot and ignore other free players.They like to overdribble and dodge around their opponents, but don't pass the ball.Does it show-Closing, trying to impress the crowd, or just an "I ignored my teammates" attitude, the ball pigs are very annoying.But the rules book says nothing against it.So, how do you deal with the ball pig in your basketball team?Sometimes a player doesn't realize he has too much possession.Or maybe he doesn't have enough vigilance to realize that his teammates are open or in a good position, maybe because he looks around or doesn't have it at all.Pull the player aside and talk to him quietly about his attitude.Emphasize team spirit and the unity that this sport brings, and how basketball plays as a team, not as a hero running around with the ball alone.A good player can be praised and success may come to him.He may feel like he is a supporter of the team and the way he plays should be the way he plays.So he might hold the ball because his attitude is "do it yourself if you want to get things done ".As a coach, it is crucial to deal with this attitude, because such players will soon question your rules and threaten your authority.Speak with such players firmly but severely.Let them know who is responsible and who makes the rules.The way your team practices and trains together is the way it plays together on the pitch.Therefore, more pass exercises are implemented during the practice and emphasis is placed on the need to pass to open players.Let your players realize how to be realistic when shooting.In situations where they can shoot but have a small chance of scoring, they need to pass the ball on to their teammates.To organize training, players must pass the ball after a period of time, not just dribble and Dodge to the basket.Another strategy is to implement No.Dribble training, players must pass the game to score.Pay attention to the ball pig during the practice and kill the pig's behavior in the bud.Praise the players for their assists and defense and reward the selfless players who play for the team.While keeping the score, check the pass and assists.Some players just don't know their habits.As a team, show a united front and talk directly to the players, but don't fight or fight against the players.Explain what happened, how it affected the team and listen to him.Don't pass the ball to hogger and let him try his medicine.Discuss the game strategy with your teammates and try to keep the ball against yourself.But don't hurt your game and try to send a message.Don't end up being a hogger yourself.Five people, one ball pig is enough.Are you really in the best position to shoot?Sometimes a player takes the ball because his teammates are just not where he needs it at the right time.So he probably won't pass because the shot is more reasonable for him.Game skills can also play a role.If a teammate misses the simplest shot and continues to lose the ball to each other, then a player has a reason to be a hogger.A strategy involving dealing with good players and scoring is that only when good players get within the distance of the basket can they pass the ball to him.However, this will only work if the player is a good scorer.Let the player do what he is best.At the same time, don't let his behavior affect your game.The ball controller will make you feel that you are useless in the team and are not needed.Instead of letting this negativity affect you, try to improve your game.Get the ball before hogger, score the shot, and pass it on to other teammates.You can also practice your skills where you are away from the ball, such as defending or blocking the ball.Hard work is never ignored.Whether you're a coach or a teammate, it's never easy to deal with a ball pig on your basketball team.But in the end, no matter how good the game is, the needs of the team must be put first, and the owner of the ball is.Basketball is not-A man performing or single player sport requires a team score and defense of five people, if the team spirit, morale and game are affected by someone's attack, then take firm steps to stop it.
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