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Tourist resort refers to a place or area with high popularity and certain features, which is also attractive to tourists.They can be beautiful scenery, such as the scenery of Guilin, China, the dalmakia coast of Yugoslavia, and the Lake Geneva in Switzerland.They can also be famous countries with rich culture and talents like Beijing, Paris, Amsterdam, Edinburgh and Florence.
The Mediterranean Gulf has a mild climate and plenty of sunshine, making it one of the most popular bays in the world.Coastal tourist attractions.Cowes in England is one of the most important centers of international cruises, with hidden and outstanding bays.Alpine and capetti mountains characterized by modern winter sports such as skiingFamous scenic spots for winter tourism.
Natural hunting ground, spring health resort, religious places of worship, famous historical relics, cottages with special historical significance, different ethnic houses full of national charm, special animal and plant communities, etc, there are also large sporting events, artificial amusement parks, unique shopping centers, etc.It is possible to become an attractive tourist destination.As a new industry of national economy, China's tourism industry has a fundamental development policy in the early stage of development.
On the one hand, China adheres to reform and opening up,So as to attract domestic and foreign funds.On the other hand, China encourages countries, social groups and individuals to invest in tourism projects while making full use of social resources.This open investment policy has promoted the activity of China's investment market and the improvement of tourists' acceptance ability, creating conditions for the vigorous development of tourism industry.
Although there are many problems and obstacles, especially the low degree of marketization of tourism arrangement and investment system, the investment environment of China's tourism industry is generally improving steadily.In the next decade, China's tourism industry will grow 10 times a year.4%.Accordingly, personal tourism consumption remained at 9.
8% and enterprises, government 10.
9% annually.
By 2020, China will become the world's largest tourist destination and the fourth largest exporter of primitive tourism
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