cosmeceuticals the next wave of class action litigation Blade Runner 2049 leaves star Ryan Gosling struggling for answers

cosmeceuticals the next wave of class action litigation Blade Runner 2049 leaves star Ryan Gosling struggling for answers
Newxa0Blade Runner is probably the most anticipated movie ever, and it's 65 days away.Another reporter and I sneaked out of the tent where we should watch TV shows, stand out from the cold on the edge of the tank and watch the real thing happen.It's so vast, so dark, so wet: it's actually exciting.The local Hungarian propaganda assistant came out every few minutes and asked us that we didn't want to go back to the tent, instead of standing in a few centimeters of water.No, we won't.
This is what we can see.A car crashed at sea.In a wall built on the edge of a water tank large enough to look like the sea, there are three rigs under the water that produce waves, and two cranes on land can swing the car, there is also a huge scaffold that rises from the water like a crop --Intermittently, two people who struggled on the Embankment were sprayed with heavy rains.Roger Dikins is the director of photography and is recognized as a genius, he is obviously only from the car and a halfThere is a circle of bar lights on the ground, which means that the boxer is in and out of visibility, and the next one is in black at the moment the yellow light flashes.
To be honest, we can only figure them out;We are a few hundred metres away.As far as I know, there are stunt doubles for real combat and rolling into the water.Then they left, Ryan Gosling, with his face full of blood, exchanging fake blows with the new Hawkes, whose power and impeccable hair recommended her as a replica.We were told it would take three nights to shoot the battle.
It must be cold there;During the shooting, the goose threw himself on the cement and pushed quicklyWhen Hoeks with the sharp spirit of the rider with the harness, the ponytail swings, it rises.The other wave was generated by a rotating barrel device designed by Heath Robinson, raging on the car.Whoosh!The next level of the Wrangler came and told us that we should be back in the tent now.Neither will we, nor will we.This is new.xa0Blade runner up.We didn't miss this.
Ridley Scottxa0The blade runner, released in 1982, is now in line with Stanley Kubrick's Blade Runnerxa02001xa0As one of the two greatest sci-fi movies ever.In a sparkling, glass-like city landscape, a huge advertising screen dominates, fireballs go through a mass of pollution, a group of people destined to fail, desperate and deformed people running hundreds of meters below, it's still an unparalleled visionfuture hell.
The story is very simple.World-Tired police officer Rick decard, played by Harrison Ford, pursued four "replicators" or humanoid robots that have become rogue and returned from the space station, where they are home to their original manufacturers on Earth, it takes longer, Manpowerstyle lives.Four years later, all the replicators retired;They have a range of memories to choose from, and if they work too long, they also create a sense of independence.Four people who escaped want freedom.Deckard's job is to "retire"-read "murder"-them.
According to Philip K.Dick's 1968 novelsxa0Does the Robot Dream of Electric Sheep?The film raises complex questions about identity, memory, and death: whether we are all just the sum of the past, for example.Hard to believe nowxa0Blade Runnerxa0It was a serious failure at first, and it was not doing well at the box office, because since then we have been looking closely at all the official versions of it-there are already five versions.
The biggest concern for fans is whether decard himself is a duplicate.It is this question that has been put so urgently into the current film: And, of course, in the end, the question will be answered.Ridley Scott, who directed the original and returned as an executive producer this time, said from the beginning that Deckard was clearly a Nexus 6 and that he has been sticking to it until today;Ford has always insisted that he is human;Original screenwriter, co-cast Hampton van CherThe author of the new film suggests that he may be a duplicate after all.
Comic-The kids at Con and all of their associates obviously need to know.But in a unique convergence of interests, the same problem is central to many scholars-not just film theorists, but also experts in philosophy and political science.xa0Blade Runnerxa0The theme of endless critical thinking.Because, if the shaken, contradictory deck is not a person, then what does a person mean?
We don't know what the story of the new movie will be.The trailer released after the set visit a year ago gave some tips.On set, we visited a desolate prairie house and the trailer revealed that Dave bowtista's role was a shelter for the authorities.The trailer also takes Robin Wright as a government authority, he said (given our current reality)The world situation) "The world is built on a wall that separates the physical objects-telling both sides that there is no wall and you bought a War ".
Jared Leto is a bad guy: a replica manufacturer who claims that every great society needs a slave class.This is not a big thing.On the set, the producers held a press conference and no one could reveal anything."Sorry, you have to forgive me, we have vowed to keep it secret for years," said Gosling, being "how is it going?\" question."I don't know how to deal with the problem of not talking about it.
Ford said there were fewer shots at least this night.\"Of the 50-"The day-to-day shooting schedule for the original film is 35 nights," he said .".This is a cruel system.Ford's anger at the end of 1982 shots has become a legend, in addition to his brief dismissal of the film itself-"This is a movie about whether you can build a meaningful relationship with your toaster"-but he's still here, dika, who's been playing for 35 years.
"Ridley and I got along peacefully a long time ago," he said rudely ."."No matter what the plot of the original movie is, I respect Ridley very much and admire his work very much.\ "Ridley Scott is not here, but his name goes beyond everything: he is considered a script in the minds of story developers, producers, people.We are all replicators here, sticking to the photographic memory firmly implanted.
When Alcon filmmakers Andrew Kosove and Broderick Johnson bought the right to make a movie,xa0Blade Runnerxa0The sequel of 2010, they imagine Scott will direct it in person."The first thing we do is call Ridley," Kosovo said .".He wants to get involved.Blade Runnerxa0I never wanted to be one.But because of the controversial nature of the first production between Ridley and financiers, no one talked to anyone."Scott's.xa0Blade Runnerxa0Over time, over the budget of the timeAmazing $30 million after the studio re-The film clip adds a new, optimistic ending and sticks to Ford's recorded sound-It's over. he did it twice.gritted teeth."The sharp sound is amazing.Like the Middle East, "said Kosovo.
Alcon's original suggestion was to make a prequel that shows the revelation that caused the disasterxa0The looted World in Blade Runner\ "But Ridley and Hampton entered a room and began to repeat their thoughts and hinted at this amazing central concept in the first film, which no one had talked about, said the Kosovo."It's like finding the key to the bank vault;We were so lucky to find the key to getting them back together.Scott is busy.xa0He can't command, though.The job was handed over to Quebec director Dennis Villeneuve, whose early films includedxa0The enemy of Sikaxa0Last year's sci-Revelation of science fictionxa0Arrive.
Scott is here to sharpen, and Villeneuve is a moisturizer that combines Gaul's charm with Canadian elegance.Dennis is a different director...What's his name?...Ford roared, "Ridley."He is very direct and direct to the actors on the set.He either loves something deeply or thinks it's shit.xa0It became clear almost immediately.I had a great time working with him.
We were told that Villeneuve was too busy to have time for an interview, but he stressed that it would not be possible to leave his complicated battle order to speak.In a recent interview, he recognized me and gave my arm a friendly squeeze.This is what I think: Allow to stand here and get wet as you like.
This is an independent film.indie budget."It's a very special set of toys-I 've never had so many.It's like Christmas, "he said.The first onexa0He has said more than once that Blade Runner is a film that makes him want to be a director in the first place.Is he under pressure?
"In the process, I was under pressure earlier when I agreed to do so.Then I met Ridley Scott, and I met Hampton van der Cher, who gave me a lot of advice and a lot of comfort.But I can't remember the pressure because I will run under my bed and hide it.
Originalxa0Blade Runnerxa0Set in 2019.Fancher, designer Syd Mead and effect Wizards Douglas Trump imagine glass towers and a large number of poor street residents-the top two design giantsCGI era-it's gone, even if we haven't dealt with flying cars or "skins" yet"job\" robots.However, in their own business, technology develops in ways that they cannot imagine.Villeneuve is keen to maintain the original spirit by creating most of his effects in the camera.
The dominant color palette is absolutely Brown."We use colors a lot, even though it doesn't look like it's color," said clothing designer Renee on April .".One of the things Dennis and Roger do is make this dystopia horrible and then make it look beautiful.It took a while to find cohesion because the costume had to go with sets, lights and feelings-how sad, dirty or crazy it would be.At last, we made a lot of coats.
Props master Douglas Harlock showed us a range of guns and so-Known as "memory maker", a device that looks like a steampunk camera lens.A dog-It's like building scrap iron with a head like a scanner apparently to sniff out the replicators.Wow, we shouldn't know."Our inspiration came in large part from the director's clips, as well as from other versions of the first film.xa0"Said Harlocker.\ "From something they have in their mind but never used.
In the office of designer Dennis Gasner, we are surrounded by pictures and photos of the city in the fog.I asked Dennis, can you give me a word or two?I like chaos, he said."We are living in chaos today and we have to deal with it," Gassner said .".Models will also be widely used."It's very helpful to have something to light up," he said .".I like miniatures.I built the entire New York City with a miniature model.xa0An agent for Hudak.Interestingly, sci-Fi's going back.This is all about the tone.
We live in an era of action movies, especially superhero action movies: in other words, there is still a long way to go from Ridley Scott's film.xa0Blade Runnerxa0Its ambiguity, moral twists and turns and the abyss of philosophy.The trailer released by Warner Brothers so far started with Ryan Gosling pointing at us with his future revolver and then a lot of fighting.Blade Runner 2049xa0However, if you want to do anything just to the original building, you must provide something more complicated than the bad guys breaking the skyscraper windows.Dennis Villeneuve can do that.He doesn't have the last wound, but surely no one will try to dilute or tamper with itxa0Blade Runnerxa0Again.They must make extraordinary contributions.We will be ready this time.
Blade Runner 2049xa0It opened in October 5.
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