cosmeceuticals mechanism of action North Korea: a terrifying glimpse into what war with Kim Jong-un's military would look like

cosmeceuticals mechanism of action North Korea: a terrifying glimpse into what war with Kim Jong-un\'s military would look like
While Kelly is skeptical that tensions over North Korea's nuclear program can lead to war, he and his wife often discuss what they would do if North Korea launched an attack on Busan, where Kelly teaches at the City University.
"For a young family, I take it seriously, and my wife and I talk about it whenever these things come up --xa0"What to do, where to go, what to pack," he said .".
South Korea's Busan will become the range of North Korean ballistic missiles, including nuclear weapons.Sadexa0The shield system may block some of them, but not all of them.
There is no such shield to protect Seoul, the capital, from artillery and rockets that North Korea may launch from the DMZ.In Greater Seoul, North Korea threatened to become a "sea of fire" if attacked, with an estimated 100,000 Americans living in 25 people.xa0Millions
If Donald Trump loses patience with North Korea's stubborn resistance to its nuclear program and decides to launch a pre-Pre-emptive strike against Kim Jong Un regimeHe will consider whether he wants it or not.xa0Hundreds, perhaps thousands of dead Americans were seen on CNN, along with tens of thousands of dead Koreans.
He can evacuate Americans on a large scale, but that shows his intention.It's preemptive anyway.
This is only part of it.xa0The terrible difficulties military planners face in trying to keep "all options on the table", as the Trump administration insists.No one was surprised by the language.xa0Without the ultimate threat of force to support it, diplomatic pressure is hardly convincing.Bruce Bennett, a South Korean expert at Rand, pointed out that the problem is "there is no good military option ".
It will be a war that is different from generations, in fact, if it is a nuclear weapon, it is entirely possible, because many top experts believe North Korea has the ability to install small fission devices into the medium --range missile.
On paper, the North Korean army is the fourth.This is the largest in the world, and US Defense Secretary James Mattis said, "If this is a military solution, it will be a tragedy of an incredible scale ".
If so, Australia is likely to be involved.Some experts say Australia will support South Korea as a signatory if South Korea is invaded by North Korea under the 1953 armistice agreement.In fact, United Nations troops in Japan supporting South Korea are currently under the command of a RAAF official.
A spokesman for Defense Minister Marys Payne would not comment on the "assumption of what Australia might do in the event of an unexpected situation on the Korean Peninsula ".But he saidxa0The armistice agreement is not a common defense agreement ".
Jennings, director of the Australian Institute of Strategic Policy, said that due to the close economic relationship between the US alliance and Australia and South Korea, "whether we like it or not, we have a lot of interest in this battle ".
Now, the ball is in the courts of the United States and its allies, because North Korea is happily conducting nuclear tests and missile tests, changing the balance over time and making it more difficult for the international community to calculate.
So what is near-S., South Korea and their allies (such as Japan?
What is most often suggested is to take some kind of surgical strike to destroy North Korea's nuclear and missile facilities, as well as most other facilities.Threatening military assetsThe problem with this is that it can't be done quickly or cleanly.Many nuclear sites, cannons and rocket batteries have been dug up to the hillside, either reinforced or hidden.
It will take a few days, possibly weeks, including hundreds of attack planes and missiles fired from American ships in the Sea of Japan, such as Tomahawk.At the same time, the North will fight back with everything it has.
"People think we can fly there or launch some cruise missiles from the Sea of Japan and then get them out cleanly," Kelly said ."."It won't be like this.You will have to blow North Korea out of hell.It's not surgery. it's a war.
Kelly said the notorious "mother of all bombs" that have recently been put on the Taliban is actually a signal to North Korea --xa0Many experts agree with this view.That's what you're talking about, he said.
Ian Graham, who served as the British agent in Pyongyang, is now the head of the International Security Program at the Roy Institute and has crossed the area, the same observation was made on North Korea's series of cannons along the DMZ that targeted Seoul, 40 kilometers away.
\ "You see a small tunnel open at the bottom of a hill.It will be extremely difficult to close.You need to hit with precision, otherwise they can keep going in and out and re-launch in theory until the ammo runs out.
The ability to launch shelling on the South Korean capital is really KIM JONG-UN-The trump card of the United Nations.A report from the 2012 Nau Institute found that North Korea could fire 4000 shells per hour, possibly killing 64,000 people on the first day, mainly in the first three hours.
They may also target U. S. military bases in South Korea and Japan.
The United States and its allies can also consider a limited punitive blow to the Kim regime, a way to tell it to stop its nuclear program, or it can expect more of the same --xa0As Trump did to the Syrian regime after using chemical weapons.
But can a hermit dictatorship see a limited and comprehensive difference?out strike?The Kim dynasty has always been considered rational, first occupied by its own survival, although the current dictator is more reckless and provocative than his father or grandfather.
But experts believe the regime is paranoid.
"Authoritarian regimes like this are not socialized to trust or believe in any form of guarantee," said Daniel Pinkston ."xa0The international crisis organization in Seoul is now at the University of Troy."They will not believe that we are committed to limited actions ...... They will most likely see it as the first phase of regime change and respond accordingly.In return, we need to be prepared to use more force, so I don't see how you can confidently commit to a limited blow.
Deterrence and complicated mechanism beforehandThe attack between North and South is a hair.trigger affair.
At the end of last year, after a series of nuclear tests by North Korea, Seoul announcedPillar policy against threats.It consists of a "kill chain" system for performing pre-If South Korea faces an imminent threat to pre-emptively strike nuclear facilities, an air defense system that shoots down missiles, and finally a "mass Punishment and Retaliation plan for South Korea "--xa0His name speaks of this in itself.
This makes both sides tend to be "former", says Bennett.emption of pre-Preemptive right "-xa0Jump before jumping on the other side
At the same time, North Korea has an internal motivation to upgrade, because its advantage is its heavy artillery and missiles, and ultimately its nuclear weapons, although its traditional land forces are quantity rather than quality, but its air force is out of date.
At the same time, South Korea has 2nd Infantry Division of the Eighth Army of the United States and South Korean troops --xa0Including US special operations forces.xa0The Marines in Okinawa quickly supported.
Graham of Loy said the 1950 Korean War is unlikely to repeat itself.A report by the Centre for Strategic and International Studies last year also pointed out that the mountainous terrain of the peninsula, coupled with swamps and rice fields, would force heavily armed forces to use some predictable routes.
Nevertheless, there are indeed a large number of special forces in the north who are thought to have dug tunnels under the DMZ and the troops can pour water through the tunnels.
"The North wants to join special forces deep down the South, causing damage and problems," said pinkeston. "dismantle the power grid or key infrastructure ...... In this way, they may create fear and undermine confidence in society .".
But experts agree that, in general, North Korea's land forces will struggle.In fact, it is the weaknesses in the traditional field that have created the regime's rapid risk from nothing to 100 and take advantage of its comparative advantages in rockets and missiles, including nuclear weapons.
"What makes North Korea dangerous is its weakness," Graham said ."."It doesn't have a strategic depth, its regular power doesn't match [the Koreans], not to mention the US, so there's a logical power to upgrade.
This makes any idea of containment very difficult, even if the conflict starts with a simple miscalculation or an accident.
Bennett's release.xa0It: "Your crisis is very stable.
Pinkeston addedxa0"Time is compressed due to close geographical location ".In other words, Seoul is only 40 kilometers away from the DMZ and the peaceful soil, about 135 kilometers.xa0In the euro zone, no one has much time to think about how to deal with the crisis.
Experts interviewed by the ferfax media generally believe that Pyongyang may agree with the idea of "using it or losing it" for its nuclear weapons during the Cold War.Kim knew they were the main target of his enemy.
"We have to assume that they will use them quite early," Bennett said .".
North Korea also has a large number of chemical and biological weapons.
The "very interesting" thing, Bennett continued, was the response from China.It is disturbing that it is not clear, because despite the US efforts to get Beijing to make a voice, the Chinese leadership has been reluctant to reveal where its red line is.
China needs North Korea as a buffer so it won't have the United States or pro-North Korea.American troops from South Korea are on their own border.Thus, Graham explained that land occupation by the United States north of parallel on the 38 th is often considered a red line for China, but it is not clear how far the North is.
"I can't see China sitting in the back and doing nothing," Pinkston said ".
While the United States and Congress are trying to avoid some misjudgment between them, even if there is a buffer between China and the United States, the Chinese and American forces will face confrontation, which will sting the nerves of the region.
Another real problem is that as North Korea approaches its goal of being able to cross a long distance, including the delivery of nuclear warheads to the mainland, the choice of the United States and its allies is getting worse rather than better for us.
The real question is, how much does the United States want to stop North Korea from developing interstate nuclear weapons that could attack Los Angeles?
When the North is bullying the South and even trying to take over the South, will the North use this new force to stop the United States?Opinions vary widely on this point.Kelly said he was not a pigeon from North Korea, he thought nuclear weapons were more used for defense, and he said there was no way in the basket --The North can try to take over the South.
By contrast, Graham is pessimistic about North Korea's intentions, saying Kim may use his new powers to force the South to completely expel the United States.
Which position is correct determines that it is best to act as early as possible regardless of the consequences.For example, Senator Lindsey Graham of the United Statesxa0Washington's influential voice on security issuesxa0Is an advocate for faster rather than later action.
If this is not the case, the United States may, in spite of all the rhetoric, live with only one North Korean with a nuclear weapon.
"The Pentagon has been considering it for many years," Kelly said, explaining why the United States should give up military operations ."."Some people are much smarter than I am, and they take all of this into account for 50 steps.They know everything is bad.
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