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In the auto parts industry,Due to the presence of global and Indian auto parts companies, the level of competition.When it comes to the size of the industry, India covers about 34 countries.$7 billion, an annual increase of about 26% since 2005.
As the industry grew slowly at 2008 sessionDue to the devaluation of the global market, India's auto parts manufacturers are ready to meet such challenges.Over the past few years, Indian auto parts manufacturers have taken a bigger share of the global market.At the same time, the export market has seen parallel growth, which has increased by 17% annually over the past six years.
Some senior thinkers from Indian auto parts manufacturers are focusing on terms such as TQM, 6 sigmas, TPM, according to the requirements of global companies.And get quality certificates for their dedicated work.Key reasons for Indian auto parts manufacturers to succeed in the face of high skills and high skillsThe cost of quality service providers is lower, but India's global share in its respective industries is still only 1%.
Flexible manufacturing capability allows mixing processand product-Layout-based for bulk and mass production.With strong engineering capabilities in India and Europe, supply chain development expertise and strong supplier base, AVTEC is able to develop and deliver a wide range of products based on customer needs.The company's automotive products are also supported by deep R & D capabilities in India and Switzerland.
AVTEC's manufacturing unit in the vicinity of Indore and Hosur in Tamil Nadu, for some famous global OEMs such as General Motors, Ford, Renault-Nissan, Daimler and other companies have a wide range of products.Production of automatic and power equipment in Hosur factoryMobile transport for domestic and global customersHighway enterprises.It follows a cellular manufacturing approach that supports a broad portfolio and faster response.
Located in another factory in the Madras Export Processing Zone (MEPZ), Chennai is a fully export-oriented unit that meets the global demand for precisionLarge housing and parts designed.AVTEC\'s in-India and Switzerland's in-house R & D capabilities make it the only Indian player to be able to provide full transfer totals and components to non-Indian playersThe highway industry of leading OEMs such as BEML, Caterpillar, Eaton, Telcon, L & T Komatsu and Godrej covers loaders, dump trucks, forklifts, rail cranes, and more
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