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The balance of the laboratory and research laboratory needs to meet strict weighing requirements.Laboratory equipment manufacturers offer different types of balancesAnalytical balance, precision balance, mechanical balance and portable balance.The OHAUS balance is ideal for routine weighing in laboratories and is suitable for a wide range of environments, including laboratories, educational facilities, universities, food processing facilities, professional and industrial fields.For several years, OHAUS has taken the lead in the manufacturing field of Libra and Libra, offering different types of laboratory balances designed to meet the growing demand for superior weighing options.

• Triple Beam, dial-O-

• Pioneer • analytical balance-analytical balance is used to measure a small amount of material.There are various models in this category.These include: Analytical Balance Certified by Voyager Pro NTEP, pioneer, adventurer Pro, Explorer Pro and discovery halfBalance of trace and analysis.OHAUS Voyager Pro is designed to meet the most complex weighing requirements.Whether it is to determine the difference between the initial weight and the remaining weight, or to calculate the density of solids and liquids, Voyager Pro meets the requirements.Precision Balance-under the OHAUS precision balance category, there are precision balances certified by Adventurer Pro, Pioneer, Explorer Pro and Voyager Pro NTEP.OHAUS precision balance is easy to use and stable in performance.They have a wide range of calibration and specifications.You can also purchase precision laboratory balances with draft shields.Portable balance-Scout Pro portable balance has different capacity and specifications.Designed for research labs as well as industrial and educational applications, the OHAUS Scout Pro has multiple application modes including enhanced part count, percentage weighing, cumulative and display hold.• Mechanical balance-including three-beam, three-beam dial-O-And a trip to Harvard.Some three-beam models have a tare beam that allows container balancing up to 225g, as well as various weighing platforms.The Dial-O-Gram®The series combines direct-Read dial calibration with magnetic damping speed.These laboratory balances feature simple operating functions, different weighing capabilities, readability, and multiple application modes.They are reliable, durable, lightweight and ensure high-precision weighing results.To purchase these OHAUS balances that are ideal for routine weighing applications in the laboratory, find a reliable supplier of laboratory equipment.Comparative analysis of suppliers and their services is a necessary condition to make the right choice and benefit from the best deal.
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