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2019/06/08 -On 2010, domestic enterprises launched new LCD products of different styles.LED backlight, wide-New technology such as 3D, LCD in 23.60-inch, 24.60-Inch size and attractive price, the appearance of new LCD products will undoubtedly bring some surprises to the Chinese LCD market.
After entering 2010, despite the fierce competition, the LCD display market continues the trend of innovation and change and presents the following main features: LED-Backlight LCD displays have an increasing share in the market;Wide-screen display has become the mainstream;3D display is gradually in the forefront;The new technology significantly speeds up the response of the display;The LCD looks more stylish, personalized and appealing.Compared with 2009, the overall brand pattern of China's LCD market did not change fundamentally in 2010.Samsung, LG, AOC and other major brands continue to maintain market position.
In 2010, more LCD brands increased their investment in LED backlight brands.Throughout 2010, the number of LED backlight products in mainstream products has increased from dozens to hundreds, and the brand pattern in the market has also changed greatly with the increase of investment, samsung has become the most popular brand in the domestic LED market.Backlight LCD marketIn 2010, the products of China's liquid crystal display market further developed to a larger size.
50-inch and 23-Inch products are getting more and more attention.As of the end of 2010, the market attention accounted for 21.50-Inch products are almost the same as 19-inch products.
It is expected that the display size of mainstream products will change in the near future.In 2010, the average price of the domestic LCD display market fluctuated to a certain extent.The standard deviation of the average monthly price is 15 yuan.
A slow upward trend.
From the development trend, it is expected that the average price of China's LCD market will continue to grow at a relatively low rate in the next three years.The average market price is expected to rise to 1,317 yuan in 2011 and 1,342 yuan in 2013. the average price growth rate is declining year by year.
In 2010, Samsung's attention in the Chinese LCD market was 29.90%, continue to rank first in the market, LG and AOC attention accounted for 13.60% and 13.50%.Top 10 other brands include Great Wall, BenQ, Philips, youpai, Dell, Acer and Hong Kong.
Compared with 2009, the overall pattern of China's LCD market remained unchanged, while Samsung's focus dropped by 2.30% in 2010.In the fierce competition, the attention of LG and AOC has increased significantly.In 2010, the led LCD screen market in China grew rapidly.
the mainstream brands increased their investment in the market and the market structure changed significantly.Samsung's annual focus is 25.70%, ranked first in the led LCD display market in China.In 2010, customers in China's LCD market mainly focused on LCD at a price of less than 2,000 yuan.
The display screen develops to a large size.From the whole year, 19-Inch screen is the most watched proportion in the market, followed by 22-inch, 21.50-inch and 23-Inch display.Compared with the beginning of 2010, 21.50-Inch products and 23-The attention of inch products is getting higher and higher, which is bound to become the mainstream screen size of nest stage.
Customers in south China pay 23% attention to the LCD market, ranking first in China.In 2010, LED-Backlight LCD products of various mainstream brands have entered the market in large quantities, and the backlight types of mainstream products have accelerated the transfer from CCFL to LED.Therefore, the lead market will affect the development of various brands in the future.
The domestic LCD display market is basically stable.From Samsung's market performance in 2010, it can be seen that the brand has a great impact on market attention.With the popularity of LED backlight products, the service life of liquid crystal display will be longer than before, but market saturation is a major obstacle to the development of liquid crystal display.
In addition, the panel price directly affects the manufacturing cost of LCD products.Therefore, the upstream panel market has a great impact on the development of the liquid crystal display market.At present, China has become the world's largest LCD production base and consumer market.
The LCD TV output of 2010 is about 0.
19 billion.
According to display search, China became the world's largest LCD TV market in 2010, with sales of about 40 million LCD TVs.With the successive construction of large buildingsIn the new two years, the demand for upstream materials is expected to show explosive growth.TCL, Hisense and other domestic enterprises that produce upstream materials, with low cost and local advantages, with gradually mature technology and accelerated industry, it is likely to survive in the competition with international well-known manufacturers.
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